APA Chapter 15

Client in the Domineering CEO World - On how to make a man spend his money

The matter of seeking clients who might be willing to pay for Shen Junyu’s head was something Lin Yuetian had considered well. The potential client was no other, no one else, aside from the Second Male Lead in this world!

In this kind of Domineering CEO world setting, there had to be a spare tire prepared, the most devoted silent lover, the infamous Second Male Lead, to set off the prowess of the Protagonist Gong! Accordingly, this world also had one. Lin Yuetian immediately recognized him based on the original memories he had received.

The person who was regarded as the Second Male Lead in this world was called Zhao Shuyang. He was also another handsome and promising young man. He was the Young Master of the Zhao Family, the second richest man in City A[1]after the Protagonist Gong. He had been involved in the business field, helping his father to manage their Company, ever since a young age. He was quite famous himself and could be regarded as a worthy Rival of Shen Junyu.

Lin Yuetian and him were former College classmates. He had liked the Lin Yuetian for a long time and had even confessed his feeling truthfully. Naturally, he was also rejected politely, but he’s someone who’s sensible enough to retreat calmly. From then on, he continued to love the Lin Yuetian silently while staying in the friend zone.

After Shen Junyu forcibly detained the Lin Yuetian, he had been trying to rescue him in various ways. Alas…Second Man would always be behind the Number One Man. In this Domineering CEO Stand In Lover-World, the Protagonist Gong Shen Junyu was someone who could call the wind and summon the rain[2]a phrase for someone who is almost omnipotent and omniscientin City A with just a single word. No matter how much he struggled, Zhao Shuyang therefore couldn’t shake off Shen Junyu, not even an inch. He could only watch his sweetheart suffer for many years under Shen Junyu’s manipulation.

This time, Zhao Shuyang as a qualified Second Male Lead, of course, had immediately searched for Lin Yuetian after he had been discharged from the hospital. There were 20 missed calls from him, unfortunately, Lin Yuetian was too lazy to answer.

The complicated relationship between Zhao Shuyang, Shen Junyu, Bai Li, and the Original Owner, had nothing to do with Lin Yuetian, and he didn’t bother to care. The only valuable traits he saw in Zhao Shuyang were:

First, He hated Shen Junyu from the deepest of his heart

Most importantly, He was one hell of a wealthy dude!

Though, what kind of enmity Zhao Shuyang had toward Shen Junyu, Lin Yuetian who had seen and understood all kinds of Human Nature knew what they belonged to. The kind of hatred in which you desire to defeat and stand on top of your opponent, and the hatred of wishing to kill your enemy, were two totally different matters.

Now that Lin Yuetian had been set free by Shen Junyu and was no longer under imprisonment, how much animosity Zhao Shuyang had left consequently, might be a question worth pondering. Whether the hatred he had was enough to make him wish Shen Junyu to die…it was uncertain.

When one was faced with such an uncertain situation, Lin Yuetian’s advice, in this case, was, “There’s only one way, the potential client needs a stimulation to turn them into a formal customer.”

[“Brother, please calm down!”] The System was frightened, worried that Lin Yuetian might harm innocent bystanders in his immersion in the current job.

But what the System was afraid of didn’t come true.

In the first place, Lin Yuetian had never intended to do anything unnecessary. He merely did a series of actions; Took off his clothes, pinched a bunch of red-purplish marks around his thigh, took a fruit knife, and slashed some cuts on his skin, he even poured the white substance of milk on top of some wounds to make it look horrible[3]the milk is to fabricate puss and water on festered wounds.

He took a few pictures, choosing the best angle where it looked horrid, and finally sent them in a package to Zhao Shuyang anonymously.

But of course, a printed letter was also attached.

The content of the letter was:

Aren’t you looking for Lin Yuetian these days? Well, he was detained once again by Shen Junyu. Do you still have to wonder to what kind of person Shen Junyu is? Nothing more than, A complete Scumbag. Right now, the person you’re searching for is about to be tortured to death by him. If you want to save Lin Yuetian, come to the phone booth at Guang’an Street, the fourth intersection from the East. You must come by yourself at 8.00 p.m, on the X Day and X Month to answer a call in the phone booth.

Lin Yuetian estimated that this level of stimulation was enough to shake the Second Male Lead.

As expected, at the designated time, Zhao Shuyang did come to Guang’an Street by himself, on time.

Lin Yuetian was hiding and observing the situation from the unfinished building opposite the intersection. He had disguised himself well and was currently observing the situation around a certain radius of the phone booth using a telescope. The reason he picked this place was due to the existence of the unfinished building to check the situation after all. Inside the phone booth, Zhao Shuyang looked anxious and glanced at his watch from time to time.

“His suit seems quite pricey.” Lin Yuetian leisurely commented.

[“Look at the time.”] The System reminded him.

Just as he said, the alarm clock on the mobile phone showed up. It was finally 8.00 p.m in the evening.

Lin Yuetian picked up his phone with a disposable card inside and made a call while observing Zhao Shuyang through the telescope.


The phone at the empty and the unattended telephone booth suddenly rang.

If this kind of scene was changed in another setting, it might become the start of some Telephone Curse in something and another Horror Movie. However, Zhao Shuyang didn’t seem to be the protagonist of the Horror Movie, since he walked right into the phone booth and picked up the phone without a shred of hesitation. If anything, he had been waiting for this one phone call.

Before he could say anything, the person on the other side suddenly interrupted his train of thoughts,

“Mr. Zhao. You don’t have to speak, you just need to listen carefully.” Lin Yuetian said, his voice was hoarse and weird due to the voice changer.

“I know that there is enmity between you and Shen Junyu. Such a Scumbag, who doesn’t know his true nature. I’m also aware of what he did to Mr. Zhao’s, to your…sweetheart. I will only speak my next words once, so you have to listen properly: I have no ability to help Mr. Zhao to annex the entire Shen Family, but I can create an opportunity for you to do it yourself. To put it in other words, I have the ability to kill Shen Junyu.

Zhao Shuyang had almost choked on his breath, hearing the unexpected statement. However, he kept silent, merely gripping the phone in his hand tightly.

Looking at his ability to remain calm, Lin Yuetian was inevitably satisfied. So, he continued to speak,

“When Shen Junyu is no longer around, the Shen Family will definitely fall into chaos. At that time, Mr. Zhao, you will have the chance to be the Hero who saves the Beauty, saving your sweetheart that is…Hahaha, don’t you think it’s a great opportunity? Oh, naturally, you will also find the chance to annex the Shen Family at the same time. In the future, City A will fall under your hands.”

Lin Yuetian paused after introducing the benefit, and later continued to propose the conditions,

“Alright, I won’t tell you about the future prospects, you can think about them on your own. Let’s get to the point. I will need you to deposit the first payment, 50 Million Yuan. After the deed has been successfully accomplished, there will be another 50 Million Yuan. No bargaining. Shen Junyu’s life is worth this price. Mr. Zhao, it’s clear that this amount of money is nothing compared to the worth of annexing the Shen Family. This deal is beneficial for both of us. If you decided to agree, then, do you see an empty envelope above the phone box? There’s a bank card inside, you can deposit the money in it and later bury the card in the flower bed, on the left side of your current phone booth. Within 7 days, I will give you the result, and you will have to pay the remaining payment.”

Before hanging up, Lin Yuetian had to warn Zhao Shuyang once again,

“Mr. Zhao, this opportunity will not come twice. You have to think about it clearly. There won’t be another chance in the future, if you miss this time, then, Mr. Zhao, you will forever be the Second Man in the City, someone who can’t even protect your loved one. I will take the card tomorrow, if there’s nothing in it, then the transaction is canceled by default. You don’t have to worry, you just need to forget this day never happened and you will be safe. But if I ever see those who should not be seen on the scene[4]the polices or other authorities…then Mr. Zhao, don’t blame me for not reminding you. You will wish to never know the fate of provoking people from the underworld. That’s all, this conversation shall end, and for you, Mr. Zhao, do consider this matter properly.”

Even after the phone was hung up, Lin Yuetian saw Zhao Shuyang still holding on to the receiver next to his ear. It seemed like the shock from the unexpected offer had not left him yet.

“He will surely agree.” Lin Yuetian said confidently.

The System, as a normal entity, was still unable to gather his composure from the shock of such an unusual phone call exchange, that most normal people might never receive or make in their lifetime. He could only let out a weak reply, [“What makes you so sure of it…?”]

“First of all, Zhao Shuyang is the devoted Second Male Lead who had a crush on the Original Owner for so many years. His loved one was hurt and was forced to be Shen Junyu’s lover before. There is finally hope when he’s freed not long ago, but just when Zhao Shuyang thinks he will have the chance to turn the table around, Shen Junyu suddenly doused cold water on him, extinguishing his hope, again.”

Lin Yuetian continued lightly, “He saw hope, only to be greatly disappointed. It must bring him despair more than never seeing hope from the beginning. Such stimulation is enough to drive him crazy.”

[“To think that the stimulation is actually the dirty water[5]a slander, throwing off true/fake guilt on someone elseyou poured on Shen Junyu, really…”]

“That’s only the first issue.”


Lin Yuetian smiled. “What’s most important is, Zhao Shuyang is a businessman.”

As a qualified Businessman, he’d surely understand how to weigh pro-cons to gain the most benefits.


As expected, the next day, when Lin Yuetian dug out the card from the flowerbed, he did find that there really is a 50 Million Yuan balance stored in the card.

[“Zhao Shuyang should have checked under whose identity this card was registered.”] The System warned him.

“Ah, actually, it’s registered under my account, I mean, under the identity of Lin Yuetian in this world.”

Lin Yuetian explained further, “What do you think Zhao Shuyang would guess after checking this card? Probably he’ll make up a scenario in his head, considering that Lin Yuetian is still being detained by Shen Junyu right now, so this card must have been stolen or registered by someone close to Shen Junyu. In addition, according to my behavior so far, it’s obvious that I am a person who’s familiar with Shen Junyu. It’s likely that he’ll guess a Civil Strike is going on in the Shen Family, which is why he agreed quite easily. After all, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain a profitable opportunity without even dirtying his own hands.”

He calmly tucked the card into his wallet, cracking his fingers one by one and doing some stretch on his wrist.  Smiling softly at the mirror, Lin Yuetian said,

“Alright, it’s time to welcome the peak of our task.”


1 after the Protagonist Gong
2 a phrase for someone who is almost omnipotent and omniscient
3 the milk is to fabricate puss and water on festered wounds
4 the polices or other authorities
5 a slander, throwing off true/fake guilt on someone else
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Bibi says:

    Everytime I read second male lead, my heart cries for each SML out there 😭😭😭 my poor babies, always coming second to the horrible male leads 😭😭 this is literally why I gave up on romance kdramas and only watch things with no romance on it. I sleep better for it.

    Btw, isn’t Yuetian being a bit too naive? Or is the SML too stupid? After receiving such a proposal, I would at least watch to see who would retrieve the card. 50kk isn’t a small amount.

    1. Lilac says:

      I think, LYT has a disguise on to avoid reconaissance? He has one before when observing the phone booth rite?

    2. PasserbyA says:

      But, 50 million Yuan (around $10 Million) is not that much for Overbearing CEO actually…right? I’ve read countless Ent. novels where the CEOs throw 100 Million Yuan just to invest one drama for his lover to play around. Even the common bday gift, a Villa, cost around 200-300 Million Yuan at the very least. Giving a deposit of 50 Million to kill the tormentor of his sweetheart is not at all…too much? hahahahaha, I mean, the consumption of the rich can never be measured by us, the Muggles, pfft
      Oh, forget to add, that the amount of annexing a gigantic company would give SML a profit reaching to 1 Billion Yuan, so 50 Million is like, just, buying the usually only used for display-sport cars (since 1 sport car is around 10 Million Yuan)

  2. murongGongzi says:

    I don’t know but I suddenly remember Doraemon and his gadget to call the wind and create the rain😂😂😂
    Thanks for the chap btw!

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