APA Chapter 14

Client in the Domineering CEO World - So...is this the so called Stand-In Lover?

[“2nd Mission: Make Xiao Li regret his action. Completed.”]

After announcing the completion of the mission, the System gave the full evaluation,

[“The task has been successfully completed. Congratulation to the Tasker for getting 1,000 points as the reward. You’re taking advantage of the Mission’s loophole[1]Instead of regretting and realizing his love like Shaofeng Xianjun in Arc 1 did, Xiao Li regretted that he didn’t kill the original LYT. Both are regrets for past actions, but not specifically … Continue reading.”]

As early as when Lin Yuetian confidently sent Xiao Li to chat with his comrades in the underworld, he had been aware of the so-called loophole. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to swing his sword (even without Xiao Li’s love realization).

Faced with the System’s questioning-like tone, he just said, “There’s a better opportunity, It’ll be a pity if I didn’t use it.”

Securing his swords aside, he walked out, leaving the Mourning Hall that had been turned into a mess behind.

In this Martial Arts World, Lin Yuetian didn’t stay for a long time. He didn’t take any more orders in his identity as The Bloody Step. He went incognito, squandering all the money he got from the temporary assassin business he had done before, in mere 7 days. Afterward, he told the System to leave and continue to the next world.

Despite Martial Arts World (Wuxia) seeming impressive in stories, in reality, it wasn’t as comfortable as the Cultivation World (Xianxia) to live in. Many aspects of the Wuxia World were very backward (without the dazzling technologies or the fantastic magic). The quality it offered for a vacation was frankly, poor. So Lin Yuetian directly decided, “There is no value in staying longer!” 

The System’s response to his arbitrary evaluation was, [“Fugg you-, uuughh-, huuufff, Amitabha…”]


The next time Lin Yuetian opened his eyes, he found himself lying on a bed.

He was staying in a neat and clean single ward. There were some modern appliances around, albeit the level of technology seemed to be a little bit behind Lin Yuetian’s original Cyberpunk World. Even then, he could guess some of them might possibly suppose to be TV and Air Conditioners.

“Modern World? Great. I love the presence of advanced Science and Technology.” Lin Yuetian’s interest was piqued.

He tried to sit up, but something else surprised him. “This body’s physical fitness is so poor. It feels like…not as good as ordinary men should be?”

The System laughed sarcastically. [“HaHa.”] Afterward, with a smiling voice, he said, [It’s weak, isn’t it? Well then, shall we see the original memory first?”]


The original owner in this world was still having the same name, Lin Yuetian. Originally, he was just nothing but an ordinary person. A good-looking college student who lived his normal life like ordinary people would be.

However, during a Summer part-time job, he accidentally met the City’s youngest Richest man, CEO Shen Junyu. The aforementioned Company President fell in love with him at first sight, apparently, and promptly launched a high-profile pursuit toward him. Unfortunately, Lin Yuetian was a true steel straight man. He really had no interest in this tall, rich, and handsome dude whom he had only one encounter with. There wouldn’t be any result, so he politely rejected Shen Junyu’s courting.

What Lin Yuetian didn’t expect was that after his refusal, came the lifelong nightmare.

Shen Junyu was an influential figure in City A, the place they currently lived at. Lin Yuetian’s rejection didn’t deter his desire but made him take another measure instead, namely, forcibly owning someone. He put pressure upon Lin Yuetian, causing him to drop out of his College, and later forced Lin Yuetian to live with him, establishing the so-called Gold Master and his Pet-relationship, completely disgracing Lin Yuetian all the while.

Lin Yuetian was deprived of his freedom, being detained in one of Shen Junyu’s villas located in some countryside. His every trace was erased and his real situation was hidden. The information left behind was that he seemed to leave abroad, and no one would ever suspect that in fact, he had been imprisoned and forced to be a man’s lover.

He had been trying to escape, to no avail. He was captured back every time, and afterward, Shen Junyu would lock him up in the Villa’s basement for a full 24 hours. In deep darkness, without food and water, and in complete silence; such a traumatizing condition soon destroyed Lin Yuetian’s will. This torture ensued many times, again and again, until he finally acquiesced to his fate and gave up escaping.

Compared to the mental torment, the physical assaults by Shen Junyu henceforth appeared to be a lot better and bearable.

The accumulation of psychological and physical torture given side by side for many years really put Lin Yuetian in a bad state. During the few years of captivity, he was driven to suffer a Stockholm Syndrome. Among the nightmarish torture, Shen Junyu’s trickle of love became the only lifeline for him. The only support for living was a belief that was instilled in his mind; Shen Junyu treated him this way because he loved and cared about him.

It was a pity that Lin Yuetian’s life seemed to be determined as tragic and miserable. Even the morbid hope left was turned into a mere delusion.

Last month, Shen Junyu went out and said he was going to pick up a friend who had finally gone back to the Country. The friend’s name was Bai Li, a rather cute-sounding name. It rang the starting bell of indelible despair in Lin Yuetian’s life from that day onward.

He had only met Bai Li once, when Shen Junyu took him to his Company. Shen Junyu had brought him here several times in the past, mostly due to Shen Junyu’s desire for some Office Play. This time, however, when they were about to go back, they met Bai Li who was going to find Shen Junyu.

After seeing Lin Yuetian what Bai Li said was, “This person looks a bit like me…It’s disgusting.”

Upon this comment, Shen Junyu immediately drove Lin Yuetian away. Only then that Lin Yuetian realized, that the reason these nightmares befell him was all because he owned a fuckin’ similar face, to that of Bai Li’s. He had always been a substitute, a Stand-In, a dispensable tool, a tragic victim at that.

He wandered in the streets in a daze and later ended up in a car accident.

Afterward, the Assassin-Lin Yuetian came to this world.


The System waited for Lin Yuetian to sort out the provided memories before announcing this world’s task,

[“The Original Owner’s wishes are as follows, 1st Mission, Get rid of the Stand-In identity; 2nd Mission, Let the Scumbag Gong Shen Junyu profess his love to him; 3rd Mission, Let the Scumbag Gong Shen Junyu feel what he has felt so far.“]

“This is…” Lin Yuetian interrupted vaguely. “This President, Shen Junyu, has committed a lot of crimes, right? In the memories I received, he has fabricated my legal identity. He makes my identity seemingly go abroad after dropping out of the University and has just come back recently. He forged the legal documents during those years this body was in captivity. He even obtained a passport and Green Card, forging the entry and leaving certificates. Also, don’t forget about his illegal confinement and intentional assaults…All of those actions should be against the law, are they not?”

[“What kind of righteous bullshit are you speaking as a Hitman? Don’t you know what world you’re living in currently? Here is, the super-duper infamous, Scumbag Gong-and-His White Moonlight[2]The adored or yearned person’s-Stand In Lover-World! What kind of law and justice you’re talking about in this kind of World? Scumbag Gong, Domineering CEO, all of them are the law here!”] The System replied angrily.

[“Let me tell you once again, Brother, here in this world, it is possible for you to K.O-ed someone. Considering that you’re a Hitman, killing people is your job, well…since I can’t control you, anyway. But I just beg you one thing; Please stop making abnormal things like turning a Mourning Hall into a Wedding Hall. It’s too bizarre for me to take! My spirit has been greatly affected!”]

“Please don’t say it like I have an abnormal inclination.” Lin Yuetian objected to the System’s remark. “That was just a resort over an unexpected and uncommon circumstance. Usually, I like settling business in a peaceful way.”

The System, [“Ha-Ha.”]


The body Lin Yuetian was in didn’t seem to have any serious injury, so he was discharged from the hospital soon after.

Going to the bank to check his current saving and properties was the first thing Lin Yuetian did after leaving the hospital.

The Scumbag Gong had paid him a hefty sum of break-up fees. After some calculation, Lin Yuetian calculated the amount was enough for him to enjoy a good life for approximately 5 years.

[“Your way of treating money is too outlandish, your period estimation for finishing the money is totally wrong.”] The System quickly corrected his opinion. [“According to normal use, this amount is enough to live comfortably for the rest of your life.”]

Lin Yuetian was noncommittal about this matter.

On another note, he still owned 1,400 reward points left, and the Disguise Technique he bought in the previous world could be used in any world, including this one. A surprise even came from the Paralyzing Drug he had melted into a pair of candles before. The remaining candles and the Drug within were still available, hinting that the System’s rules and restrictions were quite loose.

“The Original Owner’s life memories are too monotonous and lacking in a lot of general knowledge. I wonder if there is any Assassin Organization in this world?” Lin Yuetian started to ponder, “Without an organization to connect the markets, providing weapons, and helping to settle the aftermath, it is hard for us Hitmans to avoid the modern criminal investigation’s method.”

[“Since you know it yourself…then, don’t make trouble.”] The System was somehow relieved to hear it.

“That being said, that Scumbag Gong could actually avoid them.” Lin Yuetian suddenly changed the direction of their conversation. “In this World’s setting, all of those Domineering CEOs should be omnipotent, right? This is not a well-supervised modern world, they could do a lot of illegal activities easily. Now in City A, Shen Junyu must be the Landlord here, I assume?”

[“Then, would it be better for us not to mess with him?”] The System immediately became vigilant upon Lin Yuetian’s analysis.

“Calm down. Even in the past, there was no shortage of Assassins being paid to assassinate the Emperor, let alone today.” Lin Yuetian shrugged and comforted his System, “You can rest assured, I will handle everything well.”

The more he listened to Lin Yuetian, the more worried the System became. He asked in trepidation, [“Don’t tell me you’re going to find Shen Junyu right away?”]

“No, I won’t.” Lin Yuetian denied it.

[“Why?”] The System was a bit surprised. [“You couldn’t possibly change your mind, do you?”]

“Well…It’s because when I properly think about it, I realize that I suffered a big loss in the last world.” Lin Yuetian sighed regretfully. “I was only paid for killing the Left Protector Ning Songhua. No one paid me to kill Xiao Li, Ning Songluo, or even exterminate the Demonic Sect. I should have worked hard to find the clients for those respective targets instead of doing labor without salary. It is really like throwing money to sink in the water, absolutely a wasteful behavior.”

The System, [“…”]

Lin Yuetian continued to conduct a deep introspection. “I was simply impetuous in the last world. Therefore, I want to change for the better this time. I will find a customer first, only then would I start my action!”

The System, [“…Really, Big Brother, I really appreciate your self-reflection…[3]FYI, this is definitely a despair mocking from the System who originally hopes LYT has changed his approach but turned out only considering how much payment he could have gained, lol”]




T/L note: I didn’t realize it before, but now if I imagine it, Should I be the audience of the 2nd Arc, witnessing how the solemn and sorrowful funeral turned into a bloody wedding+massacre…I think, it would have greatly impacted my spirit as well. 

Anyway, this is the start of our 3rd Arc.


1 Instead of regretting and realizing his love like Shaofeng Xianjun in Arc 1 did, Xiao Li regretted that he didn’t kill the original LYT. Both are regrets for past actions, but not specifically about love.
2 The adored or yearned person
3 FYI, this is definitely a despair mocking from the System who originally hopes LYT has changed his approach but turned out only considering how much payment he could have gained, lol
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Vitória says:

    Obrigado por pegar essa novel e fazer um ótimo trabalho

  2. PasserbyA says:

    aww, Domineering CEO with his stand-in Shou~ I can see if it were another QT, the plot will definitely go with: Yuetian went to find a bigger and sturdier thigh, abusing the scumbag side by side with the new iceberg Gong who has transformed himself into a loyal Alaskan Malamute.
    But let’s see what our resident Hitman will do here instead ʢᵕᴗᵕʡ

    1. murongGongzi says:

      Alaskan Malamute? instead of a Puppy or Husky?😂😂😂😂 Tho’ it’s true that it has bigger (fluff) and sturdier (fat) thigh!

  3. Bibi says:

    If there was a assassin’s syndicate back in Yuetian’s original world, I’m pretty sure he is the one who created it and is also its president, lmao

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