APA Chapter 13

Client in the Martial Arts World - Wedding

“Yuetian…you have gone insane…”

Xiao Li gathered his composure and returned his expression back to its former state, calm and steady.

He spoke gently as if no bizarre thing had happened just now. “Regardless of everything, the way I treat you before really did come from my heart. You should also feel my sincere feelings toward you, don’t you? If your purpose is just wanting to marry me, we can discuss it on another day. Why do you have to resort to this extreme measure?”

Unfortunately for him, Lin Yuetian didn’t have the patience to listen to what nonsense he wanted to spit. Lin Yuetian simply drew the short sword from his Zimu Sword pair and stabbed the right shoulder of the Right Protector, Ning Songluo. She grunted with pain, and Xiao Li finally changed his calm pretense into that of excruciating distress.

Really, what a touching camaraderie indeed.

Lin Yuetian ordered indifferently. “Hurry up and change, Sect Leader Xiao. Efficiency is everything.”

There was no choice for Xiao Li aside from putting the wedding robes on his body with a humiliated look on his face.

Lin Yuetian, however, was concerned whether the hasty action would affect his task completion. He quickly interrupted Xiao Li’s action, “Sect Leader Xiao Li, don’t treat the marriage between us so perfunctorily. I think you should take all your robes off before properly putting on the wedding robes.”

Xiao Li almost fainted from outrage, but still, with trembling hands, he took off his current attire one by one, leaving only a single inner-robes[1]Inner-robe is a one-piece robe closest to the body, like underwear would be today. All the Demonic Sect members couldn’t hold their indignance and were about to shout a series of scoldings, but Xiao Li signaled them to shut up and swallowed their grievance.

At last, Xiao Li managed to wear the wedding robes albeit with some difficulties. He was, after all, still under the effect of the poison, even doing such a simple chore as getting dressed had caused him to be drenched with sweat.

Lin Yuetian finally nodded with satisfaction.

He turned his head to look at Ning Songluo, who was still bleeding from the wound on her shoulder, and kindly discussed his next command with her, “Would you like to help with the task of announcing the step; Worship to Heaven and Earth, Worship to Ancestors, and Worship to Husband and Wife[2]3 steps in Chinese traditional marriage. In modern wedding it’s like the step of marriage oath-“Do you accept A as your husband/wife” etc, Please?”

Enduring the severe pain in her shoulder, she opened her mouth and began to swear, “You wish!”

Lin Yuetian clicked his tongue.

It seemed like he had no choice but to make her realize what situation she was under. Therefore, he went to grab a nearby Demonic Sect member and gave them one quick stab. After throwing away the arrested person, he began to hunt the other nearby Sect members.

There were a lot of pigs waiting to be slaughtered in the Hall, it might take quite some time, rationally. But Lin Yuetian was different, one sword and one person were working in a fluid motion like passing clouds or flowing water. Without even turning his head, he repeated the process of; grabbing, stabbing, and throwing the person away.

Only after around 20 Demonic Sect members fell into this loop did Ning Songluo eventually give up and stopped him desperately, “Stop it! I will do it! I will announce the marriage steps!”

After hearing a satisfactory answer, Lin Yuetian stopped his action immediately.

Next, he gently held Xiao Li’s hand. The person he held was having an extremely dark and ugly look on his face, facing him with a terrifying expression. Seemingly unable to see it, Lin Yuetian just pulled him to face the audience, both savages and heroes from Jianghu who attended this Wulin Conference, those who currently were all paralyzed to the ground.

Ning Songluo’s voice sounded like she was about to cry when she announced,

“The first bow, Worship to Heaven and Earth!”

Lin Yuetian bent his body and prepared to bow, unfortunately, Xiao Li remained motionless. His back was rigid and straight, refusing to bow. In the end, Lin Yuetian calmly and wordlessly pressed his head to bow forcefully.

“The second bow, Worship to the Ancestors!”

Lin Yuetian held Xiao Li’s hands and escorted him to face the 12 Spirit Tablets of the former Demonic Sect Leaders.

This humiliation was so great that Xiao Li abandoned all pretense and shouted without caring about his image, “Lin Yuetian! This is…they were all the honored Twelve Ancestors of my Demonic Sect. Don’t go too far!”

Alas…how could Lin Yuetian care about pride, honor, respect, opinion, or whatsoever of his? Xiao Li ended up being pressed on the head and was forced to bow once again.

Ning Songluo felt like she could cry blood and tears at any moment. Her face was completely wet with her silent weeps. Her lips trembled, but she still proceeded to announce,

“…Husband, husband and wife, Bow to each other…”

“Say it loudly.” Even at this time, Lin Yuetian didn’t hesitate to draw his sword and stab another Demonic Sect member nearby.

“The Third bow, Worship to Husband and Wife!” Ning Songluo really shouted at the top of her lung.

Lin Yuetian arranged Xiao Li’s body for them to face each other. He gestured, “Sect Leader Xiao, please.”

Xiao Li stubbornly kept standing straight, merely staring at him with a bloodthirsty look as if he wished to kill Lin Yuetian at this very moment.

Looking at his current expression, Lin Yuetian was helpless. “The wedding day is a great joy in life. Sect Leader Xiao should be happy, don’t put such a sullen look on your face.”

Even so, Xiao Li remained unmoving and refused to finish the Third Bow.

“Good grief…” Lin Yuetian heaved a deep sigh.

He really wasn’t fond of violence, there’s no falsehood in this claim. Violence was just a means, and too much violence would only increase his workload instead. Today for example, after facing so much trouble, Lin Yuetian felt genuinely exhausted.

‘It’s an important deal, it’s a big Business…Job must come first and foremost!’ Lin Yuetian murmured in his mind, cheering himself.

Soon he focused his attention on his current job.

His eyes narrowed, and suddenly he stabbed both of Xiao Li’s knees with his short sword as fast as lightning. Under the unbearable pain and the sudden weakness in his lower body, Xiao Li plopped down to his knees.

Lin Yuetian didn’t stop but moved his hand and draw his long sword instead. He used this sword to pierce Xiao Li’s shoulder and pinned him to the ground in a kneeling posture.

Xiao Li and Lin Yuetian finally had their final Bow.

The Hall was engulfed in silence.

There was a fresh bloody smell permeating every corner, causing the horrifying scene in front of the audience even more dreadful.

Accompanied by Xiao Li’s painful groan and struggles, Lin Yuetian turned his head and look at Ning Songluo who at this time was frozen on the ground, more than being paralyzed by the poison. “It’s time to announce the completion.”

“The…the marriage is set…”

Ning Songluo was no longer able to utter any curse.

The way she looked at Lin Yuetian now was like looking at a terrible monster.


[“3rd Mission: Getting married to Xiao Li, completed.”] The System spoke, his voice trembling. [“It’s damn creepy…it’s terrible! Don’t you think what you’ve done is way too horrifying?”]

Lin Yuetian took out a clean square handkerchief and wiped his hands. Hearing the System’s comment, he smiled instead. “Why are you still asking? Didn’t I say before, if I have the ability to empathize with someone else’s agony, would I still be an assassin?”

He turned his head to look at Xiao Li, calmly asking him. “Sect Leader Xiao Li, do you regret it?”

[“Regret a fart[3]A sarcastic mocking.”] The System hurriedly lowered his voice, and continued still with a somehow strange tone, [“If right now he is still able to fall in love with you, then I will offer you a salute, Brother!”]

Xiao Li’s lips were pale. He sneered. “Regret…?”

Lin Yuetian gently nodded, pointing at the lit pair of Dragon and Phoenix Candles.

“Look, Xiao Li, before, you were here in the same Hall, at our supposed wedding banquet, you killed my whole Sect and Clan. Today, I did the same thing. Tell me, is this what people call, fate? You spared my life on that day and let me live. I believe your heart must be as soft as any other person would have. I trust that you must have feelings for me. After all, didn’t you invite me to this Wulin Conference in order to protect me? To think that we could have gotten married on that day, my heart is filled with melancholy. However, whether it is yesterday or today, a lot of things have happened…it’s all in the past. Xiao Li, you should listen to the voice of your heart. Do you have a trace of regrets in your feelings about me?”

Xiao Li curled his lip into a smile.

Even if his current state was disheveled and looking embarrassed, this smile still looked so dazzling on his handsome face.

“…You, come closer…I will tell you…”

Lin Yuetian, “No, I won’t.”

There were a lot of examples of people making a counterattack before death, trying to get close, and ripping their ears in a bite.

“We are already Husband and Wife, there’s nothing that shouldn’t be heard. Say it loudly so that I can hear you.”

Xiao Li spit out a mouthful of blood in anger and finally cursed, “I regret it!”

[“Of course, he will go mad.”] The System reminded Lin Yuetian about his words earlier.

“…Well then…forget this Second Mission for now. Let’s go and finish the First Mission in this case.”

There were 3 Missions and Lin Yuetian planned to manage his time without wasting any.

Ignoring Xiao Li who was still cursing at him, Lin Yuetian began to joyfully start a poking game (with a sword) around the Hall. It was the first time he felt stabbing a person, the paralyzed Demonic Sect members, was easier than catching a pig. No matter how much Xiao Li and Ning Songluo shout and howl, Lin Yuetian ignored them all and continued piercing his sword left and right diligently. It seemed like in front of him were rows of radishes instead of living humans.

Finally, it was Ning Songluo’s turn. He walked toward Ning Songluo with a sword in his hand.

“…Don’t, don’t kill me…don’t kill me…” Ning Songluo’s eyes were glistening with tears.

“A lot of people have told me that exact phrase before.” Lin Yuetian responded calmly.

He understood this feeling and was used to seeing this kind of scene many times. No matter how indomitable was a person, in front of impending death, not everyone was able to stay strong and firm regardless. But showing this kind of fragility and weakness had no effect on Lin Yuetian.

“My sword is fast, it will give you a clean and painless cut.”

Ning Songluo whimpered, “…Don’t kill me…”

Lin Yuetian stopped giving her any reassurance. Somehow he felt Ning Songluo’s reaction make him look like some kind of a Villain or a perverted criminal instead.

That won’t do. Lin Yuetian always regarded himself as an Elite in the industry. Wasn’t he gentle enough, reasonable, serious, and dedicated to his responsibilities? How could he still be misunderstood otherwise?

In the end, he still gave her some parting words,

“That day, my parents seemed to have begged you in the same way.”

True to his words, Lin Yuetian’s swordsmanship had always been swift and neat.

At the same time when the Right Protector Ning Songluo died, the System announced in his mind, [“1st Mission: Revenge to the Demonic Sect, completed.”]


Lin Yuetian leisurely walked over to Xiao Li’s position. The person he went to approach could no longer maintain any image. After being stabbed on his knees and having a sword thrusted on his shoulder to pin him to the ground, he could only look at Lin Yuetian with an undisguised resentment as if he was about to drip bloody tears from hatred.

“Do you feel regret?” Lin Yuetian asked him once again.

“I’ve never regretted using you to achieve my goal.” Xiao Li replied, accentuating every word, seeming like they were squeezed out between his teeth.

Lin Yuetian grinned. “That’s not what I’m asking for.” He clarified his question, slowly and clearly elucidating it, “What I want to ask you is, Do you regret letting me go that day?”

Xiao Li was stunned. He was unable to let out any response for quite a long time.

When Lin Yuetian thought he was unwilling to answer, Xiao Li eventually said his reply, in the same slow and clear manner, he said, “I deeply regret it…my heart is filled with remorse.”

[2nd Mission: Let Xiao Li regret his action…completed.”] The System announced with a mixed feeling.




T/L note: So this wrapped the Second world in conclusion πŸ™‚ I am re-reading this series as I translate every chapter. I can’t help but sigh, it’s a good and satisfying novel, really, and lament, why is this series so short, damn it! At the same time, I also realize, In terms of cheating marriage and love, no scumbag could ever match Lin Yuetian! LoL


1 Inner-robe is a one-piece robe closest to the body, like underwear would be today
2 3 steps in Chinese traditional marriage. In modern wedding it’s like the step of marriage oath-“Do you accept A as your husband/wife” etc
3 A sarcastic mocking
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [εΏ«η©Ώ]ι‡‘η‰Œι²¨ζ‰‹]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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    Aw yeahh thanks for your translation!! I love how efficient our MC is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Then this ch 13, when yuetian said, (that day, my parents seemed to have begged you—not to kill them— in the same way)
    I don’t know but those scenes feel so…ughh! I can’t describe it, while satisfying, but, at the same Time I feel sad, if I imagine the person who says and show such an indifferent emotion is the original yuetian…

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