APA Chapter 12

“I am here to marry you.”

Such a statement, needless to say, had caused the whole people present to gasp in shock right after it came out.

The recipient, Xiao Li was also caught off guard hearing such an unexpected proposal. There seemed to be a smile about to unfurl on his face, but in the end, he held back and showed a regretful expression instead.

Putting a sincere tone and look, he lamentably declined the proposal. “In the past, This Lord[1]Xiao Li refers to himself as “Benzuo“, similar to when a prince refers to himself as “Benwang“, or an Emperor refers to himself as “Zhenhas approached you for the greater cause of the future. But after all, people are not plants, it is impossible not to have compassion left. Yuetian, This Lord is not completely without feelings, otherwise, This Lord would have exterminated all potential trouble in the cradle rather than let you live. Yuetian, your willingness to let go of your hatred and join my Demonic Sect is a good thing to hear. As for having a big wedding…” Xiao Li paused his speech.

After dragging his next words in quite a while, he slowly continued, “This day is an important event for my Demonic Sect. There is absolutely no possibility to hold a marriage on the same day. Furthermore…Young Master Lin, in terms of martial arts, wealth, or even…wits, unfortunately, you are not worthy to make me hold a wedding banquet for.”

Xiao Li’s responses were extremely cruel and ruthless, leaving no trace of affection or consideration. It was like he was performing a face-slapping moment. He clearly mocked and ridiculed Lin Yuetian’s gullibility, for being deceived, and brought a calamity to his whole family.

The System was fuming inside Lin Yuetian’s head. Whereas Ning Songluo laughed out loud in the scene.

Her laughter was like turning on some switch. A wave of whispers swept across the whole audience simultaneously like a hurricane. The Demonic Sect disciples were laughing in a low voice, while the other Jianghu Martial Artists were gossiping unrestrainedly. All of them were looking at Lin Yuetian as if they were watching a shameless lunatic who ended up humiliating himself in public.

If it were the original owner who stood in the Hall right now, there was no doubt that these glances and whispers would have pushed him to commit suicide on the spot. However, it was the Assassin-Lin Yuetian here. He looked like he didn’t notice any difference, and didn’t make up any comeback either.

A draft of wind blew through the Hall and lifted his wide-sleeved red wedding robes. The young man was still standing straight, and the Zimu sword pair hung motionlessly on his waist.

At last, Lin Yuetian merely nodded his head in understanding. “So that’s the case.”

The one who got immediately alarmed was his System. [“What are you going to do-,”]

Lin Yuetian’s next action, let’s not mention the people present, even the System inside his head didn’t have a single precaution;

——Lin Yuetian’s aura suddenly burst up.

He had drawn out his inner strength all at once to abruptly deliver a shattering blow.

The target was not the confident and contemptuous Xiao Li. It was not Ning Songluo who seemed to be nervous. It was not even directed at any Demonic Sect members present.

Lin Yuetian slammed his palm with an overwhelming blast to the coffin of the late Left Protector, Ning Songhua.

At the end of the day, the original owner was a first-class Martial Artist. He was also born and raised in a prestigious family. One undeniable fact about him was, that his internal strength should not be underestimated!

No one had ever expected him to do this. Subsequently, no one was able to react and stop him in time. They were in a daze, looking at Lin Yuetian’s palm blankly, watching him strike the coffin with all his strength. Such a devastating hit, not only caused the coffin to be torn apart, even the corpse of the deceased Left Protector Ning Songhua was blown up!

[“Fuggg!!! Are you insane? Are you fuckinnn insane!? You must be crazy!”] It was the System who first reacted and was driven mad, subconsciously dared to roar at Lin Yuetian.

For some time, the Hall was shrouded with sawdust from the blasted wooden coffin. The white linens were adorned for the purpose of mourning, but now they had been splashed with a large blotch of reddish and other unidentified debris. The Mourning Hall that represented solemnity, sorrow, and tranquility, had been dyed bright red with blood…as red as a Wedding Hall would have been instead.

Lin Yuetian smiled and nodded with satisfaction. He seemed to feel that the current atmosphere was a lot more festive. However, the System’s only opinion toward him was; [‘This lunatic! There must be something wrong with his logic!’]

Meanwhile, nobody was able to conjure any response right away at the scene. Everything that had happened and done in front of them was too surreal to comprehend. It was only until the wind gently blew the white flags, permeating the Hall with a strong smell of blood, and a clatter was heard when the remaining part of the coffin collapsed on the ground completely, revealing the headless corpse with only a torso intact sprawled on the floor. Until this moment, finally, everyone was like waking up from a dream.

After they went back to their sense, the face of the people in the Hall abruptly changed. Especially, Xiao Li and Ning Songluo whose expressions turned awfully distorted.

Ning Songluo let out a resentful roar as if the owner of the voice was about to cut someone’s tendon to pieces and drink their blood.  “Lin! Yue!! Tian!!!”

Before anything happened, however, their expressions once again changed drastically.

Because they smelled a fragrance in the air.

A fragrance that was way too familiar to the members of the Demonic Sect.

“…The Fragrance of Drunken Bones. It is a miraculous drug from the Western Regions, absolutely a priceless treasure. The drug usually is sealed in a wax pill. You need to crush the pill in order to release the poisonous fragrance. Once the drug was inhaled, nothing could solve them aside from the specified antidote, or if possible wait until the effect dissipated by itself. However, when the drug is actively working inside the body, you will lose all strength, unable to move even an inch of muscle. Even if you own an antidote yourself you wouldn’t be able to take them, unless someone else fed you the antidote.” Lin Yuetian narrated calmly.

He leisurely took out the antidote he took from Ning Songhua’s possession before and heaved an amazed sigh.

Lin Yuetian, “It really is a drug able to knock off an Elephant.”

[“You…”] This series of events was already enough to knock the System stupid.

“What is it? I said I will use this Drug before, but did I say the Drug is on my body?” Lin Yuetian responded to the System in his mind.

As usual, he kindly explained to his System, “That night after I killed him, what I did was poke a hole in Ning Songhua’s sole and hid the wax pill inside.”

The ancients…especially in the Martial Arts World setting, would not pay much attention to autopsy. That’s why he had the confidence to hide the pill in the deceased’s body. The location of the sole was chosen so that the wound would not be conspicuous and easily discovered.

Lin Yuetian’s powerful blow to the coffin earlier had a hidden intention. It was not to destroy the coffin and corpse in a fit of anger, but to crush the pill hidden in the corpse ( T/L: without causing people to think he was about to crush any drug and alarming them. Everyone’s attention was all focused on condemning Lin Yuetian’s blasphemous action instead of putting on guard).

Things were going smoother than Lin Yuetian had expected. Even his backup plan in case this move was thwarted had no chance to show up.

Right now, among the people present, only Lin Yuetian was unaffected by the poisonous drug.

“This is the surprise and excitement I want to give you,” Lin Yuetian once again warmly informed the System. “How is it, it’s exciting, right?”

The System, [“…Brother, You have all my sincere gratitude.”]

“Don’t mention it, no need to thank between colleagues, living with my partner harmoniously is a must-have virtue.”

‘Alas…for my brain to make such a fine plan, I really deserve financial freedom as a reward!’ Lin Yuetian couldn’t help but boasted about himself when he glanced at the paralyzed people in the Hall.

The System turned a deaf ear to his narcissistic bragging. He turned a blind eye, trying to achieve a spiritual calmness. Soon, the recitation of Buddhist scriptures echoed inside Lin Yuetian’s mind, again. The way the System chanted the scriptures as if he was currently weeping tears of blood, coupled with his fluent and fast tempo…made it sound like an emo-rap instead.

With such a soundtrack, Lin Yuetian walked around the Hall casually. He searched Xiao Li and Ning Songluo’s bodies and confiscated the antidote of The Fragrance of Drunken Bone found on them. After resolving the hidden danger, he looked up to the 12 Spirit Tablets of the twelve former Demonic Sect Leaders, then looked back to the Demonic Sect’s disciples who were glaring at them, as well as the other Martial Artists who were full of panic.

Lin Yuetian nodded his head, seemingly satisfied with the situation he saw.

“Splendid. There is a stage on the front, and the guests on the side. Even the venue is already dyed in a festive red color. Now the time is a once-in-a-lifetime auspicious day, and the place is a suitable Hall to complete the Three Bows[2]Bowing/Worship to the ancestor/Parents, worship to the Heaven and Earth, and worship to each other; are 3 steps of concluding the marriage ceremony in past China.”

Lin Yuetian took out a pair of Dragon and Phoenix candles[3]A wedding scented candles.

from his sleeves. The red candles were put and lit on the table. As the fire from the candles flickered, Lin Yuetian felt it really complimented the wedding ambiance in the Hall.

When he was admiring his own masterpiece, he suddenly heard a slight movement from behind. He turned around fully guarded, only to see Xiao Li who could barely raise his arm, seemingly about to draw his sword. When he met Lin Yuetian’s gaze, his expression immediately distorted, as if he was going to hurl out countless cursing. Unexpectedly, even at this point, keeping his image intact was still his priority, hence the desired swears didn’t come out.

It was Ning Songluo who couldn’t bear it any longer.

From her paralyzed spot she spitted out a series of scolding, “Lin Yuetian! How dare you! You have stolen our Demonic Sect’s treasure, and you still dare to blaspheme the dead, toward my brother’s body, you-,”

She suddenly stopped her furious bellow.

Because at this point, a terrible realization flashed in her mind.

The Fragrance of Drunken Bone was a sacred treasure of the Demonic Sect. If there was no important event, it would not be handed out casually without authorization. There was no such thing as losing the treasure carelessly.

The only lost Pill during this period was…the one that was brought by Ning Songhua before his departure.

“…It’s you.” Ning Songluo murmured dazedly. “It turn out to be you, the one who hired The Bloody Step to assassinate my brother!”

Lin Yuetian lightly shook his head and replied gently, “Wrong guess. Though, it’s quite close. I won’t give you the right answer, and I don’t know if there’s an underworld in this universe, if there is, then you can use this topic to chat there and relieve your boredom.”

He felt his response was compassionate and considerate enough, so he stopped focusing on Ning Songluo. He turned toward Xiao Li who was still trying to draw his sword. Lin Yuetian watched his futile attempts for a while, before reaching out and snatching his sword, throwing it far away.

Well, he was also kind enough to stop Xiao Li from doing fruitless action.

“Worthy of being the Number One Master in Jianghu. You can still move your muscle under the paralyzing effect of the Drug.” Lin Yuetian praised him sincerely.

He had never hidden his respect toward those who deserve them.

“With you being able to move, it’s really convenient and saves me from a lot of hassles.”

Saying that, Lin Yuetian took out another set of wedding robes from a package he brought and threw it on Xiao Li’s head.

Lin Yuetian gestured politely with his chin, there was a wide grin on his face, revealing the cute tiger teeth[4]it’s an anime kink to have a cute little canine.

 and in real life is like this:

often seen on the original owner’s expression in the past.

“Sect Leader Xiao Li, I have to trouble you to put on the wedding dress yourself.”


1 Xiao Li refers to himself as “Benzuo“, similar to when a prince refers to himself as “Benwang“, or an Emperor refers to himself as “Zhen
2 Bowing/Worship to the ancestor/Parents, worship to the Heaven and Earth, and worship to each other; are 3 steps of concluding the marriage ceremony in past China
3 A wedding scented candles.

4 it’s an anime kink to have a cute little canine.

 and in real life is like this:

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      • I still have to wonder, really? There’s really A story where a person marries the person who massacred his whole family? For the sake of love?

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