APA Chapter 11

Client in the Martial Arts World - I am here to marry you

Lin Yuetian shook his wrist, and the blood dripping on his Sword’s blade was flung to the ground. The cleaned blade soon returned to its scabbard.

He rummaged around Ning Songhua’s body in the dark and later fished out a brocade bag from the man’s waistband. Using the moonlight seeping through the hollowed window, he pried the bag opened and checked its content. There was a wax pill as well as a small jade bottle with a piece of red paper plastered on it saying, The Fragrance of Drunken Bone Antidote.

“I was right, he’s lying to taunt me.” Lin Yuetian commented casually. “His mouth might speak lies but his eyes wouldn’t. I could tell he was lying.”

The System saw Lin Yuetian flipping his hand and putting the antidote in his pocket. He took out a dagger afterward. At this point, the System was dreading, wondering about what kind of bizarre thing Lin Yuetian was going to do, again. Fortunately, or not, the dark clouds suddenly passed through the moon in the midnight sky. During the short period, Lin Yuetian quickly finished his deed within the darkness. Even the System was unable to see it clearly.

[“You…Did you possibly do something just now?”] He couldn’t help but ask, and his tone was strangely respectful.

“Haven’t you seen it yourself?” Lin Yuetian paused, thinking for a moment, before he later decided, “Well then, if you didn’t see, then I won’t tell you for now. Isn’t it good to have some surprise and stimulation once in a while?”

While giving his response to the System, Lin Yuetian was not idle either. He was trying to stuff Ning Songhua’s head whose pair of eyes were wide open into a bag. He had already prepared oil papers to wrap the head securely and prevent the blood from soaking the cloth material. Afterward, stepping outside from the window, he scoured the roof ridge and calmly left the whole Courtyard[1]a courtyard is a whole set of Chinese style housing



For some reason, the System always felt the series of actions just now was a bit familiar.

His voice squeaked with fright as he desperately declined Lin Yuetian’s surprise offer before, [“I’ve already very surprised and I think my life can’t be more exciting than it is right now. Please don’t add any more stimulation to my career as a System!”]

Lin Yuetian guessed that his System might be overwhelmed. He must have been touched by Lin Yuetian’s generosity and was currently being shy. So, Lin Yuetian as a good man that he was, considerately changed the topic at hand.

“Alright, let’s not talk about it anymore. Next, I shall go to this Wulin Conference held by the Demonic Sect. I will complete this world’s task at that time.”

[“Don’t go! It’s impossible!”] The System was immediately feeling apprehensive once he heard Lin Yuetian’s plan. [“Your body’s level of martial arts couldn’t even defeat Xiao Li and the remaining Right Protector. If it were to be added with the hundreds of other Demonic Sect members, you will only go and face a besiege instead of revenge! What kind of morality do you think the Demonic Sect’s members have? Ganging up to one person is completely normal! You can’t think this task is as easy as the last time!”]

Lin Yuetian replied with a smile on his face, “It’s impossible for me to win against Ning Songhua either…nevertheless, look whose head is in my bag?”

[“The weakening drug from the System Mall takes time to take effect. With so many people present at the conference, how do you think, can you leisurely light a pair of candles in the broad daylight? Do you think you’re coming to burn incense?”]

The number of solutions has always been greater than the number of obstacles. For example, in this case, aside from the Candle’s drug, isn’t there a wax pill…what is its name again, The Fragrance of Drunken Bone?” Lin Yuetian said meaningfully, implying some measures he might take.

The System vaguely figured out the corner of Lin Yuetian’s next plan. If it were so, then…He still had to give Lin Yuetian some reminders!

[“The reason that Scumbag Xiao Li was able to use The Fragrance of Drunken Bone to immobilize hundreds of people in a banquet back then was because no one suspected him otherwise. He was the bridegroom, and the banquet was to celebrate his wedding. He had both the freedom and means to implement his plan using the drug. Then, what about you right now? Who doesn’t know that you may hold a grievance for your family’s massacre? Let’s not mention exacting revenge, just seeing you taking out that Pill, you will definitely be dealt with in seconds!”]

Lin Yuetian was not discouraged by the reminders and instead went to comfort and reassure the System, “When there is a will there is a way. Just believe in me. When have I ever been unreliable?”

By this point, the System finally realized that Lin Yuetian’s heart was like a rock, don’t mention moving it, even turning it around was impossible! He felt all of the concern in his heart dissipating into the wind like ashes.  Right now he only had one regret, the fact that he didn’t own several mouths to persuade his Host, and could only see Lin Yuetian persistently walk to the Abyss of Death.

For some time The System could only imagine what kind of regretful scene he was going to see in the unknown future. With grief, he decided to himself, [‘Let’s recite the Buddhist scripture and accumulate merits for good luck…’]


Lin Yuetian threw Ning Songhua’s head into the home of the Client who had requested the assassination earlier.

Thinking about his current situation, Lin Yuetian discovered that he had one big advantage. It was the reputation of the original owner as an innocent and goody-two-shoes young man. In this world, aside from Ning Songhua who right now perhaps had already arrived at the reincarnation gate, no one knew his other identity. It would seem impossible to link the kind and Righteous Young Master Lin with the lawless assassin, The Bloody Step.

Sure enough, having unexpected surprises in life was a good thing.

Lin Yuetian then stayed in this city until the next day to take the full payment from the roof of his last Client’s house. Afterward, he bought a suitable horse for travel and proceeded to go directly to the original owner’s hometown, back to the former Wulin Alliance Leader’s Mansion, the Lin Clan’s Ancestral Home, or the current Demonic Sect’s stronghold in the Central Plain.

There was some time left before the Wulin Conference would be held. Lin Yuetian was not in a hurry either. With the disguising technique he had bought from the System Mall, he ate, drank, bought, and went shopping all the way to Jiangnan[2]A Province in the Eastern region of Ancient China, the Yangtze River lower plain and estuary. For today’s situation See More Here. The travel was turned into one man-vacation plan.

The System politely held any remarks from coming out. He felt like he was being forced to watch the last happy meal of a man who was about to receive a dead card. In this way, he really couldn’t muster any desire to enjoy the beauty during their travel.


Eventually, the day when Lin Yuetian arrived at the Lin Mansion on the morning of the so-called Wulin Conference came at last.

The plaque indicating the Mansion was the Lin Clan’s property had been taken down. It was said that after the massacre back then, the dozens of Demonic Sect disciples spent 3 days and 3 sleepless nights, just cleaning the corpses and blood flowing from the Main Hall to the Gate’s threshold. Only then that the Mansion restored back to its grand appearance.

It was no wonder. There were hundreds of guests from the Righteous Sects that day. Some of the Top Experts, even after they had inhaled The Fragrance of Drunken Bone, they still struggled to crawl from the Main Hall to the gate. They almost successfully escaped from the Hellish massacre, alas…The Demonic Sect was able to hunt down the running prey in time. As a result, the cleaning area was as wide and difficult as it was heard of.

This story had been told and spread out in the whole Jianghu. Lin Yuetian heard it from the martial artists he met who were about to participate in this Conference. There were a lot of martial artists who attended the Conference despite the holder being the previously shunned Demonic Sect. It was unsurprising, after all, the Demonic Sect had successfully stabilized its stronghold and reigned supreme in Jianghu today. What was Right what was Evil, unless the misfortune befall oneself and family, most people wouldn’t care about morality.

When Lin Yuetian came in front of the mansion, the whole Courtyard was covered with white linens[3]draping white linens on house, putting white flags, or wearing white clothes is a sign of mourning. Even the Demonic Sect members were all having white fabrics wrapped around their arms. Everyone had a solemn look on their face to give the final touch to the ambiance.

As for the reason, Lin Yuetian had heard of it. On his way to Jiangnan, he heard the news that, apparently, the Left Protector of the Demonic Sect, Ning Songhua, was beheaded by an assassin who had recently appeared out of nowhere, The Bloody Step. The Left Protector’s head was exchanged for the assassination payment, hence the only remnant to be brought back was his headless corpse.

The Demonic Sect Leader, Xiao Li, was deeply saddened by this devastating misfortune. He decided to use the Wulin Conference as a mourning time, decorating the whole Mansion into a Mourning Hall.

Some martial artists whispered discreetly among their acquaintances,

“Hey, this Demonic Sect is really impolite. Wulin Conference is a Martial Arts Event, how could it be changed into a Mourning Hall?”

However, no matter how much dissatisfaction they felt, those words were forever kept in the back, unable to be uttered directly in front of Demonic Sect Members, much less to their Leader.


Lin Yuetian didn’t follow the others, entering through the main entrance. He changed his clothes, put on a black cloak, wrapped himself from head to toe, and pinned his Zimu Sword Pair to his waist.

At present, The Sect Leader, Xiao Li, was delivering a speech about his ambitions or something or another. The Right Protector of the Demonic Sect stood by his side. The Hall was filled with the participants, Jianghu Martial Artists, as well as the Demonic Sect’s disciples. There was an exquisite coffin placed on the inner side of the Hall, and a long table displaying the 12 Spirit Tablets[4]a placard used to worship or honor the deceased ancestor.

of the former Demonic Sect Leaders.

The entire Hall was engulfed in silence. There was only Xiao Li’s passionate voice echoing to every corner, with several rays of sunlight seeping through the window lattice, and falling onto the 12 Spirit Tablets. Truly a magnificent sight like a moment of truth in some important historical event. Such a grand occasion, both from the attendees and the sacred atmosphere, perhaps only the previous big wedding (turned massacre) could hold a candle when being compared.

Lin Yuetian made use of his superb Qinggong to infiltrate the Hall and descended from the sky in an eye-catching manner.

The moment Lin Yuetian reached the ground, countless sword tips were aimed at him from his surrounding.

He didn’t falter and calmly took off his hood. This time he didn’t put any disguise on his face. Turning to face Xiao Li’s position, he greeted the person with a relaxed attitude. “My Dear Friend. Do you still remember me?”

Xiao Li’s appearance was indeed handsome, with sword eyebrows[5]These are 4 handsome guys in Chinese history, all of them were painted to have sword eyebrows.

, sharp eyes, good facial features, and a gentle smile on his lip. At a glance, he was the very picture of what a dreamy gentleman should be. It was no wonder that he had successfully deceived the original owner to fall for him.

Knowing the intruder was Lin Yuetian, there was a frown on Xiao Li’s face. He immediately raised his hand to signal his subordinates to put away their weapons and retreat.

“Yuetian, I knew you would come.” Xiao Li even let out a slight smile. “As expected, you really are a brave person. Are you here to take revenge?”

Ning Songluo, the Right Protector of the Demonic Sect was Ning Songhua’s younger sister. She was slender and beautiful like a sleek snake. Today, she was wearing a plain white thin silk. Her eyebrows were raised in a naked provocation while her left hand was wrapped around the long whip’s handle on her waist.

She straightened up her body and said coldly, “Lin Yuetian, there is no Right or Wrong in Jianghu. Only whether you are incompetent or capable. The past has long gone, it is a fact that you are weak and incapable, why are you still pursuing the so-called enemies and disturbing an important event?!”

Lin Yuetian looked at her with a surprised expression. “Since Jianghu has no control over Right or Wrong, that means you also can’t control whether I like to get revenge or not. What are you being so agitated for? Your expression is scaring others here.”

Ning Songluo anticipated the scene where Lin Yuetian would be angry, aggrieved, or even cry loudly on the spot, but she didn’t expect the man to be eerily calm, as if he didn’t get his whole family killed by them. She was unable to conjure any comeback and couldn’t help but be left speechless.

“Besides, I am not here to take revenge.” Lin Yuetian suddenly expressed his intention.

He yanked off the black cloak of him…revealing a red wedding dress worn underneath. The bright red color was particularly flashy, feeling like a sore thumb among the white linens around and the conspicuous coffin in front of him.

Lin Yuetian politely proposed, “Sect Leader Xiao Li, I am here to marry you.”


1 a courtyard is a whole set of Chinese style housing


2 A Province in the Eastern region of Ancient China, the Yangtze River lower plain and estuary. For today’s situation See More Here
3 draping white linens on house, putting white flags, or wearing white clothes is a sign of mourning
4 a placard used to worship or honor the deceased ancestor.

5 These are 4 handsome guys in Chinese history, all of them were painted to have sword eyebrows.

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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
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Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Bibi says:

    The biggest victim here is our system. Poor thing received a bad hand in this game. Most QT novels have their systems having some sort of power over the protagonist, but this system here is powerless and can’t do anything besides getting more and more traumatized by Yuetian doing Yuetian things. Poor baby! I LOVE IT! FIGHTING!

    Curious as to what Yuetian’s plan is this time. He’s attracting too much attention this time. It makes me a bit anxious but I trust his haywired schemes.

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      YUP. The poor soul must have drawn the short stick to be given Lin Yuetian as the Host to guide, lol. This is another point that I like about this series, the System is Humane, he is not a machine-like System, or a System who sells Meng/acting cute and silly. But instead, the System is even more like a normal human compared to Yuetian, lol.

  2. lilac says:

    This was the most Buddhist System I’ve ever seen! Every now and then he kept reciting the scriptures😂😂😂 the amount of stimulation lin yuetian caused the poor soul can even make a System embrace the Buddha light, I really can’t!😂

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      The System is more humane than the Human-Lin Yuetian, that’s why I also like this pair of peculiar System-Host 🙂

  3. Yuri says:

    Holy fuck, if I hadn’t been convinced beforehand, this really would’ve made me think Lin Yuetian is crazy. Crazy to the point its refreshing…

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