APA Chapter 10

Client in the Martial Arts World - I don't believe your taunts

Despite the manner of speech when Lin Yuetian said ‘Let’s kill him first’ was as light as if he was referring to killing a chicken, the System didn’t buy his relaxed attitude at all. He was anxious and kept dissuading Lin Yuetian from all sides. It was the Goddamn Left Protector of the Demonic Sect we’re talking about! Lin Yuetian himself should know from the original memory he had received that even though the this body was considered a genius and first-class Master, he still couldn’t be said to be the Top Expert in the entire Jianghu!

Not to mention that the prowess of said Left Protector, Ning Songhua, actually had already been seen and experienced by the Original Owner firsthand.

Previously, Xiao Li had fabricated his identity in order to approach the original Lin Yuetian. He claimed to be an apprentice of some-unheard-hermit-Master-from-some-unknown-mountain-somewhere. Ning Songhua who was following him to protect the real Leader of the Demonic Sect was admitted as Xiao Li’s good buddy henceforth.

As the devoted subordinate of the Demonic Sect, but of course, Ning Songhua held their Leader in reverence. In his opinion, Xiao Li was the most amazing, as a result, when seeing Xiao Li trying to pamper and please Lin Yuetian, he felt that this brat was not worthy of their Leader’s time at all. During their journey, Ning Songhua had always maintained a bad attitude toward Lin Yuetian without giving him any face at the slightest bit.

The original Lin Yuetian was, after all, came from a good family, he had the best education, understand respect and courtesy, and his temperament was exceptional. He had never minded Ning Songhua’s disrespect.

There was only this one time when Ning Songhua crossed his bottom line with his verbal provocation. Lin Yuetian eventually fought him but was beaten back in the end.

The most memorable event in this scene from the point of view of the Original Owner was that Xiao Li defended him back then. Xiao Li had furiously scolded Ning Songhua and later warned him not to disturb Lin Yuetian anymore. It was this result that started to make the Original Owner feel the sweetness in his heart.

However, from Lin Yuetian’s point of view right now, it was obvious, that there were 2 most important points that could be seen in this fight.

First, Ning Songhua was Xiao Li’s subordinate in reality. Even if Xiao Li wanted to beat the shit out of him, much less just simply give him a mere rebuke, there was nothing wrong with it. More importantly, without Xiao Li’s consent, how could Ning Songhua dare to mess around with others under the nose of his Sect Leader? Therefore, the fight must have been their own design. The actual intention of those two was to test the the Original Owner’s level of martial arts.

Secondly, it was the undeniable fact that not only was the Original Owner unable to defeat Xiao Li, but he also was not the opponent of the Left and Right Protector of the Demonic Sect either.

[“…That’s why, I beg you, please consider this matter with a cool head!”] The System concluded his persuasion bitterly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do any reckless action.” Saying such words, Lin Yuetian had already flown over to the Courtyard rented by the Demonic Sect members in this town he knew from the assassination request earlier.

He comforted the System gently, “This time, I shall defeat them using tactics and strategy.”


Ning Songhua had an unexpected quirk. He didn’t like lighting any lamp or candle in his room at night, choosing to bask in the dark instead. Finding which room he was in was unsurprisingly easy. Just scanned every corner of the mansion and see that among the brightly lit rooms, only one room was conspicuous in its complete darkness.

Lin Yuetian jumped up, scaling the wall quickly, he climbed to the roof of the targeted wing in the mansion in the blink of an eye.

Just when he was about to stabilize his standing, the tip of a sword suddenly pierced the roof tiles, emerging from inside the room below. Lin Yuetian leaped to the side, jumping downward, his left hand quickly grabbed the corner of the eaves, while his right hand pushed open the window quietly. In another second he had already entered the targeted room.

There was a clicking sound of the broken tiles coupled with the luster of the sword blade inside this dark room. It turned out it was Ning Songhua who stabbed him through the roof just now. At present, the person holding the sword had pulled and turned the blade’s direction. Immediately after, the sword was like a snow snake slithering smoothly in the dark, aiming at Lin Yuetian’s heart.

Lin Yuetian raised his hand, using the scabbard of his own sword to block the incoming blade, and quickly leaped to the beam of the house, taking out two candles from his bag and lit them.

“I’m not used to having a discussion in the dark.” Lin Yuetian held up the candle and smiled. “As expected of Left Protector Ning, your martial arts is truly impressive.”

The light had been turned on, and no matter how much Ning Songhua wanted to pretend not to recognize the person in front of him, it was impossible to continue. He put down his hand and signaled the other subordinates outside who came when hearing the fighting sound to retreat.

He said coldly, “Young Master Lin is really courageous. He dares to break into my Demonic Sect’s residence in the middle of the night. Is he not afraid of being laughed at as a joke if others were to know?”

“Aren’t you the one who has been looking for me? What is it that you want?” Lin Yuetian acted as if he didn’t catch the ridicule under Ning Songhua’s words.

He moved from his current position on the roof beam, descended fluidly to the ground, and put the candles on the corner of the table casually.

Ning Songhua stared at him for a while, before replying assertively,

“Our Demonic Sect has been blessed with a resourceful and brilliant Sect Leader and has been growing steadily with each passing day. Recently, Sect Leader has decided to invite all Heroes from all over Jianghu to hold a new Wulin Conference to spread the reputation of our Honorable Sect, and officially unify the whole Jianghu. The conference will be held at the former Wulin Alliance Leader’s residence[1]The Lin Clan residence, since the former Wulin Alliance’s leader, is Father Lin. This is an important celebration of our Demonic Sect. Sect Leader conveyed, that if there is no Young Master Lin, there would be no Demonic Sect today. For this reason, he sent me to especially invite Young Master Lin to attend the Conference.”

[“This invitation…Exactly just how much did the Scum Gong want to abuse the Original Owner?”] The System sighed sadly. [“Truly an irrevocable scumbag!”]

Lin Yuetian didn’t respond but asked an unrelated question to Ning Songhua instead,

“That day, when I was about to marry Xiao Li, I remember he took out a wax pill and lit them. After the scent burst out, all the hundreds of people present were unable to move. This kind of miraculous poison, I wonder what is it?”

He didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but Ning Songhua felt the Lin Yuetian in front of him was a little weird. He could even talk about the massacre of his own family in such a calm tone, something he would have never been able to before.

“That’s our Demonic Sect’s secret formula. Don’t you Righteous Sects also have all kinds of strange techniques? Don’t feel wronged just because you’re hit by one yourself.”

Lin Yuetian merely nodded. “So, Did you bring it with you today?”

Feeling perplexed, Ning Songhua quickly denied, “Why would I?”

“Left Protector Ning.” Lin Yuetian laughed. “You are Sect Leader Xiao’s right-hand man, and can even be regarded as his good friend. He sent you out under his command but didn’t give you such a life-saving drug as reassurance? I don’t believe it.”

“Then, don’t believe it, no one is forcing you otherwise.” Ning Songhua simply cut off the conversation ruthlessly.

Seemingly unaffected, Lin Yuetian kept his gentle demeanor, and replied softly,

“Alright, I will stop. Left Protector Ning, then let us talk about other things…for example, right now, do you feel the root of your tongue numbed and tingled? Does your waist feel sore and your legs soften? Do you feel your limbs begin to weaken? Does your ear start ringing, and your heartbeat accelerates? Do you feel dizzy, as if your brain has overheated? Do you realize that you can’t draw out your internal strength anymore…”

With each word Lin Yuetian spoke, Ning Songhua’s expression continued to become uglier and worsened.

“…Now, you even feel like you’re about to lose your footing, I suppose?”

Ning Songhua collapsed even before Lin Yuetian finished his speech.

Fortunately, Lin Yuetian’s reflex was good. He quickly shoved a chair under him, and the Left Protector of the Demonic Sect was saved from kissing the ground below.

“You didn’t bring any poison, but I did.” Lin Yuetian said calmly, blowing out the candle at the corner of the table.

The drug he bought in the System Mall was colorless and odorless. It is worth 100 points. To spend the drug efficiently and implement a thrifty lifestyle, Lin Yuetian who wanted higher income but lesser expenditure; had spent a lot of time melting the drug into a pair of candles. The drug was concealed, and it could even be saved and used for another time. After all, the items bought from the System Mall as long as it wasn’t used up, it could be brought and used in another world as well!

“How dare you…!”  Ning Songhua’s muscle was all numbed, he couldn’t speak loudly at all. All he could let out was a muffled angry voice. “…I’ve never expected you to be so shameless and resorting to such a trick…If you have the ability, just fight me directly, fair and square…!”

“Naturally I have no such ability.” Lin Yuetian didn’t hesitate to straightforwardly admit it.

Ning Songhua, “…”

Feeling infuriated, but unable to do anything, eventually Ning Songhua decided to change his tactic, and gently coaxing,

“…Young Master Lin, our Sect Leader actually cares about you very much. Truthfully, I came here to find you because he heard that a dangerous Assassin appeared in this City recently. The Bloody Step, this person’s origin is mysterious, his martial arts are superb, his methods are ruthless, and he doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong. Young Master Lin, ever since the day you left, Sect Leader has always been thinking about your whereabouts and your well-being. Now that you are in the same City as the Assassin, he is worried if others who are condemning you as Wulin‘s sinner will pay The Bloody Step to kill you. I have been sent to protect and prevent any trouble from befalling upon Young Master Lin thereafter…”

Originally, Ning Songhua disapproved of Xiao Li’s action, thinking that Xiao Li cared too much about Lin Yuetian. He decided to just kill Lin Yuetian, that’s why he had deliberately left the matter about Xiao Li behind. He was planning to take care of this Young Master Lin here before later reporting to his Sect Leader, saying that Lin Yuetian would rather die than come to see Xiao Li. This way, it’s good for everyone.

Unexpectedly, the situation had completely derailed from the way he initially anticipated.

In this case, Ning Songhua cleverly revealed the unsaid matter about Xiao Li’s real command at once, expecting Lin Yuetian to be soft-hearted when hearing the truth.

“Well…Send my gratitude for your Sect Leader’s kindness.” Lin Yuetian politely expressed his sincere appreciation. “However, there’s no need.”

He slowly drew out the long sword from his possession. It was the long sword from the Zimu pair that he had never once drawn when he killed people for money during this period.

His movement was painfully light and unhurried, making sure there was no abnormal noise that could startle humans or birds outside.

The moon hung in the midnight sky and was exuding a pale light. It seeped through the paper window and dimly illuminate the Sword in a misty luminous. In another moment, the glint of a sharp blade flashed, revealing Lin Yuetian’s face briefly.

Young Master Lin was a handsome young man with doe-like eyes. In Ning Songhua’s memory, Lin Yuetian had always been smiling. When he laughed, there was even a pair of small tiger teeth showing up.

At this moment, however, there was no expression on Lin Yuetian’s face…not even hatred.

He looked incredibly calm, indifferent, and almost feel like he was completely in leisure, as if he was about to do everyday chores like eating, drinking, or sleeping.

“…There’s no need for your Sect Leader to worry, because I am, The Bloody Step.”

The long sword was fully drawn out.

Ning Songhua didn’t even feel the slightest pain. He just felt a cold sensation on his throat as if he was dipped into ice water, and soon his body lightened.

His vision swirled as the angle his eyes faced changed abruptly. Ning Songhua could even see his own headless body for the last second.

What he thought in his mind was,

‘Worthy to be the Young Master of the Lin Clan, truly a young talent…Such swift swordsmanship…’



1 The Lin Clan residence, since the former Wulin Alliance’s leader, is Father Lin
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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