APA Chapter 1

Client in the Cultivation World - I, Lin Yuetian, just want to live a peaceful life!

Lin Yuetian had always regarded himself as an amiable person.

He was born in a Cyberpunk world where beautiful men and women walked all over the streets, yet he remained the most beautiful of them all. Well, at least it was true that he was indeed outrageously good-looking, gentle, humble, diligent, kind, and had always been a professional at work. His work achievements, and the way he unfailingly finished his job conscientiously, truly deserved the Promising Youth Award from anyone.

…That’s if only his job was not an assassin, perhaps he would undoubtedly get the warranted praises.

That’s right, Lin Yuetian was an assassin, a paid killer, a gold-medaled one at that.

That being the case, Lin Yuetian never considered himself as one of those cold-blooded perverts. Truth be told, disregarding what his job was, actually, he was no different than any normal person. It could even be said that he was better than the average person in some if not many aspects. He had no perverted hobbies or weird sexual inclinations, and nor did he have any ambition to destroy the world.  His only wish was only to make more money, achieve financial freedom, and spend the rest of his life contently! 

It’s just that…In order to make more money comfortably, he had to do it through his forte. When his specialty was being an assassin, it couldn’t be helped, right? In short, he just wanted to say,

‘Please don’t mistake me to be in the same group as those perverted murderers~’


Lin Yuetian’s ability to be a gold-medalist assassin was inseparable from his 3 unbreakable traits. Being able to stay calm in troubled times; Did not fluster in the face of danger; Never panic in any situation. Even when he woke up and found himself lying inside a thatched hut, wearing an ancient costume, and having a long sword being stabbed to his guts, he was able to maintain his 3 qualities intact.

He was not alone in the thatched hut. There was another man in an ancient costume chattering on the side. His non-stop buzzing had caused Lin Yuetian to feel dizzy even just hearing it. The man, however, kept talking like a broken alarm.

“…Shaofeng Xianjun[1]Immortal Lordhas already been merciful enough to you. Lin Yuetian, you really are impetuous and foolish. In the past, Xianjun turned a blind eye to your mad pursuit, now that Xianjun has someone in his heart, you dared to lay a finger on that person! If it wasn’t for his magnanimity to give you a chance to escape, how could you still have a breath left? I have informed Xianjun that you are dead. Since you were lucky enough to escape death, you can go down the mountain and be a Rogue cultivator. If you dare to trouble Xianjun ever again, don’t blame me for being ruthless…”

Lin Yuetian could hear all the words the man was saying, but it was like a passing breeze, unable to enter his mind at all. He paid all his attention to the sword currently stabbed in his lower abdomen instead. The blood oozing from the wound had dyed his white robe into a red one. It was so Goddamn painful! 

“I’m sorry for interrupting your speech,”

The man paused and looked at him in dissatisfaction. “What else do you want to say?”

“But, may I ask the size of this sword?”-Was what Lin Yuetian unexpectedly blurted out.

Obviously, the question had triggered some kind of switch on the man as he immediately bragged vigorously, “This sword is called Zhanfeng[2]Cutting the Wind, one of Shaofeng Xianjun‘s Twelve Divine Swords. It is 3 feet and 6 inches long, coinciding with the 360 days cycle. The width is 1.8 inches, implying the span of half the Sky. Shaofeng Xianjun didn’t even pull it out after stabbing you, leaving this sword here shows that he still has some affection left for you. You can entrust this sword to me and I’ll give it back to Xianjun…”

Based on the size information given, then looking at the exposed part of the blade, Lin Yuetian could estimate that the sword was embedded in his stomach quite deeply. He had been bleeding for some time, but he hadn’t died yet? Shouldn’t he die at this point? 

‘It feels like a miracle.’ Lin Yuetian thought inwardly. ‘Have I transmigrated to some mystical world?’ 

Propping his body, he held the sword’s hilt and pull it out in one move. Blood was soon gushing out from the open wound and he felt his body’s temperature drop somewhat. But what caught his attention more was the unfamiliar energy surging throughout his body. Unexpectedly, the body he was in turned out to have such power.

“Have you figured out your position now?” The man beside him was relieved. “Hurry up and give me the sword, you can go down the mountain discreetly afterward.”

Lin Yuetian gently flipped Zhanfeng Sword in his hand. “Do you know any Assassin Organization in this world?”

“Assassin…?” The man frowned. “As cultivators, we should only devote ourselves to cultivation and achieving immortality. How could such business, selling and buying someone’s life for money exist?”

Well, it seemed like there was no Organization here, what a pity. Lin Yuetian was used to working under an Organization, having a proper and neat job distribution with other experienced staff. If there was no Organization he could rely on, then it meant he could only be a freelancer. 

Lin Yuetian once again tried to draw out the energy inside his body, familiarizing himself with how to manipulate and use the power.

In the meantime, he lightly asked, “By the way, how powerful are you?”

The man was stunned for a moment before he jumped out in rage. “Lin Yuetian, don’t get carried away! Even if I haven’t reached your realm yet, I’m still a first-class Master! More importantly, I still am Shaofeng Xianjun‘s Shidi[3]Junior Brother in Cultivation setting, the known number one Cultivator in the world who has reached the Great Perfection of Void Refining Realm! Although your Transcending Tribulation Realm might make you the first in the cultivation world, you still can’t compare to Shaofeng Xianjun and his sweetheart in terms of appearance, background, and reputation! Let me tell you, the marriage of the two of them will be held-,”

 The man couldn’t finish his words. 

…Because after confirming that he was a first-class master, Lin Yuetian had secretly drawn his spiritual energy into Zhanfeng Sword. 


The blade of the sword whizzed and glinted a cold light as Lin Yuetian didn’t hesitate to behead the man in front of him without a single warning.

Even until the man’s head was separated from his body and rolled to the ground, his face was still showing both confusion and disbelief.

Lin Yuetian who was still posing with the Sword and prepared to fight for 800 rounds, “…”

‘Didn’t this man say he’s a first-class Master?!’

Naturally, the said man who had been split into two was unable to retort. 

Lin Yuetian clutched the wound on his lower abdomen, looking at the sword in his right hand, he couldn’t help but secretly lament, ‘I feel like bullying the weak here.’

He was a little bit annoyed. With this easy victory, it was unknown whether the man was boasting about his own ability, or that the body he was in was too strong. He initially just wanted to test his current strength to determine the level of Job he could accept in the future. Unexpectedly the person he was hoping for guidance couldn’t live up to his expectation and was easily beheaded. Even his plan to enquire whether there were potential Clients nearby, someone who had both money and enemies, was abruptly disrupted.

But everything had happened and done. Brooding about it would just add an unnecessary burden to his mind.

For a while, Lin Yuetian reflected on his unforeseen blunder prior. 

But it didn’t take long for him to put the sword in his hand aside and started rummaging around the deceased’s body.

There was only an exquisite palm-sized cloth bag that he found after fumbling around for quite a long time. He tried to open it normally but was unable to do so. Eventually, Lin Yuetian had an idea and poured the energy from his body into the cloth bag, Voilà, it was indeed the right method. This little pouch truly didn’t seem to conform to the laws of science. There was actually a bedroom-sized space inside containing several bundles of jade slips[4]Xianxia version of USB disk. See more here., a bunch of small pills in bottles, and abundant sparkling stones.

Lin Yuetian had no memory of this body. He couldn’t recognize what those goods were, so he just set this pouch aside first. 

Trying hard to recall what knowledge he originally knew about Immortal Cultivator in his previous world, he pondered, ‘Cultivator mean…I should be able to fly, right?’

As soon as this thought popped out, an incantation actually appeared in his mind. 

He tried to think about some other actions and operations, and sure enough, the corresponding incantations showed up accordingly.

“Well, although I have no memory of this world, I still have my own skills. Alright, let’s make it work somehow.”

He proceeded to use the healing incantations to barely stop the bleeding from his lower abdomen. Afterward, using another incantation he took the Zhanfeng Sword to fly out in a flash from the thatched hut.


As soon as he got out, he was greeted by the lush greenery in the Mountains. The picturesque landscape and its tranquility were in line with what people imagined a Fairyland looked like. Unfortunately, the enchanting scenery was unable to pique Lin Yuetian’s interest. 

He flew down following the Mountain trails, carefully scanning for traces of other living people without blinking his eyes. However, the people he saw were all in groups. It was inconvenient for what he was about to do. He had no choice but to continue searching patiently.

Lin Yuetian kept his eyes open to the rows of trees below. He felt his eyes were about to turn into Mosquito Eyes[5]Have no focus but are sensitive to motionfrom the high-speed scanning in a wide area. Thankfully, he soon found a person who fitted his criterion. His eyes narrowed, staring at the target who was currently punching and kicking an innocent tree, and joyfully exclaimed, “Heaven reward those who worked hard!”

Without further ado, he descended into the forest and appeared in front of his target. The person was a handsome young man, wearing jade rings, and having a long sword hung at his waist. Lin Yuetian’s sudden appearance had caught him off-guard. In the midst of parting his mouth to say something, yet before any response came out, the Zhanfeng Sword in Lin Yuetian’s hand had already greeted his body one after another as fast as lightning.

The young man was horrified. “You, who are you?!”

Lin Yuetian didn’t answer but silently examined how the two wounds he made were bleeding profusely, and after a while, the young man’s jade-like face visibly turned pale.

After he confirmed that the target must not be able to escape, he finally began to speak, giving the young man reassurance, “Don’t be afraid. I’m not a bad person. I just want to ask you a few questions. Don’t shout, or I’ll make sure you won’t be able to scream even in your next life.”

With these ‘soothing words’, the young man’s cry seemed to be stuck in his throat, causing his face to turn blue. 

Meanwhile, Lin Yuetian took out the cloth bag he ransacked from that ‘First-class Master’ he had unfortunately beheaded earlier, pulled it open, and showed the content to the young man. 

He politely asked, “May I ask, which of the things in here is the current currency, and which of the pills is the healing medicine? If possible, please do tell me the purchasing level of the currency present.”



1 Immortal Lord
2 Cutting the Wind
3 Junior Brother in Cultivation setting
4 Xianxia version of USB disk. See more here.
5 Have no focus but are sensitive to motion
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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