Blood Mist

The entire playground was immediately filled with screams, as strong Yin energy dispersed.

The little kids ran around at once. Ah Qiang ran but suddenly fell down. A blue-gray hand had unexpectedly come to his feet at some point, and grabbed his ankle tightly. 


Ah Qiang screamed.

The hand was colder than ice. His calf being grabbed by the hand became numb, and the numb feeling was quickly climbing up, reaching to his thigh, waist…


A foot stepped on the ghost’s hand, directly deforming it, causing it to hang down limply afterwards. He didn’t know when a black-haired young man came to him, but he thought that his decisive move didn’t match his handsome appearance.

Ah Qiang was picked up.

But then he was thrown out suddenly.

Lu Yingjiu yelled. “Ye Feng catch! Evacuate the students!”

Ye Feng ran over quickly and was almost knocked over by A Qiang, fortunately he caught him in the end.

A few more hands emerged from the ground, and Ye Feng held Ah Qiang in one hand and threw out two paper talismans with the other. The papers ignited quickly in flames, ceasing the hands’ movements. He then put Ah Qiang down, leading him towards other students. “Follow me!”

Looking back, the playground was thick with fog at some point, and countless hands stretched out, like a group of sharks lurking underwater and started hunting in groups, grabbing Liu Yingjiu in waves.

As the fog condensed, he couldn’t see anything, and the Yin energy was so heavy that Ye Feng’s scalp tingled.

At this moment, Ye Feng really wanted to turn around and go back to help Lu Yingjiu. But the whole school was in chaos. The screaming students made everyone aware that something was wrong, and the teacher and students left in the classroom and poked their heads out in the hallway. A few security guards were even running towards their side with batons, in which Ye Feng hurriedly stopped and shouted, “Go away quickly! Don’t go near there!”

A security guard shouted, “Where did you come from! Get away!” After saying that, he wanted to push Ye Feng aside.

Ye Feng’s body obviously couldn’t withstand the security guards. He stopped them several times but to no avail. Seeing that those people were about to run to the playground, he made up his mind and resolutely bit his finger.

Bright red immediately blood flowed out and dropped on the ground, and made a strange round pattern at once.

The pattern made was burning!

Behind him, on the old banyan tree, a fire snake tens of meters long coiled up in an instant! Having a width of two people and flicking its tongue as large,serpentine scales of flames peel off its body and fall to the ground, forming a sea of fire.

Because most people couldn’t see ghosts, therefore they couldn’t also see the “Li Snake”. They only noticed that flames suddenly spread out in a large area, burning furiously and blocking their way. One person exclaimed, “Fire! Call the police!”

No one dared to approach the playground this time, and the teacher quickly organized the students to evacuate.

In fact, the flame did not cause any damage at all. It seemed to be powerful, but actually only burned some flowers and plants. Ye Feng was just about to breathed a sigh of relief when he was suddenly grabbed by the collar—

The security guard looked fierce. “It was you who set the fire! Right!”

Ye Feng:”……”

Right, it was him.

However, his hesitation was even more suspicious in the eyes of the security guards. This group of security guards, regardless of life and death, rushed up with their batons and wanted to knock him down. The Li Snake hissed while it flicked his tongue in the tree, and then a scorching wave suddenly hit them, blowing them crooked.

Ye Feng, who was free, wanted to return to the playground again, when he suddenly heard a familiar voice. “What happened?”

As soon as he looked back, Chu Banyang and Xiao Li were at the school gate. The screeching siren almost cut across the sky. Several policemen came up and showed their certificates to the security guard.

“Let us handle the situation from here.”

Before leaving, the security guard pointed to Ye Feng and shouted, “That guy set the fire!”

Chu Banyang hurried to him and said, “Why are you here? Where is Liu Yingjiu?”

“He’s on the fucking playground, hiss—” Ye Feng’s voice somehow changed its tone, and the sound at the end of his sentence came out like that of a snake. Several red snake scales grew on his face and neck, and then another one was about to emerge, piercing his skin. Immediately, a streak of blood stained his collar red, his eyebrows jumped with pain, but he said nothing in the end.

Chu Banyang said, “You can’t bear it anymore. Send the spirit you invited away quickly.”

“I know—” Ye Feng gritted his teeth, “Go and find Lu Yingjiu!”

He raised his hand, and the flames opened up a path.

Chu Banyang and Xiao Li rushed over and plunged into the milky white mist. A few flames from the Li Snake also followed closely behind, breaking through the dense mist, in which the surroundings couldn’t be seen clearly.

The playground was empty.

There was no ghost hand in sight, and there was no sign of Lu Yingjiu at all.


Chu Banyang looked up, and noticed that there were several terrible depressions on the outer wall of the staff dormitory in the distance, as if something…..had just climbed up the outer wall. 

The depression went all the way up, and stopped on the sixth floor—the window glass on the sixth floor suddenly burst open, and thousands of debris fell like rain.

In the stairwell, several people screamed and ran past Lu Yingjiu. They only knew that there was a fire outside, and when they heard the loud noise just now, they became startled and instantly ran for their lives.

Lu Yingjiu walked up against the flow of people.

He took out a short knife from the back of his waist, turned the blade over, and it shone brightly as his eyes. 

Few people only knew that Lu Yingjiu carried so many controlled knives with him, from blood groove to this tactical short knife. Each of which was definitely not going to pass a security check, which also made him look like some kind of outlaw lunatic.

Everyone who was new to exorcism would have this question: Do ghosts bleed?

Answer: Yes.

And it flows a lot.

With the right runes, killing ghosts was not much different from killing people.

The bottom end of this short knife was engraved with strange symbols, which at first glance looked like flowing clouds, and at the same time. also looked like a hideous grimace.

Lu Yingjiu went to the sixth floor. Looking around, the corridor was in a mess, there were slippers, bed sheets, broken cups…..but what was particularly intriguing was that all kinds of food packaging were also scattered on the floor, chocolate wrapping papers, cupcake shells, and opened potato chips. It was almost as if a hungry ghost swept across this floor.

Chomp chomp

Chomp chomp

A sound of chewing was heard in room 603.

Noticing that the door was ajar, he neared quietly, without making any noise, just like a cat.

A naked man with his back to him, held a trash can, and was eating leftover McDonald hamburgers, devouring it like a wolf.

No, calling it a “person” might be a bit of a stretch.

It had a human shape, but the whole body was covered with blue-gray hands and feet, each facing in different directions, like a weird sea urchin. There were also distorted human faces on its back.

If Lu Yingjiu had read the file, he would have recognized immediately that these faces were all the missing homeless men.

When one of the faces saw Lu Yingjiu, it opened its mouth and let out a scream!

The sea urchin monster turned back immediately, and the three pairs of eyes on its face rolled wildly.

[Very hungry]

[Very hungry, very hungry, very hungry]

Lu Yingjiu: “Don’t worry, I’m not here to grab your burger.”

The monster opened its mouth wide at him, and its saliva dripped down like a waterfall. 

However, in the next second, its field of vision suddenly rose sharply, and spun around for a while—its head was actually cut off by the short knife! As it flew up and circled in the air, only the white light of the knife and the corner of the youth’s raised mouth could be seen.

“…..I’m here to kill you.”

Blood immediately spurted from the severed neck.

A human face on its back suddenly disappeared, and quickly turned into a new head, and then threw itself on Lu Yingjiu with all hands and feet! 

Several hands and feet waved wildly, smashing through the door and the wall, causing smoke and dust to billow.

Lu Yingjiu had already cut his finger a long time ago, and threw out blood.

—Asking the Spirit.

With blood as medium, a fluffy little black beast wrenched out and opened its mouth wide! It swiftly passed by the monster, and landed on the ground. When it turned around, a hand was already in its mouth, it chewed it sloppily, swallowed it, and then let out a satisfying burp.

As the sea urchin monster’s movement slowed for a moment, taking this opportunity, Lu Yingjiu raised his knife and beheaded it directly once again.

Another head rolled to the ground, but the monster grew a new head again. It let out an angry roar, and then continued to wave its hands and feet. Its strength was terribly great, as it chased him all the way from the dormitory to the corridor. The floor had been pierced with several holes, steel bars were exposed, the cracks on the wall were like spiderwebs, and window glasses were broken into powder. Fortunately, its IQ was really not high, it only knew how to fight like a wild animal. Lu Yingjiu dodged with astonishing dexterity, cooperated with the black hair ball, and cut off three to four heads in a row.

Eventually, on the back of the monster, there was only one human face left.

There were also not many hands and feet left on his body, which were mostly eaten by black fluff beast.

The two sides confronted each other again.

Lu Yingjiu held the dagger with his backhand, and the smeared blood dripped down to the floor. He pinched a detonating talisman paper in his hand, and was about to throw it out when he heard a scream!

It was the voice of a child, and it sounded right below them.

This is bad! 

Lu Yingjiu’s pupils narrowed instantly, as he saw the monster laughed bizarrely, and smashed down through the floor with one hand!

Lu Yingjiu jumped down without hesitation. In the smoke and dust, he saw the little girl in a floral dress in the corner—probably a teacher’s child and was too scared to go downstairs in time. The ghost hand immediately grasped into her direction, although she couldn’t see it, she screamed instinctively!

Then, in a blink of an eye, she was suddenly single-handedly picked up by Lu Yingjiu and was pushed aside. It turned out that this move was very timely, because in less than half a second, the ghost’s hand hit his dagger that he had just set up for defense. This was the first time that Lu Yingjiu wrestled with it head-on, and he was directly violently pushed onto the wall. A bloody smell welled up his throat, his vision went dark, and he suspected that two of his ribs were broken. The veins on his forehead throbbed, and the blade trembled back and forth, in which he had to support with both hands so as not to be flattened into the wall.

But this disadvantageous situation was only temporary.

The black fluff beast dropped from the sky with a cry, opened its mouth and bit the monster’s head.

And at this very critical moment, Lu Yingjiu smelled that dark fragrance again.

(t/n Dark fragrance-àn xiānɡ, aroma/fragrance which is not strong but very persistent)

Ice-cold as the crescent moon.

Then, the monster before him suddenly had its body twisted.

It exploded into a cloud of blood mist, as if crushed by an invisible hand.

Can never be spliced again.

And a dead that can never die any more.


Lu Yingjiu turned on the faucet. The blood on his hands stained the water red, and disappeared into the sewer spiraling, revealing his fair skin, slender fingers, and a few shallow old scars.

He had used too much force just now, and now his hands were still shaking.

He wasn’t actually hurt, it was all the monster’s blood. Along with the rinsed blood, was also the faint spell pattern on the back of the hand. If it weren’t for the power it brought, Lu Yingjiu would have been punched through by the monster in their tussle just now.

The little girl he rescued ran to her mother and waved to him when she turned her head. The mother’s child actually acted vigilantly the moment he came down to the first floor. Lu Yingjiu’s clothes were still clean, yet when he came downstairs, his hands were stained with blood, holding a knife in hand and still having a bit of killing intent in his eyes, which made him appear too suspicious.

Chu Banyang said behind him, “You were like a perverted murderer just now.”

“Who said I wasn’t?”

“If you hadn’t drawn the spell, you would’ve died.”

“But I wouldn’t make such a low-level mistake, would I?” Lu Yingjiu shook the water off his hand.

After washing off the blood and calming down his expression, he was back to his usual gentle and delicate appearance.

Behind them, there were busy policemen and ghost exorcists.

The four corners of the playground were pasted with talismans, and after being uncovered by Chu Banyang, the illusion disappeared. 

In order to bury the corpses, the ground had long been loosened by Zhong Aiguo, and was not anymore as compact as before, therefore it was easy digging out the corpses. 

And the monster just now was the collection of resentments of these homeless people..

Police cordoned off the school and collected the bodies on the playground.

Lu Yingjiu thought to himself: I hope this time the news can be blocked a little bit more tightly. If elementary school students know that they are playing football every day stepping on dead bodies, it will definitely be an unforgettable childhood memory.

As Old Liu followed Lu Yingjiu’s conjecture, he checked the surveillance in August last year, and found that Zhong Aiguo had indeed started to come here frequently, subsequently, the police and the Green Lantern Association were also doing their best to investigate his connection with the homeless victims.

“The supervisory control also sent someone to continue to watch. Moreover,” Lao Liu said, “according to your statement, we should focus on the investigation. However, the technical team did not find any traces from the mobile phones and computers of the two. It can only be said that a supernatural power erased the records…..this matter is really up to you to investigate.”

But even so, a person who’s still alive could still speak.

Old Liu added, “However, we made a breakthrough in this direction and got confirmation from Zhong Aiguo’s sister that Zhong Aiguo had a secret relationship with Ji Cai for a while.”

This explained why Zhong Aiguo wanted to help Ji Cai.

They were lovers, they were accomplices.

But Zhong Aiguo was possessed by Ji Cai and jumped off the building to his death.

Chu Banyang: “Are you going to the hospital?”

“I’m fine, except for the feeling that my whole body is about to fall apart.” Lu Yingjiu said, “I’d better go upstairs with you again, I’m not at ease.”

Chu Banyang called a few ghost exorcists, and they went upstairs together to check if there were any other little ghosts.

Chu Banyang said as they walked along, “Didn’t I tell you to wait until the afternoon? Why did you come to the school by yourself?” 

“Early detection, early treatment.” Lu Yingjiu said, “Except for the fact that Ye Feng nearly burned the tree bald, everything is perfect.” 

Chu Banyang reminded him, “There is still this building.”

This building was already riddled with holes.

Lu Yingjiu smiled. “If it weren’t for me, it would have collapsed. But that ghost’s intuition is really accurate, seeing that I would be discovered sooner or later, might as well take the preemptive strike.”

As they chatted, the ghost exorcists dispersed and began to investigate Yin energy in an orderly manner.

The monster just now had a lot of resentment, and it did attract a few little ghosts.

When Chu Banyang got rid of them, Lu Yingjiu merely leaned against the wall and watched. He half-closed his eyes and looked lazy. He was not really tired, but simply not interested.

Then he overheard the exorcists chatting about the case.

One said: “This is really strange, why does Ji Cai want to kill Zhong Aiguo?”

Another said: “Either there is a conflict, or she has gone crazy, what else is there.”

When the little ghosts were all gone, one person said: “There should be none left.”

“There’s still another big one.”

“There’s still another big one.”

Chu Banyang and Lu Yingjiu said in unison.

Chu Banyang was slightly stunned, feeling strange for no reason, and glanced at Lu Yingjiu. However Lu Yingjiu didn’t have any special reaction and went upstairs.

On the top floor, he found the Yin energy in a dormitory at the end.

A hand stretched out from the wall, but was immediately burned back by Chu Banyang’s talisman.

They then simply disperse it.

Several ghost exorcists started to stick spells on the wall with quick hands and feet. After finding all the ghosts, they looked a lot more relaxed.

However, Lu Yingjiu continued to scan the wall.

The light from the dormitory shone into his eyes, making those brown eyes beautiful.

Originally a pair of very energetic eyes, even when surrounded by hordes of ghosts, they were still eye-catching, as if a light had been suddenly reflected amidst the darkness.

Chu Banyang was checking the talisman, and glanced over by chance.

Unexpectedly, his heart moved.

It was as if the strangeness in his heart when they spoke in unison just now began to take root again.

He instantly thought of a similar scene when he met Lu Yingjiu for the first time.

That day, he walked through the streets and alleys and stepped into the Green Lantern Association for the first time. The newcomers were all waiting to meet the President and the Chief, and they were all extremely anxious, only Chu Banyang was calm–he knew that he could do better than everyone here present.

Until the door was unexpectedly knocked.

A young man opened the door and came in, with a backpack on one shoulder, and eyes reflecting the sunlight outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking very bright.

Very good-looking.

Chu Banyang couldn’t help but look at him a few more times.

It was only later that he realized that this was the beginning of a fucking nightmare! With Lu Yingjiu around, he would always be number two.

But at this moment, looking at Lu Yingjiu, Chu Banyang thought for no reason: The ghost in front of him, other people couldn’t even detect it at all, but it was easy for them. As for the ghost before, if there was no Liu Yingjiu, I am afraid that a dozen ghost exorcists would not be able to deal with it.

The incident happened only yesterday, but today Lu Yingjiu was close to unraveling the truth.

They could be both called “proud sons of heaven”.

Although there were many supernatural beings in this world, as long as the two of them were there, anything could be solved.

This idea was full of lofty sentiments. Even though Chu Banyang was naturally arrogant and prideful, he somewhat felt soft.

—Although he couldn’t tell for a while why he felt that way.

“By the way, I just discovered something.” Lu Yingjiu said.

“What?” Chu Banyang looked back at him—Lu Yingjiu turned his back to the wall and was looking at him.

Chu Banyang was taken aback suddenly.

It was a taboo to turn your back on your enemy. He never thought that Lu Yingjiu would make such a mistake!

Behind Lu Yingjiu, a pair of gray hands stretched out from the wall. It had sharp nails that could dismember people in an instant and blood beads were noticed on the tip of its nails, which were about to fall on his neck.

Chu Banyang: “Behind you…!”

Lu Yingjiu didn’t seem to notice it at all, and only said with a smile, “What should I do…”

The ghost screamed, and the surrounding walls were instantly transformed into flesh and blood, and pressed down like a sea tide. Chu Banyang’s pupils dilated, and he immediately pinched a talisman—

However, he only saw with his own eyes that the hands behind Lu Yingjiu began to bend from the fingertips.

First, the nails broke and turned into dust, and then the fingers exploded. The bones in the palm made a scalp-numbing sound, and then the ulna and radius bones were fractured and exposed inch by inch. When twisted into something like a Fried Dough Twist, they were extremely eye-catching and very white. This distortion quickly spread to the wall, as the ghost continued to scream, it was eventually twisted into a large exploding blood mist.

(t/n The forearm consists of two bones, the radius and the ulna, with the ulna located on the pinky side and the radius on the thumb side.)

Even at this time, Lu Yingjiu was still not stained with blood.

It seemed that an invisible barrier was protecting him.

A cold but gentle fragrance that was like a shadow was smelled again.

As a result, the scene was almost like a freeze-frame oil painting.

Behind him was a hellish spout of scarlet, bone fragments pierced the floor and glass, and exploded blood like fireworks, which was thick and brilliant. Lu Yingjiu’s clothes were as white as snow, and his eyes shone brightly, just like the day they first met, glistening with brilliance.

“What should I do?” He was still smiling, “Second place, I seem to have been possessed by a fierce ghost.”


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After Marrying the Lord of the Underworld

After Marrying the Lord of the Underworld

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Yingjiu had a special constitution since he was young– he was plagued with misfortune. Under the guidance of an old master, he married a ghost. His original words were: "Let me find you a gorgeous female ghost." However, he didn't expect that the old master was a liar and got him married to a wandering ghost whom he didn’t know anything about. When the ceremony was over, the wind blew. The old master knelt down with a puff, shivering with fear and refusing to say more. But since then, Lu Yingjiu had never met with bad luck and gradually forgot about the marriage.   Until he left the Alliance of Exorcists and started from scratch, strange things began to happen around him. For example, if something was broken at home, he would find a brand new one at the door the next day. For example, guests who came to his store to make trouble always had nightmares. For example, when he opened the door early in the morning, the person who framed him kowtowed to him and shouted, "Leave me alone, I will never dare do it again!" Lu Yingjiu: "......?"   Later, a light bulb outside the door would often shatter. It was definitely done by a ghost The light bulb had Yin energy, which couldn’t be eliminated entirely. Lu Yingjiu would come here every day to exorcise it, but he couldn’t catch the ghost. He then chose to stay a night and wait, and forced the ghost to show its image—— Then appeared a  handsome man holding a light bulb from the underworld.   They looked at each other. The man opened his mouth and said, "I want to help you repair the light bulb. Every time you repair it, it breaks again. The quality must be really poor." Lu Yingjiu: "..."   Lu Yingjiu then said, "Why do you want to repair it for me?" The man said shyly, "Aren't we husband and wife?" Lu Yingjiu:??? Where was the promised gorgeous female ghost?!  


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