Chasing the Past

After speaking out, the atmosphere between the two of them was much better, and they were walking side by side in the mist again.

In the distance, in the deepest part of the fog, a few bright yellow lights swayed, and floated over. That direction was the only way to get to the nursing home

The yellow light was very close to them.

Lu Yingjiu glanced over and could tell that these yellow lights looked like the old kerosene lamps.

With that light, a few steps forward, Lu Yingjiu was able to clearly see who was coming.

An extremely terrifying face appeared in the mist, and there were several distorted human faces.

They wore tattered uniforms and carried oil lamps, wandering in the mountains.

Lu Yingjiu’s thoughts flowed, and he quickly understood: A long time ago, there were special mountain patrol guards nursing staff.

It appears that they are trapped here.

Those ugly faces twisted, melted and reassembled in front of him, they looked like flowing rotten meat with a strong rotten smell.

Jing Xian just wanted to make a move, but was stopped by Lu Yingjiu.

Lu Yingjiu coughed, “Although I won’t drive you back now, you should use less strength.”

He always felt uneasy if the priest used too much power in the mortal world. Jing Xian could be completely indifferent about it, but he couldn’t.

Jing Xian was stunned for a moment, then said, “Actually, it is of little significance.”

Lu Yingjiu insisted, “Don’t make a move.”

As soon as he pinched a spell, the furry little black beast had already appeared at his feet.

“Aaw!” it cried, rolling around Lu Yingjiu.

Lu Yingjiu squatted down, patted its head, and then pointed to the group of nursing staff, “Go.”

The little black beast got the order, with a cry, it rushed up and flew towards the leading nursing staff.

Its body was small, but its weight and strength were huge. This pounce directly threw the staff down. The nurse’s body was rotten, his movements were inflexible, his hands and feet flopped on the ground clumsily, Mao Tuanzi opened its mouth, showing its sharp teeth, and sucked lightly——

(t/n: Mao Tuanzi=Hairy Dumpling)

The ghost’s body turned into a cloud of black mist.

The black mist screamed terrifyingly in the air, and hands were vaguely seen reaching and grabbing, and countless faces were howling, like the Picture Scroll of Hell.

Then was swallowed in one mouthful into its stomach.

The black hairball burped in satisfaction, and then rushed to the other nursing staff.

The nurse couldn’t resist this evil beast at all, the oil lamp in his hand fell, and the bright light rolled on the ground, illuminating the white mist.

Lu Yingjiu could deal with these low-level ghosts without going on the field himself.

For the next two minutes, the two watched Mao Tuanzi running around chasing the nurses.

After the nurses were all killed by Mao Tuanzi, it came back with an “aaw”, rubbed against Lu Yingjiu and then disappeared.

As it disappeared, the thick white mist was still there.

Afterwards, a gust of mountain wind swirled up from among the peaks, blowing away all the fog. In just a few seconds, the vision suddenly became clear, the blue sky, and the bright sun that shone in the forest.

The vision in the forest became clear.

At a glance, Lu Yingjiu saw Ye Feng and Xiao Li not far away.

The two people were afraid that they would get separated in the fog, so they stood together hand in hand, each holding a talisman paper. They were also taken aback when they looked over, and then stepped on the path, with one foot deep and one shallow foot, and came over.

Ye Feng asked, “Have all the ghosts been disposed of?”

“En.” Lu Yingjiu nodded.

Ye Feng gave him a thumbs up. “As expected of you.”

Ye Feng continued to lead the way, and everyone walked for another ten minutes. After being bitten several times by mosquitoes, they finally saw the snow-white outer wall from a distance——

The building of the nursing home stood before them.

There were two main buildings in the nursing home. The names were stamped on the wall in gilt letters. One side was called “Ruoshui” and the other side was called “Changliu”. Both of them have rooms for patients.

At this time, the two buildings stood on the left and right sides, occupying a huge area, and the luxury of those years could be vaguely seen—this kind of building was quite rare during that era, plus the fees for patients were low, and with a large number of employees in the hospital, all relying on the financial support of the exorcist family.

The downstairs of the building was overgrown with weeds and flowers, and the decorative fountain had long since dried up and was full of slippery moss. Even the introduction signboard of the nursing home at the entrance was surrounded by vines, entangling inseparably.

 After being closed for 17 years, everything had passed.

The young man entrusted them to find his missing friend Zhou Liang. But where Zhou Liang disappeared, they couldn’t tell. They wanted to open Zhou Liang’s live broadcast room to watch the replay, but the data showed errors.

Lu Yingjiu and the others could only search blindly.

If Zhou Liang had an accident in the nursing home, he could be found anyway. They’re afraid that what if Zhou Liang disappeared in the deep mountains and old forests.

The nearby mountain range was called Mount Gassan, covering an area of 160 square kilometers. Even with the help of the spirit’s power, it would still be very difficult.

Ye Feng: “Anyway, we don’t have any clues, let’s go to the second grandpa’s office first.”

The others had no objections and followed him.

Ye Deyong’s office was on the top floor of the Ruoshui Building, which was the 7th floor.

The three of them walked into the building. (TL: JX is probably floating?)

Even in the daytime, the building was still dim, and there were messy footprints on the ground. It seemed that many anchors had been here. The design of the building was very simple, no different from ordinary nursing homes. Originally, there were many talisman papers on the walls and many brocade bags hanging on the door. When the compound was closed, these things had already been cleared away.

Ye Feng walked ahead, turned on the flashlight, and the dust danced in the beam.

“I used to come to this building a lot when I was a kid,” he said.

Xiao Li asked, “Aren’t there many patients?”

“There were no patients on the top floor before, so I went there to play hopscotch.” Ye Feng smiled, “It was so boring at the time, I counted how many times I had to jump from one side of the corridor to the other every time.”

Xiao Li asked again, “Brother Ye Feng, didn’t you play cards or slingshots when you were young?”

“I’m the only kid in the entire compound.” Ye Feng said, “I’ve put together a whole set of cards, but I can’t show them to others. There’s no place to show off. I indeed played with slingshots before. I was young and immature, just thinking about going bird hunting every day, but my skills were so bad that I couldn’t shoot anything. Later, I broke the glass in a ward on the second floor, and the second grandpa never let me play with the slingshot again.”

“Should be.” Lu Yingjiu nodded and said, “I remember you also broke my window before.”

“Ah?” Ye Feng just remembered this and started to giggle.

The elevator was no longer available thus they climbed slowly along the stairs. The dust on the handrails seemed to be 3 centimeters thick, that with just a gentle blow, it would cover the whole face.

Most of the anchors had been here a few days ago. There were very few people today, and they didn’t bump into any of them. They just looked through the glass in the stairwell and saw two or three people sitting on the benches downstairs taking a break with a video camera next to them.

On the 7th floor, Ye Feng walked to the deepest part of the corridor with ease.

The doors and windows of the director’s office were wide open.

To be precise, the window glass had been broken long ago, and there were shards all over the floor, which creaked when being stepped on. And the old wooden door was dilapidated, with different graffiti on it.

Lu Yingjiu leaned over to take a look, and the graffiti read “xxx have visited this place”.

The handwriting was very new, it was recently written with a fountain pen, crooked and very unattractive.

There were also many footprints in the room, the anchors have been here before.

Ye Feng scolded in a low voice, “The quality is really poor, why still scribble and doodle?”

Then they went inside the room.

The layout of the room was very simple, there were filing cabinets, bookshelves and a desk.

Behind the desk, there was a huge inscription:


These two characters’ strokes were domineering and unrestrained, with its edge like a sharp knife. It was written by Ye Deyong himself.

When the compound was closed, Ye Deyong cleared out most of the things, leaving only irrelevant papers and books—these things were all searched by the anchor, trying to find something that was explosive, but obviously failed.

The four of them came late, and they didn’t know if there were any key things that were taken away.

Ye Feng looked under the inscription for a while, and murmured, “He even taught me calligraphy before…”

He stared at it for a few more seconds, shook his head, and began to concentrate on searching the room.

Although it was a search, nobody knew what to actually find.

The four of them turned the room upside down, and finally put all the things they could find on the table.

Five copies of medical records all of which were records of very ordinary patients, and should have simply been forgotten to take away. The two books which were Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams” and Su Guoting’s “Shu Pu”. There was also a large pile of documents that had been turned up in a mess and out of order, all about the nursing home, such as the transfer of staff, the expansion plan of the nursing home, and so on.

Nothing else.

Regardless of the dirty chair, Ye Feng sat on it and looked at the table full of things.

He took out the picture again.

In the photo, Ye Deyong was holding him, and the two were standing in front of the nursing home.

The black mark on Ye Deyong’s neck was still there, squeezing him tightly, making him look pained.

——This was actually a very sad thing for Ye Feng. It was said that the deceased had passed away and would be buried in eternal sleep, but now, no matter what had happened, it seemed that Ye Deyong had not gotten the peace he deserved.

Ye Feng took a deep breath and exhaled again, the dust in the air flew up in the light.

After many years, this nursing home and this office were still so familiar.

Ye Feng still remembered the time when he was running, jumping and messing around here.

Now, sitting on this old chair, with his back leaning on the huge [Heaven], Ye Feng looked at the photo and murmured, “Give me some hints, just a little…”

The two people in the photo were silent.

More than ten years ago, the sun was shining and the mountains were continuous.

Until they left the director’s office, the miracle did not happen, and they did not find any clues.

Everyone discussed for a moment and decided to walk around the entire nursing home, on the one hand to find clues, and on the other hand to find the anchor Zhou Liang.

Ye Feng’s mood was very low, and he didn’t talk much along the way.

Lu Yingjiu said to him, “If there is no clue here, go check the room again, there will always be discoveries, don’t worry.” He patted Ye Feng on the shoulder.

“Yeah.” Ye Feng scratched his head in frustration, making his hair look like a chicken coop.

The nursing home was very large, and it took nearly two hours just to walk around the two buildings.

As Lu Yingjiu walked, there would be more things in his hands.

For example, a bottle of water.

For example, the nuts he likes to eat.

For example, various snacks.

Lu Yingjiu walked in the dilapidated building, surrounded by broken windows, broken doors, and various spider webs, but he immediately walked out with the feeling that it was like a spring outing. He even doubted that if he said he wanted to have a picnic, Jing Xian would take out a cloth and lay it out on the spot, put small biscuits and black tea on it, and ask him which biscuit was the best, and he would bring it next time.

When Jing Xian took out things for the fifth time and tried to feed him, Lu Yingjiu finally couldn’t hold back and asked, “How many things did you bring?”

“Not many.” Jing Xian said.

Lu Yingjiu gave him a suspicious look, and within a few seconds, another bag of green beans appeared in his hand.

This was the 8th snack he had received.

He said, “Jing Xian, you are really amazing.”

“That’s not true,” Jing Xian said, “I’m working very hard to reunite the two of us, I’ve already let you be a widow…”

Lu Yingjiu slapped him on the back and successfully stopped him from talking. Lu Yingjiu hurriedly went to see Xiao Li and Ye Feng – those two were concentrating on their research and didn’t pay attention to what they were talking about.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

But Jing Xian felt wronged again, “You see, after so many years, I am recognized as married in the ghost world, but your household registration is not married, and there are still a bunch of people chasing after you. I never even had the slightest status, and as clear as noonday was ‘scum’ by you. I’m pursuing you now but also have to hide it, it’s no different from having an affair.”

As soon as the topic of “scum” was brought up, Lu Yingjiu felt a headache.

By now, he understood why Jing Xian called him scum so much when he was in the Four Hole Slaughterhouse.

The more Jing Xian thought about it, the more he felt unjust. “Status, I want a status.” He thought for a while, “You don’t have to like me for a while, but I want a status.” 

Lu Yingjiu: “Jing Xian…”

Jing Xian looked at him.

Lu Yingjiu: “You don’t know, same-sex marriages are still not allowed in our country…”

In the next few minutes, Lu Yingjiu received–a shocked, disappointment, distressed and unwilling Jing Xian

Apparently ghosts did not have such a thorough understanding of the law.

Seeing Jing Xian’s expression, Lu Yingjiu couldn’t help laughing.

While they were walking through the corner of the corridor, Ye Feng and Xiao Li turned around first, Lu Yingjiu then turned back, hugged Jing Xian firmly, and patted him on the back soothingly.

——Facts have proved that this comfort was very effective.

The sunlight poured in from outside the window and reflected on their faces through the curtains.

After Jing Xian rubbed against his soft black hair, like some kind of large animal that had been appeased, he stopped complaining and calmed down.

When he let go, Lu Yingjiu received another happy Jing Xian.

When they turned the corner of the stairs, both of them appeared as if nothing happened between the two of them. Lu Yingjiu was expressionless, eating snacks, and Jing Xian continued his spring outing.

Xiao Li, who was walking in front, turned his head and looked over.

He thought to himself: they finally came over normally, I don’t know what happened before.

But what Ye Feng said was true, the two of them always talked together along the way, and they could talk for a long time.

Until they finished touring both of the buildings, nothing was found. There were no clues, and there was no sign of Zhou Liang.

There was only one unexpected good surprise.

They found a photo of Ye Deyong and a patient in a ward.

The photo was very old, it was placed in a photo frame beside the bed, and half of the glass of the photo frame had been broken. In the photo, a patient in a blue and white hospital gown was smiling brightly, and there were large bouquets of flowers in front of the hospital bed.

Ye Deyong stood beside him, with a slightly solemn expression, but with a slight smile.

On his left, there was a woman in a white dress. There was a shallow scar on the woman’s forehead, she held his arm, and had a smiling face like a flower.

Lu Yingjiu blew the dust on the photo, pointed at the woman and asked, “This is?”

“That’s my second grandma.” Ye Feng said, “I only saw her when I was a child.”

“I didn’t hear you mention her.” Lu Yingjiu said.

“Right,” Ye Feng nodded, “She died in the third year of marriage, and the second grandpa never married again. My family didn’t mention her very much, not even the second grandpa. I thought before that she didn’t even leave a single photo behind, but I didn’t expect to find one here.”

He took out the photo carefully, folded it according to the old creases, and put it in his bag.

Ten minutes later, everyone stood at the door of Ruoshui Building again.

Ye Feng let out a long sigh, “Our trip was really a failure. Let alone about my second grandpa’s matter, in the beginning we don’t have a clue, even to what happened with Zhou Liang this week? Where can a single anchor go? It’s impossible to really go to the deep mountains and forests, right?”

Xiao Li: “Maybe when we go back to the village, we will find that he has gone back.”

Ye Feng hummed. “Then I’m going to vent my anger for having cerebral hemorrhage.”

They packed up and prepared to go down the mountain.

As soon as he reached the gate of the nursing home, Xiao Li suddenly stood still and said in surprise, “Ah! That person sent me a message! Said that Zhou Liang’s live broadcast room can now be loaded!”

“You turtle grandson!” Ye Feng scolded, “You’re playing tricks, aren’t you?” (TL: swear)

Xiao Li clicked on the page and said, “No, no, it’s not a live broadcast, it’s just a replay of the live broadcast.”

He pointed the phone screen at the crowd.

Sure enough, there was a replay of the live broadcast on the screen. The time was noon the day before yesterday, which was the time when Zhou Liang had just gone up the mountain.


55 hours ago.

“Welcome to my supernatural live broadcast room.” Zhou Liang said, “We are now in Mount Gassan Nursing Home.”

He moved the camera up, and among the rolling mountains, the white nursing home stood out against the greenery.

“The way up has been blocked, so we can only walk up slowly from the small path, and we will arrive in ten or twenty minutes.” Zhou Liang changed into a high-spirited tone, “Have you heard the rumors here? Today I will take everyone to investigate! If you like, you can follow.”

He waved his hand, and two assistants followed behind him.

The path was not easy to walk, one foot was deep and the other was shallow, he was panting while explaining as he walked.

They were forced to take a detour. The weather was hot, and clothes were wet with sweat and sticking to the body. A few mosquitoes buzzed around his ears and stuck to his bare skin. He slapped it a few times, and the palm of his hand was smeared with bright red blood.

“……” Zhou Liang cursed silently.

But seeing the rising number of people in the live broadcast room, he felt better again.

After 10 minutes passed, the assistant suddenly said, “Is it foggy?”

“A bit.” Zhou Liang said, “Just go into the nursing home.”

The mist was getting densier, like milk filled the air. Soon the visible range did not exceed half a meter, and was still shrinking.

This was obviously not normal. In the live broadcast, there was only the vast expanse of whiteness.

Zhou Liang had been to many supernatural places and had seen many unexpected situations. He came prepared and connected himself and his assistant with a climbing rope. The three of them clung to each other and groped slowly. They climbed the rocks and roots of the most rugged place, and passed it smoothly.

Another 10 minutes.

Out of breath, they walked onto a level ground.

The fog just dissipated, and what appeared in front of him was a tall, snow-white wall.

There were two buildings in the nursing home.

Zhou Liang adjusted the camera and said, “The building in front of us is called ‘Ruoshui’. Most of the patients live here. Let’s take a look here first.”

The assistant asked, “Do you want to untie the climbing rope?”


The main entrance of the building, which had been locked, was now open.

Should be the other anchors who came first.

Zhou Liang was a little upset. He turned on the flashlight and walked in. He introduced, “The first floor here is just the reception, and the wards are on the second floor. Let’s go straight up.”

He headed straight for the stairs, and his footsteps echoed in the hallway.

The assistant’s footsteps were hesitant and slow, and there was a tugging feeling on the climbing rope from time to time.

Zhou Liang was impatient, but it was difficult to say anything in front of the audience.

When he got to the stairs, he said casually, “There is not much time, you two climb faster.” Then he quickened his pace and began to climb up.

While climbing up, he felt something was wrong.

The two assistants were also getting slower and slower, and the climbing rope was tense.

Zhou Liang took a few more steps, and suddenly realized that something was wrong.

How can he only hear his footsteps?

Where are the assistants? When did they separate?

The climbing rope felt heavy, then Zhou Liang stood still.

A certain chill spread from the tip of his hair to his toes, and he realized a more serious problem.

——If he was the only one, what was hanging on the other end of the climbing rope?

Just as he was about to turn his head, a pair of cold hands covered his eyes.


The playback content ended here.

The camera fell to the ground, and the last thing that could be heard was a crisp “crack”, like the sound of a machine being stepped on.

Something was definitely wrong.

Ye Feng stared at the screen and looked back several times.

The camera captured the ghost’s pale hand with a wedding ring on its ring finger.

Very thin wedding ring, dark gold.

The wedding ring looked familiar to him.

All of a sudden, but he couldn’t remember.

On Xiao Li’s side, Zhou Liang’s friend was at a loss and sent a series of messages to Xiao Li, begging them to save Zhou Liang.

Xiao Li couldn’t keep up with the messages he sent, so he hurriedly replied a few words, promising that “we will try our best”.

Just as he hit the send button—

“Ahh ahh ahh!”

Hysterical cries came from the nursing home!

And on the small road in front of them, a group of colorfully dressed people came again, carrying cameras and huge hiking bags.

They were also anchors, and when they heard the scream, they looked at each other and froze in place.

Lu Yingjiu and Xiao Li said, “Stop them, don’t let them enter the compound.”

After speaking, Lu Yingjiu hurried to the nursing home, and Jing Xian followed closely behind him.

Following the direction of the screams, Lu Yingjiu quickly went up the stairs, his body was extremely agile and light

On the fourth floor of the Ruoshui Building, there was a woman with a pale face, tremblingly pointing at the corpse hanging on the window sill.

The corpse was very familiar, it was the assistant who followed Zhou Liang. Half of him was indoors, and half of him was hanging outside the window. There were several long strips of scars on his body, as if scratched by sharp claws.

He seemed to have been dead for some time.

The glass of the window was all broken, and the mountain wind blew causing the curtains to shake violently, like a terrifying ghost hand.

But when they just passed here, they didn’t see anything at all. In other words, the assistant has just been dropped here!

So, where did the ghost go?

Lu Yingjiu didn’t feel any obvious yin energy along the way, and Jing Xian didn’t react at all – Lu Yingjiu had no doubt that if the ghost dared to approach them half a step, he would have been crushed by Jing Xian.

If not indoors…

Lu Yingjiu subconsciously looked out the window.

All he saw was the deep green sea of trees, when the breeze in the valley blew, most crooked down, and the rustling sound was like a whisper.


Xiao Li and Ye Feng gathered several anchors together.

Because of the scream, each team carefully observed the situation. In just a few minutes, several teams had gathered in the square.

Ye Feng quickly called them over and told them not to enter the compound.

After Lu Yingjiu and Jing Xian left, there was no news.

The wind blew hard, and the whole sea of trees was making noises. The usual pleasing natural sound was quite disturbing now.

Ye Feng wasn’t worried about what would happen to Lu Yingjiu, after all, he was really skilled and bold, and no matter how much trouble he made, nothing would happen. But now everyone was ignorant of the situation, whispering to each other, and the atmosphere was tense. If it took a long time, he’s afraid that he would not be able to control the situation.

He was thinking about whether to contact them, but Xiao Li next to him suddenly pulled him.

“What are you doing?” Ye Feng asked.

Xiao Li said, “Does your second grandma have a scar on her forehead?”

“That’s right.”

“Is she not tall, just about 1.5 meters?”

“That’s right.”

“Is she slim and has an ear piercing?”

“That’s right.” Ye Feng said strangely, “Didn’t you see her photo just now, why are you asking these questions? I know she is good-looking, but she is my second grandma after all, so you don’t have to be always preoccupied with… “

“I, I just want to say,” Xiao Li stretched out his fingers tremblingly, “Brother Ye Feng, your second grandma is climbing a tree.”

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After Marrying the Lord of the Underworld

After Marrying the Lord of the Underworld

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Yingjiu had a special constitution since he was young– he was plagued with misfortune. Under the guidance of an old master, he married a ghost. His original words were: "Let me find you a gorgeous female ghost." However, he didn't expect that the old master was a liar and got him married to a wandering ghost whom he didn’t know anything about. When the ceremony was over, the wind blew. The old master knelt down with a puff, shivering with fear and refusing to say more. But since then, Lu Yingjiu had never met with bad luck and gradually forgot about the marriage.   Until he left the Alliance of Exorcists and started from scratch, strange things began to happen around him. For example, if something was broken at home, he would find a brand new one at the door the next day. For example, guests who came to his store to make trouble always had nightmares. For example, when he opened the door early in the morning, the person who framed him kowtowed to him and shouted, "Leave me alone, I will never dare do it again!" Lu Yingjiu: "......?"   Later, a light bulb outside the door would often shatter. It was definitely done by a ghost The light bulb had Yin energy, which couldn’t be eliminated entirely. Lu Yingjiu would come here every day to exorcise it, but he couldn’t catch the ghost. He then chose to stay a night and wait, and forced the ghost to show its image—— Then appeared a  handsome man holding a light bulb from the underworld.   They looked at each other. The man opened his mouth and said, "I want to help you repair the light bulb. Every time you repair it, it breaks again. The quality must be really poor." Lu Yingjiu: "..."   Lu Yingjiu then said, "Why do you want to repair it for me?" The man said shyly, "Aren't we husband and wife?" Lu Yingjiu:??? Where was the promised gorgeous female ghost?!  


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