Lu Yingjiu was looking forward to Jing Xian’s performance, guessing what talisman he would use.

Detonating talisman, wind talisman, an ‘inviting the gods” talisman…..all possible talisman papers flashed in his mind.

Then suddenly, Jing Xian took a deep breath and opened the door with a swish!

Lu Yingjiu:???

He supported his forehead. It was so simple and rough of him that he didn’t want to complain anymore.

It was empty outside. Jing Xian merely looked around as if he was on a leisurely stroll, and then regrettably said, “How can it run so fast?”

When he turned around, he realized that Lu Yingjiu’s expression was not right, and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you scared?”

“…No.” Lu Yingjiu rubbed his brow bone, “Maybe next time, why don’t you just wait for me.”

He was not afraid of people, but he was afraid of people dying. In short, he was really afraid of Jing Xian’s sudden death.

Jing Xian immediately became alert, feeling that he seemed to have done something wrong again.

Obviously last night, the ghost teacher said this, “I have been driving away ghosts for so many years relying on momentum. As long as the momentum is right, ghosts will naturally be scared away.”

Jing Xian asked suspiciously, “Relying on momentum to drive away ghosts? Don’t you have any talisman?”


“Then how did you die?”

“Killed by a ghost.”

 Jing Xian:”…….”

Just as he was about to drive them away, and scolded Ye Youshen in the process, suddenly the ghost’s eyes lit up, with a face that wanted to gossip.

“Besides, aren’t you pursuing someone? The most important thing is to show your courage, and that, and that boyfriend power! If you meet a ghost, wouldn’t it be nice for you to stand in front of your wife to scare it away and comfort him as he is teary eyed?”

Jing Xian pondered for a while.

He was actually not very good at emotions. He was best at crushing other people’s heads.

He then asked, “Are you good at love?”

“Indeed.” The ghost proudly puffed his chest, “When I was alive, I was nicknamed the Little Prince of Love, and everyone chased after me. What prettiest girl in the class, most handsome boy in the class. You listen to me, I guarantee that strong desires of love, as conditions are met, will come naturally accompanied with great passion, as each one has their own suitable match.”

As Jing Xian pondered over it, he felt very skeptical in his heart, but the last half of the sentence the other party said was so attractive, he really wanted to have that strong desire of love with Lu Yingjiu.

That’s why he didn’t learn the art of exorcising ghosts, and only listened to love lectures all night. The theme was “the inevitable connection between bravery and masculine charm”.

But now, Lu Yingjiu, who was supposed to be “embraced by him with tears in his eyes”, looked at him with complicated eyes.

Lu Yingjiu said softly, “Let me do it next time.”

The tone of his voice was really light.

For fear of hurting Jing Xian’s self-esteem.

Jiang Xian:”…….”

Now he really just wanted to kill Ye Youshen and that prince who broke his love affair. He could already imagine the image of himself in Lu Yingjiu’s heart.

Not good at doing something, reckless and stupid, nothing but looks

Weak Ghost King.

Useless and only for decoration Ghost King.

Cannon fodder Ghost King.

The combination of those three, nothing could really rival him in this world.

Lu Yingjiu continued, “However, it seems that this commission must be accepted, as it has already come all the way to our doorstep. There is not much Yin energy gathered here, thus she should have come from another place.”

Although he didn’t know why the ghost old lady came to his door, since she came from another place, someone else might have spotted her. 

He opened the Two-faced Buddha app, and various supernatural posts floated on the forum.

It would have been much more convenient if he could just find it on the top.

Sure enough, after turning almost two pages, he found someone’s post.

Jing Xian also leaned over to look, head to head with him.

The owner said that he was working as a waiter at the Lane East Bar.

[I rented a room next to the bar, and it will take about ten minutes for me to get to the said bar]

[But there are some strange things recently, the door opposite mine, there is an old lady, and I always feel that she is watching me]

[She is back now, let me take a look.]

A few people below replied to him.

[Owner, aren’t you too suspicious?]

[Send me some specific information, brothers can help you break it down and analyze]

[There has never been any murder case in your building, right?]

After a while, the owner appeared again.

 [She entered the door, to continue, my house is on the fifth floor. Several times when I went up the stairs, I found her standing on the fifth floor and staring at me, that kind of thing where you don’t know how long she stood there. I even suspect that she has been waiting for me to come back]

[What’s more, I seem to have seen her a few times in the bar. You say, what will an old woman in her 60s and 70s, going to do in a bar? Could she be following me? I’m really about to collapse here, I didn’t go to work yesterday, and I couldn’t sleep]

[Brother, wait, take a photo of her, and upload it for us to see]

Someone replied: [Why don’t you, go to the bar for the old lady?]

[The old lady deserves a second spring! She is shivering and cold!]

The owner sent a photo, which was very blurry, and seemed to have been taken hastily. On it was a stooped, silver-haired old lady with a kind face, wearing a thin floral shirt.

She looked exactly like the old lady standing at Lu Yingjiu’s door.

“It’s her.” Lu Yingjiu said.

He sent a private message to the owner to ask about the specific details, but the other party didn’t answer immediately. Looking at the records carefully, it seemed that he hadn’t posted any more posts for a whole day, thus, the specific situation was unknown for now.

However, the Lane East Bar where the owner works was only 30 minutes away by car.

Lu Yingjiu originally planned to take a taxi there, but Jing Xian said, “Let’s drive there.”

He originally wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to show off his luxury car in front of Lu Yingjiu, but Lu Yingjiu only nodded and then said, “Okay, my car is downstairs.”

Lu Yingjiu seldom uses a car. Occasionally, he would drive a second-hand Honda SUV for supernatural commissions. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt much if it is scratched.

Opening the door, the interior of the car was very tidy, devoid of any personal belongings, showing the indifferent attitude of Lu Yingjiu.

Since Jing Xian said that he liked to drive, Lu Yingjiu sat in the co-pilot and fastened his seat belt carefully.

As soon as he got in the car, he habitually wanted to catch up on sleep – if he didn’t have this good habit, with his sleep quality, he would have died suddenly. However, as a result, as soon as he sat firmly, he felt that he had suddenly sunken deeper from behind!

Jing Xian slammed on the accelerator, and the Honda rushed out aggressively. Lu Yingjiu was used to Ye Feng’s vintage car, therefore he didn’t realize it all at once, he just felt as if he was pushed into the seat. 

Everything was going backwards outside the car window, the rider’s yellow helmet, an old man pedaling a three-wheeler, the rearview mirrors of various cars whizzing by at a very close distance…..Fortunately, the red light ahead stopped Jing Xian.

They overtook an unknown number of vehicles and came to a solid stop right at the very front.

Lu Yingjiu: “…we are not in such a hurry.”

Jing Xian: “I’m not speeding…” He paused, and suddenly realized something, “Are you going to catch up on sleep in the car?”

“It doesn’t matter, there will always be a chance to do it.” Lu Yingjiu tilted his head slightly, looking at him, “However, how do you know that I need to catch up on my sleep?”

This habit was known only to a few old friends.

“It’s because,” Jing Xian stumbled, “because you were still yawning while eating wontons.”

“Ah, that’s true.” Lu Yingjiu withdrew his gaze, “I haven’t been able to sleep well. If you have nothing to do, you can drive as long as you don’t exceed the speed limit.”

That was to say, even though he was still overtaking other vehicles, the speed had slowed down.

After 20 minutes, they finally arrived at Lane East Bar.

This was a music bar with a very large venue. There were three floors in total, and private rooms were located on the upper floors. There was a platform in the middle of the first floor for people to play the piano and guitar, and the entire wall on the left hand side was a wine cabinet. The wine bottles were very dazzling and it shone under the dim light.

There was no one inside as it was early in the morning. They waited for a while before a stubble-faced uncle came out.

The smell of cigarettes and alcohol was on his body, which was not very pleasant, and his tone was sleepy, “Drink, two?”

Lu Yingjiu leaned against the bar counter and said, “Just want to inquire, your waiter, has he asked for leave or been absent from work in the past two days?”

The uncle immediately sobered up, looked at the two of them again, and his eyes stayed on Jing Xian, who was obviously more daunting, for a few more seconds.

“You are policemen.”

Lu Yingjiu smiled, and sat back down. “Give us something. Whatever it is you like.”

The uncle raised his chin suspiciously, took a few bottles down, and shook the mixing cup in his hand. He mixed a cocktail, and put two glasses of Mojito on the bar counter. In the light-colored liquid, ice cubes floated with spearmint leaves.

Although Lu Yingjiu had “wine” in his name and even opened a fake bar, in fact, he didn’t know much about it and had no interest in it, besides, their intention wasn’t really to drink.

He merely took a sip and said, “We are not the police. The thing is like this. We read from a forum of someone who said that he was a waiter here, and that he seemed to have encountered a supernatural event, thus we came to have a look.”

“Oh—” The uncle was still a little skeptical.

Lu Yingjiu turned on the phone and showed him the interface of the Two-faced Buddha app.

“I’m a Supernatural Investigator, and I came here just to find some material for a live broadcast.”

Actually, he had never broadcasted live once, but after all, the interface was formal. The uncle looked at it a few times, and his expression relaxed a lot, but he still didn’t relent.

Lu Yingjiu fumbled in his pocket, it was empty,

.He seldom smokes, and during his years at the Blue Lantern Association, he would occasionally bring a few packs of good cigarettes with him when he went out to do business. However, he accidentally forgot it today.

He was about to say a few more words, but Jing Xian next to him took out a pack of Zhonghua cigarettes and handed it over.

Lu Yingjiu thought to himself– he is quite capable. 

Tilting his head, he happened to meet Jing Xian’s eyes – the other party raised his eyebrows and smiled at him, with a look of wanting to be praised for his work written all over his face.

The uncle took out a lighter, and a blue flame burst out, licking the cigarette butt into orange. He took a deep breath, raised his head and spat it out, and said leisurely, “You said that you are not a policeman. Let me see, it was Xiao Yang who posted this post, he had told me about it yesterday. Is it that, that old grandma thing?”


“Then you guys are going to be disappointed, he is paranoid and prone to overthinking.” 

The uncle also found a chair and sat down.

It’s really different when one had cigarettes, words would immediately come out of the mouth immediately.

“What kind of supernatural grandma, it’s just that the old lady at the opposite door has a little dementia, and did something strange, so why make a fuss.” He sighed heavily, “How many times have I told that boy, he always said that one of our old customers wanted to harm him, then he was absent from work for several days in a row. It was useless trying to persuade him. In fact, I was going to fire him, but after our old customer moved away, he came back by himself.”

Jing Xian said, “In other words, he was always having these illusions.”

“Right.” The uncle flicked the cigarette ash, “I can’t say anything about other personal privacy, you guys should just go back, also, treat these two glasses of wine as gifts from me. Alas, I’ll go outside to smoke, you can sit wherever you want.”

As he turned to leave, Lu Yingjiu asked again, “By the way, what time does the bar usually get crowded at night? My house is nearby, maybe I’ll come and sit down when I’m free, and enjoy the liveliness.”

“What time?” The uncle with a cigarette in his mouth, said vaguely, “Let’s say, at seven or eight, it’s different every day.”

“Got it.” 

Then the uncle went out.

Lu Yingjiu: “Let’s come again at night. Although this bar has no Yin energy, but ‘Xiao Yang’ has indeed bumped into a ghost.”

Jing Xian smiled and said, “Right. This supernatural old lady even ran dozens of kilometers just to knock on our door.”

“She’s suitable for being a debt collector.” Lu Yingjiu touched the glass thoughtfully, and the cold water droplets seeped over, “Moreover, I always feel that the name of this bar is a bit familiar.”

At some point in the past, he must have heard of this name. Who mentioned it to him? Chen Zheng? Chu Banyang?

Jing Xian: “Indeed, I checked before I came, this place is a famous gay bar.”

Lu Yingjiu:”……”

Lu Yingjiu:”?”

This explanation sounded a bit like a cover up that only appeared more conspicuous instead, thus he gave up.

Jing Xian smiled at him, a somewhat flamboyant and complacent smile.

He didn’t know what he was happy about, therefore merely drank a mouthful of wine.

Then a few more sips afterwards.

With a movement of his hand, a piece of talisman was silently pasted on Jing Xian’s back.

The talisman was very quiet and unresponsive.

Jing Xian suddenly turned around. “Where shall we go next?”

He didn’t seem to notice anything.

“Didn’t you just come to Lujiang? Is there any place you want to go?” Lu Yingjiu said.

He remained calm, and with a slight movement of his hand, he took the talisman paper back.

He squinted his eyes, and there was a trace of doubt in his brown pupils, but it was well hidden again.


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