AMLU Ch 17.3

But after all, this was a case of many years ago, and could potentially cause negative effects to the parties involved, including the four great families, thus it must be very difficult to find out

Lu Yingjiu said, “Take a rest, don’t get yourself too tired.”

“Is Xiao Lu concerned about this big sister~” Chen Xiaoling immediately stood up, “When will you invite this big sister to dinner again!”

Just as Lu Yingjiu was about to answer, there was another cup of hot coffee in front of him.

Because of lack of sleep and the need to stay awake, Lu Yingjiu often drank coffee and tea. Once he smelled the coffee, he knew that the coffee was good, and must be extremely mellow. Jing Xian added evaporated milk in it, and a few wisps of white swirled in the pitch black.

He accepted Jing Xian’s food this time, and brought over the cup, “Thank you.”

Chen Xiaoling became alert again, “Who the hell is at your house! Tell me quickly, did you raise some little goblin behind your sister’s back!”

(t/n Goblin-coquettish young girl)

“What goblin.” Lu Yingjiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You met him yesterday, Jing Xian.”

“Damn it,” Chen Xiaoling said, “That big goblin!”

Lu Yingjiu:”….?”

“Wait, why is the big goblin at your house? It’s only seven o’clock in the morning.” The more Chen Xiaoling thought about it, the more strange it became. “He didn’t sleep at your house, did he?”


Chen Xiaoling took a breath of cold air, for a moment, her heart ran through thousands of dog blood scenes such as having a “sugar daddy”, being held captive, and taken by force—that day, Jing Xian had looked at Lu Yingjiu with very strange eyes. Unexpectedly, Lu Yingjiu directly led the wolf into the house.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Xiao Lu, there is something that I don’t know whether I should tell you or not. There must be something wrong with that Jing person. He looks at you as if he is looking…”

….At his wife.

“Hiss—” A sound suddenly came from the kitchen.

Lu Yingjiu looked up and saw Jing Xian frowning in front of the water heater. He said to Chen Xiaoling, “Wait, if there’s nothing else I’ll hang up first, he seems to have been scalded.”

“Scalded? Such a coincidence?” Chen Xiaoling’s eyes almost popped out, “Can he hear me? Why does it sound like an…”

Lu Yingjiu hung up the phone.

Chen Xiaoling: “………..excuse. Damn it.”

Lu Yingjiu went to the kitchen and saw that Jing Xian’s index finger was flushed red.

“Rinse it with cold water, and I’ll stick a talisman paper for you.”

“En.” Jing Xian obediently put his hand under the cold water.

Lu Yingjiu took out a piece of blank paper cut into the size of talisman paper, took a pen, and drew a few lines with several strokes, which at first glance looked like glaciers and rivers.

He took the talisman and went back to Jing Xian, “Come here.”

Jing Xian stretched out his hand, and then, he wrapped the talisman paper around Jing Xian’s index finger like a Band-Aid.

He wrapped it carefully and briskly, leaving no wrinkles at the edges.

Jing Xian looked down, Lu Yingjiu had his head lowered, and that soft black hair seemed to be in his arms.

A strange and soft feeling came to his heart again.

It was like last night on the bus, with Lu Yingjiu leaning on his shoulder, while all kinds of lights passed by outside, covering that pretty face. While feeling sorry for Lu Yingjiu’s motion sickness and drunkenness, and while also wanting to kill Hei Wuchang, at the same time, he felt this kind of softness in his heart.

The talisman paper was pasted quickly, and it felt as cool as ice. Jing Xian regretted that the process was too short, and was about to withdraw his hand when suddenly Lu Yingjiu grabbed it.

Lu Yingjiu looked up at him.

Under the sunlight outside the window, the brown eyes were crystal clear, looking like a feline that had spotted its prey, with a little bit of imperceptible…..pleasure.

He said, “Jing Xian, why did the wound when you were cut by the glass disappear?”


The traffic flow was moving slowly, and this north-south main road should have such traffic congestion twice a day, and each congestion would last for two hours. Now that the rush hour had finally passed, at least every car could now move.

The traffic light turned green, and a silver Aston Martin cut off the traffic like scissors. The super-running streamlined model gleamed in the sun, occupying every inch of a gap quickly, accurately and ruthlessly. For a moment, the people behind could only see its LED tail lights. 

Just by looking at this posture, one could guess that the owner of the car was a ruthless character.

“Driving such an expensive car on the road.” A driver muttered in the car, “Who can afford to pay if it is scratched?”

The eyes of the peers had been following the car all the time, “Perhaps, they don’t care about the pay……”

Inside the car, Jing Xian really didn’t care about such compensation. While driving, he said, “Say, is our Jing family’s physique really strange? That such kind of shallow wound will heal within half a day.”

Lu Yingjiu sitting in the co-pilot, said “Mmmm” perfunctory while catching up on sleep.

“Both of my parents are the same, what cut from knives and bruises from falling, it will heal quickly. Of course, people who see it for the first time find it strange, but I’m just used to it. I forgot to tell you before.”

Lu Yingjiu was half asleep and half awake, and continued to perfunctorily say, “Hmmm”.

It’s clear that he didn’t believe it.

In the past few hours, Jing Xian bit the bullet and made up a lot of things that even he didn’t believe. When Jin Xiaoyang jumped off the building, the broken glass from that car scratched his hand. Later, after the bar incident, he really forgot about it, and the wound healed without him knowing.

He wanted to add a few more words, but when he turned his head, he saw that Lu Yingjiu had already fallen asleep.

………Whether he believes it or not, let’s just forget about it at the moment. Jing Xian thought.

What he was most grateful for was coming to the world with a body, no matter how one looked at it, he was a real living person. Otherwise, Lu Yingjiu would be more than suspicious.

But it’d be a matter of time before he was discovered.

Before that, he needed to……

Jing Xian’s hand holding the steering wheel tightened for a moment.

Following the navigation, they got on the highway.

The supercar gave its full performance at high speed, the engine roared freely, the wind and dust were run over under the wheels, and the scenery turned into long lines and passed outside the window. Soon, a green road sign appeared on the right.

[Yuantai City, 220KM]

Lu Yingjiu, who had taken a nap for a while, woke up again.

He ate a piece of chocolate that Jing Xian brought, lowered his seat, continued to close his eyes, hid his strength and bide his time, as he recalled Chen Xiaoling’s words two hours ago, “Hey, let me tell you, your luck is really good, when I checked Chen Yanyan, there were clues. Right next door to Lujiang, Yuantai Second People’s Hospital, a patient was admitted the day before yesterday. She looked exactly like Chen Yanyan when she was a child, and her blood type and allergy history also matched. It’s just an ID card. However, the name, address, and date of birth on the website are completely different.”

“I’ll send you her information. It’s up to you to figure out whether they are the same person.”

Lu Yingjiu organized his thoughts in his mind.

Today, the Lane East Bar was completely shut down, and Jin Xiaoyang’s body was also transferred to the morgue of the Two-faced Buddha. His posts were even deleted. He could no longer touch these two leads.

They have too little information, if not for this opportunity, he may never have the chance to know the truth again.

Six years ago, when he was 20 years old, he didn’t know the Chen’s family at all.

Why on earth was he being treated as a suspect? And what prompted Chen Zheng to start overturning this old case?


Lu Yingjiu stroked the longevity lock.

He also had no clue about the fake wedding that pulled him in twice in succession.

Something as huge as a torrent was approaching his life.

Thoughts were carried by the wind outside the window and crushed under the wheels.


Two hours later, the Second People’s Hospital of Yuantai City.

Jing Xian parked on the side of the road, and Lu Yingjiu went to buy a box of apples to bring to the patient. As soon as they stepped inside the hospital, there was a strong smell of disinfectant. It was also a coincidence that one of Chen Xiaoling’s “pigeons” was an attending doctor here, thus a clue was quickly found.

Lu Yingjiu found Dr. Wang Zhe in the inpatient department, according to what she said.

Dr. Wang pulled them to a corner and said in a low voice, “When the time comes, you go to the front desk to register and say that you want to see Yan Ruxin, the one on the 12th floor. She had a fracture in her left wrist and was admitted to the hospital the day before yesterday. She just had an operation yesterday and was fixed with a steel plate. She may be discharged in five or six days.”

Lu Yingjiu asked, “How did she fracture her bone?”

“She was hit by a car when riding her bicycle on the road. She was lucky. She didn’t hurt anything other than her wrist.” Dr. Wang hesitated for a few seconds,”The nurse said that she was not very stable and might be easily frightened. If you ask her anything, pay attention to your tone and don’t stimulate her. If she makes a fuss, you will be in trouble.”

Doctor Wang was still busy, thus he left quickly. Lu Yingjiu and Jing Xian went to the first floor.

Since all visitors must register, Lu Yingjiu handed over 2 fake ID cards, “We are here for Yan Ruxin.”

The fake ID cards were obtained by him from an acquaintance. Aside from that, he also had a fake student ID, a reporter ID, a Green Lantern Association ID, and even…..a disabled person ID, person with mental illness ID.

After being the chief for so many years, even if he didn’t deliberately develop any, the network resources were very rich: those people knew that if there was a real ghost, Lu Yingjiu would be the only one who could save their lives, and they were all vying to get involved with him. Chen Xiaoling was also one of this group of people, and every time she sold information to him, the price would be kept very low, basically as a mere token.

The nurse took the ID’s and registered them.

When she was immersed in copying the ID number, Lu Yingjiu glanced at the visitor record sheet.

Except for them, no one had come to see this “Yan Ruxin”.

The elevators in the hospital were full, not to mention that there were a bunch of patients in casts and wheelchairs, or old men and women delivering soup and meals. Lu Yingjiu didn’t dare to squeeze with them, and waited for the elevator three times before going up to the 12th floor.

Arriving at the Ward 1205, they stood still.

Jing Xian said, “Wouldn’t it be better if you don’t go in?”

Lu Yingjiu was a suspect. If “Yan Ruxin” was really Chen Yanyan who changed name and surname, then it was very likely that someone probably showed her Lu Yingjiu’s identity—that was to say, she would definitely recognized Lu Yingjiu’s face .

Generally speaking, few people could remember what happened 6 years ago in detail. But the tragedy that happened to one’s body, no matter how small the details were, would definitely be engraved into one’s soul like a branding iron.

Lu Yingjiu pondered for a moment, “I have considered it. First, we came here pretending to be exorcists from the Green Lantern Association. But you are not a member of the association, and you have never joined other ghost exorcism organizations. You are also not familiar with related organizations, you are unfamiliar with rhetoric and demeanor. Chen Yanyan is from an aristocratic family, and I have been in the business of exorcising ghosts since I was a child. I am worried that we won’t be able to hide it,”

“Second, when the incident happened, I didn’t know that I was under suspicion, I was not suspended for investigation, and no one even asked me where I was. I have a guess: Although I am a suspect, it is only a very marginal figure. The people on the fringes and some ironclad evidence made them quickly give up doubting me. That is to say, from Chen Yanyan’s point of view, I have little to do with this matter.”

He became silent for a few seconds, then raised his slender neck, and continued after thinking, “Third, no one has come to see ‘Yan Ruxin’, not even the members of the Chen family. She paid for it herself. After she changed her name and surname, she seems to have very little contact with the Tian Dao as well. As for my investigation, the level of secrecy is very high as it is quite serious to accuse the chief of the Green Lantern Association.”

“That is to say, even if she knows that the investigation of the extermination case has been restarted, there is a high probability that she does not know that it was restarted because of ‘me’.”

“Therefore, I wanted to meet her directly.”

After Lu Yingjiu finished speaking this round, he turned his head and saw Jing Xian staring at him intently.

Lu Yingjiu: “………Are you really listening?”

“Hmm?” Jing Xian finally reacted, “Yes, of course.”

“Repeat what I just said.”

Jing Xian: “..Well, you are going to see her.”

Lu Yingjiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Didn’t you not listen at all? What are you doing just staring at me, I’m not a little girl, what’s so interesting about it. Later, when we’re in front of Ruxin, don’t get distracted. “

He walked to the ward and knocked lightly on the door.

A few seconds later, a girl’s clear voice came, “Who is it? Come on in.”

Lu Yingjiu pushed the door open and went in.

This single ward was not spacious, the girl on the bed was with an IV drip, and the water inside the hanging bottle was falling drop by drop. She was very thin, and the patient’s clothes were wide on her body, revealing the obvious collarbone.

Oval face, almond eyes, straight nose, black and thick hair hanging on the shoulders.

It’s a little beauty.

Counting her age, she’s 21 years old this year and should still be in college.

Before Lu Yingjiu came, he looked at Chen Yanyan’s childhood photos. The two people’s looks and cadre were indeed very similar, and even the location of the mole on their necks was the same.

It could basically be concluded that they were the same person.

Yan Ruxin was taken aback when she saw the two of them, “You are……”

Her eyes did not linger on Lu Yingjiu for too long.

Surprisingly, she didn’t even acknowledge him, or simply that she didn’t recognize Lu Yingjiu at all.

This will make things a lot easier.

Lu Yingjiu said, “My name is Shao Gao, he is Shen Xinhong, and we have something to ask you.” He showed something to Yan Ruxin.

Yan Ruxin flinched.

Lu Yingjiu put the box of apples on the bedside, and comforted her, “Don’t worry, we’re just here for a casual chat.” He glanced at Jing Xian, “Go and open the door.”

Jing Xian went over, opened the door and held it.

No matter what, two strange men in the ward would still make her nervous. After opening the door, the sound of footsteps in the corridor, the sound of the phone, and the sound of nurses’ conversations came, while also letting outsiders see the ward at a glance. Yan Ruxin’s expression seemed to be a little more relaxed.

Yan Ruxin said, “Are you still here to ask about the past?” Her right hand gripped the quilt tightly, until they turned blue, “Didn’t I tell you everything and didn’t I tell you that I can’t remember much of what happened? You still want to ask something, even coming to the hospital just for this.”

Someone had approached her and talked to her about the extermination case.

Lu Yingjiu realized it immediately.

In other words, the girl in front of her was really Chen Yanyan.

Chen Yanyan’s tone became sharp, and high-pitched, “No matter how many times you come here, the result is the same! You just want to force me to die! It’s been so many years, I finally got out of the shadows, why do you still mention it! I get it now, you guys just want to force me to admit that I’m the murderer! Well let me tell you, I killed them, okay?! Take me away quickly!! If you arrest me, I can still live longer!”

It took her less than 10 seconds to go from calm to hysterical. She kicked the IV stand over, it made a bang, and the needle flew out of her hand, bringing out a string of blood beads on the back of her hand!

Lu Yingjiu and Jing Xian quickly exchanged glances, he took half a step forward and said, “Calm down first……

“How can I calm down?!” With tears in his eyes, Chen Yanyan looked at Lu Yingjiu—that pair of black and white eyes suddenly stared at him, like a poisonous snake, licking his cheeks inch by inch.

A bad premonition suddenly came to Lu Yingjiu, then he heard her gnashing her teeth and said, “Wait, wait, you are not from the Green Lantern Association at all. I, I have seen you…I remember, you are not ‘Shao Gao’ you are that, that, the former Tian Dao, first, seat!”

At this instant, a certain malevolent gleam burst into her eyes.

Then she pulled her chest violently! The hospital gown was already very loose, and a few buttons fell apart, revealing a large white and dazzling chest. She shouted, “Help! Help! There are hooligans!!”


(t/n According to Chinese folklore, Black and White Impermanence is one of the ten underworld commanders and the right-hand man of King Yama. Both are impermanent ghosts, but the former only brings disaster to people, while the latter brings fear and anxiety to people)


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