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I have some bad news for you. Tamagotl, sadly, will be closing at the end of August. I won’t be able to upload my translations here anymore. I’m currently working hard to transfer my translations from this site to Foxaholic. If some chapters begin to vanish from here. You can find them there.


Here are the links to the new site.
A Contract Marriage For A Baby

A Contract Marriage For A Baby – Foxaholic 18

A Contract Marriage For A Baby – Chapter 1 – Foxaholic 18

Hello, Sunbae

Hello, Sunbae – Foxaholic 18

Hello, Sunbae – Vol 1 Ch-1 – Foxaholic 18

It will take some time for me to adjust to the new site. However, I will soon begin uploading new chapters on a regular basis.

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A Contract Marriage For A Baby

A Contract Marriage For A Baby

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean

"I'm pregnant... It's just a malicious rumour that will soon disappear." The shocking news spread that Lady Setina Belbourne, an unknown man's child, had given birth, causing a stir in society. It was the work of her jealous younger sister and stepmother who wanted to take away her fiancé. General Axion Castawyn, the commander-in-chief of the imperial army, proposed to marry Setina, who had been jilted. "I need a child, but using a real one would be pitiful, so a fictional one would be perfect." He is the ruler of people, who with his mere presence, captures people's attention and even scares away beasts. Axion Castawyn smiled quietly like darkness. Setina decided to marry him for revenge, but the chillingly cold duke seemed strange. "So from now on, we should be passionate lovers. A couple so in love that a baby could be conceived before we even enter the wedding hall." Isn't it too intimate for a contractual marriage? "My wife belongs to me. She has always been mine. I have no intention of forgiving those who have insulted my wife." Are you more aggressive than me in seeking revenge? Is this really okay?


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