ABTCF Chapter 3

Ancient world

Jiang Mo shook his head, looked at his wrist and said softly, “it doesn’t hurt”

Although his mouth said it doesn’t hurt, the boy frowned slightly with forbeared expression. It was obvious that he felt pain.

Gu Zheng felt a little uncomfortable, especially after he realized that the wound on the young man’s wrist was due to himself. At the bottom of his heart, there seemed to be a voice asking: how could you hurt him?

He opened his mouth, wanted to say something, but he felt that he was the one who hurt him. He didn’t know how to say it.

For some reason, he didn’t want the other party to hate him.

After a while, he took off the jade pendant he was wearing, handed it to the young man, and said, “this is for you.”

Afraid that the young man would refuse, Gu Zheng explained: “I’m sorry to hurt you. I have nothing else around me now. I can only use this as an apology gift. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

The entire body of this jade pendant is as white as snow, and it is carved from superior lanolin white jade. The jade pendant is carved with lin1 patterns. The patterns are integrated and exquisite.

Seeing Jiang Mo took the jade pendant, Gu Zheng continued, “if you want to find me in the future, you can take this jade pendant to ‘Huarong’2, and  someone will take you to find me.”

Jiang Mo lowered his gaze and looked at the jade pendant in his palm with complicated eyes. This jade pendant is warm and mild. It seems that it has been well maintained. Even when he was chased and assassinated, Gu Zheng always had it with him. It must be very important to him.

Such an important thing was given to myself who he just met for the first time.

Jiang Mo didn’t know what he was feeling in his heart. He has traveled through so many worlds under system’s oercion and never felt any warmth.

At first, he also put feelings into those worlds, but his efforts will never be rewarded. No one will care about the feeling of cannon fodder, but after all, he is not a god, he will be tired and pain. Later, he threw away his heart, no longer used affection, and would no longer get hurt.3

Seeing that Jiang Mo kept his head down and silent, Gu Zheng asked, “you…”

Jiang Mo’s ear tip moved interrupting Gu Zheng’s words, he made a Quiet gesture, got up a little, attached to Gu Zheng’s ear and whispered, “someone is coming, I have to go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, before Gu Zheng could react, Jiang Mo stood up, broke free from Gu Zheng’s hand and walked towards the cold spring without looking back.

Gu Zheng didn’t care about his injuries. He struggled to get up and trying to catch up. However, the young man seems to walk step by step, but the speed is very fast. Just after a few steps, he already reached the cold spring.

The other party made a “goodbye” mouth gesture to him, jumped into the spring and disappeared.

Gu Zheng looked at the direction where the young man’s disappeared and touched the earlobe. The breath of the young man passed by the earlobe, and the residual feeling of numbness still remained on it. It was crisply and itchy, which made his heart flutter.

Not long after, two men dressed in black arrived at the spring. When they saw Gu Zheng, they knelt on one knee, clenched their fists and said, “master, this subordinate is come late!”

Gu Zheng took back his gaze and said expressionlessly, “get up.”


These two men are Gu Zheng’s dark guards, named An Wu and Qi. They have followed him since childhood and very loyal. This time Gu Zheng was betrayed by his own people and only sent a signal to these two, because now he doubts everyone.

Gu Zheng has been fighting away for many years. This time he return to the court in secret. It is reasonable that no one know his whereabouts. But his whereabouts were still leaked. The second prince sent people to ambush him on the road he had to pass, surrounded and assassinated him. He managed to escape, but he found that he was badly poisoned and lost all his skills.

The second prince surely installed a nail on his side, and the nail in an important position. Gu Zheng has a rough idea of whom the nail are, but the specific needs to be further verification.

“Master, are you go back to the capital?”

“No, I’m not going back.” Gu Zheng’s eyes moved to cold spring not far away, “let’s stay in Jiangzhou for a while.”

He now cares more about the sudden appearance of the silver tailed Mermaid than the Betrayer. Thinking of this, Gu Zheng twisted his fingers, as if the temperature of the young man’s wrist remained on his fingertips.

“Did you bring ‘Qing Mo’ with you?

In the surprised eyes of the two dark guards, Gu Zheng picked up the ‘Qing Mo’ handed over by An Qi, put it on the big stone near the spring, and stared at the calm water for a while before turned around and left.

After confirming that the person had left, Jiang Mo comes out from the other side of the spring, picked up the small jade bottle left by Gu Zheng, opens it and was delighted.

It’s actually ‘Qing Mo’. It said that ‘Qing Mo’ is the holy healing medicine in this world. No matter what kind of scars you have on your body, you can quickly recover without leaving any traces. On the other hand, this medicine is rare in quantity and precious in raw materials. It is a tribute to the royal family, which is basically not available among the people.

Jiang Mo looked at his wrist, a little funny. This person was not afraid of his Mermaid form, nor greedy. Instead, he gave himself a jade pendant to make up for hurting himself, and left a bottle of precious wound medicine when he left.

Jiang Mo remembered that according to the development of the original world, the secret of Gu Zheng’s return to Beijing would be successfully plotted by the second prince. He lost one leg due to poisoning and had no choice but to withdraw from the dispute over the throne. In the past, he could only make wedding dresses for second prince4.

But this time…

Jiang Mo is playing with the medicine bottle made of white jade. He has detoxified the third prince’s body. If the third prince’s legs are not wasted, he would definitely fighting for it. So, will  the second prince be able to ascend the throne smoothly this time? As long as the second prince does not ascend the throne, the protagonist will have no biggest backing support. If the second prince is not the monarch, can Jiang Hanyu’s official career be so smooth?

Early the next morning, Jiang Mo sent a servant to bring all the management affairs on his family business to Jiangjia. He is still the owner of the property left by Father Jiang. It’s easy to ask several managers to have conversation with him

After breakfast, almost everyone came. Among the eight supervisors, five were old people and three were promoted by Jiang Hanyu later.

Jiang Mo received them in the study room. Afraid of what moths Jiang Mo might make, Jiang Jing and Jiang Hanyualso rushed over there.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Jiang Mo said, “I invite everyone to come here today to officially inform everyone that starting today, I will officially take over the business left behind by my father.”

In Daliang, in order to prevent competition for family property, the law expressly stipulates that the estate after the father’s death is inherited by the eldest son. If there is no eldest son or the eldest son loses the right of inheritance for some reason, another son and other relatives will be considered.

It is precisely because of this that the second prince would try his best to get rid of the third prince Gu Zheng. Gu Zheng was born to the queen of the palace. Even if the second prince is older than him and his biological mother is the most favored high imperial concubine, there is no way to get Gu Zheng if he wants to get to that position.

The owner of the Jiang family should be the original owner. At that time, the original owner’s parents died one after another. The original owner was greatly hit. Jiang Jing always pretended to be a good uncle and coaxed the original owner to hand over the control of the family.

The business earned by the original owner’s father is separate from the Jiang family’s property. Even if Jiang Jing wants to, those in charge will not hand over the business casually. Those people are smarter than each other.

The eight managers jointly managed the huge business left by the original owner’s father, Jiang He. They understand better than the original owner and know that Jiang Jing has a petty calculation in mind. They really admire Jiang He. Even if Jiang Mo’s performance is unsatisfactory, they don’t want these business to fall into Jiang Jing’s hands.

Jiang He was killed by horse bandits when he went to the northwest to talk about business. There are indeed horse bandits in the northwest. Jiang He had never been to the northwest before, so why did this accident happen? Whether it was an accident or not remains to be discussed.

Jiang Jing had no choice. Right at this moment, Jiang Hanyu comes to the door and Jiang Jing comes up with an idea. He took Jiang Hanyu back to the Jiang family and told the original owner that the other party was his father’s adopted son in other places,  He also found the so-called witness and put Jiang Hanyu on the genealogy.

Even so, it is not easy for Jiang Hanyu to get original owner’s father inheritance. Like now, as long as Jiang Mo said a word, Jiang Hanyu had to hand over everything no matter how unwilling his heart was.

After Jiang Mo finished speaking, the study room became silent. Everyone was gazing each other but made no sound.

Jiang Hanyu glanced at Jiang Jing and secretly winked at a mustachioed steward.

The steward was promoted by Jiang Hanyu. He can be said to be his confidant. He received a signal and said:

“This, young master, is not about whether we agree or disagree, but if you want to manage these business and start directly, I’m afraid it’s a little difficult.”

Seeing someone speaking, another person said, “yes, running business is different from reading. You have to think about it before you make a decision.”

This man was an old staff when Jiang He was alive. He knew that the Jiang He’s son was not interested in doing business since childhood. He said this to make Jiang Mo think carefully before making a decision.

“I think…”

Jiang Mo sat in and listened to their argument without saying a word. He was observing which of these people he can use and who needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

Seeing Jiang Mo never spoke, the voice in the study room gradually decreased and finally became quiet.

After the crowd calmed down, Jiang Mo spoke again: “I know I rashly said that managing the business will make everyone feel embarrassed. It’s better to take a month as the trial. If I can’t satisfy everyone after a month, I’ll give up on my own initiative, and then I’ll choose a general manager.”


“I think it’s fine. Young master Jiang is the only heir to master Jiang. Since he is willing, I naturally don’t mind. If there is anything young master don’t understand, you can come to me.”

The person who spoke was Xu Yuanhang. Jiang Mo had a slight impression of this person. He was loyal to the original owner’s father. After knowing Jiang Hanyu’s plot, he always trying to remind the original owner, but the original owner was devoted to Jiang Hanyu and didn’t want to listen to him at all.

Seeing the original owner had done nothing, he could only give Jiang Han a stumbling block in secret. After Jiang Hanyu knew it, he was framed and beaten to death in prison. His wife and children left behind also died miserably because of Jiang Hanyu’s deliberate revenge.

With ability and loyalty, he can use this person.

Jiang Mo doesn’t plan to manage such a big business himself. He has been busy in so many worlds. This time, he plans to have a good rest. When he has fulfilled the original owner’s wish, he will promote a person to be the leader.

Jiang Hanyu’s face became even more ugly after listening to the arguments of several supervisors, He couldn’t believe it was Jiang Mo that he knew who directly stripped him of his power in a few words.

But now he can’t refuse. In Daliang, if the adopted son wants to inherit the family property, he must have an official record. otherwise, it’s a serious felony for the adopted son to covet the family property.

He glanced at Jiang Mo with a complicated expression and said quietly make decision: since you are who show no mercy first, don’t blame me!


TL Note :


  • Lin1 : female unicorn. Maybe it’s like this, you can imagine it with unicorn horn on it
  • Huarong2 : it was a county on hunan or district on Hubei. In this novel maybe a city/district dominated by Gu Zheng
  • 3 : I think Jiang Mo feeling complicated not because he suddenly feels he can be received warmth in this world (he had receive all kind of abused in 99 world anyway), but he remember now he isn’t on the system’s control, maybe he can feels any warmth and not surely get backstab later.

(For a note, Gu Zheng is ML)

  • make wedding dresses for second prince4 : idiom means that all the toils and hard work are for the second prince.
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After The Boss Transmigrated into Cannon Fodder (Quick Transmigration)

After The Boss Transmigrated into Cannon Fodder (Quick Transmigration)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Jiang Mo, the big shot of Xuanqing world, failed to cross the robbery and was forcibly bound by the unscrupulous system. After crossing 99 worlds wears cannon fodder in different worlds, Jiang Mo, who finally killed the system, became the master of his fate again. Therefore, all kinds of cannon fodder that sent experience and wealth to the protagonist in the small world changed into a person who can control the life and death of the protagonist.   Jiang Mo: I'm delicate and pure, gentle and really gullible. I'm just a fated cannon fodder. I was bullied by the protagonists in all kinds of ways Protagonists:... I'm not, I don't have it. Don’t put this pot on my shoulder.   Love acting will make you feel white and black shou x Always spoiled shou, love at first sight gong. Introduction : cannon fodder does not exist. 1v1, all gong is one person, strong x strong couple Protagonist: Jiang Mo, Supporting role: Gu Zheng


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