ABTCF Chapter 1

Ancient world Ch 1

Lightning flashed across the cloudy sky, and the rainstorm crackled on the pedestrians. The rain came so fast and heavy that many people were caught in the rain.

“Why did it suddenly rain so heavily?” Someone wondered. Whan a man turned his head and was about to say something to his companion, a carriage pass over and splashed him with water.

It’s getting cold and chilly in spring, make the man shivering with cold. He forgot what he wanted to say. Instead, he was angry and complained, “this carriage…”

But before he finished complaint, his companion hurriedly interrupted, “keep your voice down, this is the Jiang family’s carriage!”

“Jiang family? Why I can’t say it to Jiang family?”

“Sigh” the companion saw that he still didn’t understand, he raised his head and looked around. When he saw that there was no one, he whispered, “it’s the Jiang family who has recently to be number one scholar!”

Now the man understood and hurriedly thanked his companion. The Jiang family is now a high class family in Jiangzhou. No one dares to provoke them. It’s indeed hard to have a theory with them.

The companion shook his head and sighed again, “Jiang family right now is really….”

The Jiang family a year ago is very different from now. After the second branch took power of Jiang Family, their style of behavior changed from the past and became indifferent and inhumane. In the past, the Jiang family was owned by the eldest house master of the Jiang family. The eldest house master was benevolent and kind. He had a good reputation in Jiangzhou. Unfortunately, he died early and left an orphan and widow. don’t know how they will be tempered by the duel between the two branch.

It rained heavily and pedestrians were busy on their way. Just few people would notice that there was a speeding carriage, which was driverless.

Jiang Mo sat in the carriage, controlling the direction of the carriage with his divine consciousness, and flipping through the world information from the system in his mind.

Jiang Mo is not from this world. He comes from the Xuanqing world. He is a mermaid with half-blood dragon. After failed in the robbery, he was forcibly bound by the system to play cannon fodder in different worlds and send his head to the protagonist in various fancy styles.

After ninety-nine worlds, he finally found the weakness of the system. After a fight, he successfully wiped out the will of the system and got rid of the imprisonment of heaven. After his transformation, the current system is just a powerful prop. Now in order to avoid the pursuit of heaven, he entered a world with weak monitoring ability of heaven.

The owner of his body in this world is also called Jiang Mo, who is the only son of the previous owner of the Jiang family. Because he is an only son and an eldest son, the original owner has been favored since childhood, and his character is very simple.

The original owner’s father, Jiang He, did a great job in business, but the original owner was not interested in business. The original owner father didn’t force him to learn, he wanted to wait until his son was a little older to teach him, but he didn’t expect to die in a foreign land and never wait for his son to grow up.

When Jiang He died, the original owner was only 17 years old, and his mother died in a few days afterward because of his father death. The original owner comes to grief and confused all day. At this time, Jiang Hanyu entered the original owner.

Jiang Hanyu is the protagonist of the world. He is Jiang Jing’s son, the second branch of the Jiang family and taken back to the Jiang family by Jiang Jing at the age of 17, but not as Jiang Jing’s son, but as the adoptive son of the original father, Jiang He.

At the beginning, Jiang Hanyu always pretended to be a good brother, caring for the original owner everywhere and taking care of everything. The original owner was simple and was at the bottom of his life. He trusted his brother just in a few days.

Unexpectedly, the good times didn’t last long. With the help of the original owner, Jiang Hanyu took control of the business that left by the original owner’s father and became the top scholar. At this time, the original owner just hava a little use so Jiang Hanyu was careless to pretend to be a good brother. He was worried that the original owner would  find out the cause of his parents death and designed to drive the original owner out of the house.

The original owner didn’t have any skills to make a living. However, he had a good-looking face and weak temperament. Soon after he was driven out of the Jiang family, he was favored by a senior official. Jiang Hanyu was afraid that the original owner would climb on the senior official and return to the Jiang family. He sent someone to kill him. Before he died, the original owner knew that Jiang Hanyu was Jiang Jing’s son and the death of his parents was related to these two people.

However, Jiang Hanyu helped the second prince succeed ascended to the throne with assets he earned by the original owner’s father property. With the help of the emperor, he successfully seized the control of the Jiang family and married a beautiful princess. He has a smooth official career and a happy life.

The original owner’s wish is to make the murderer of his parents punished and take back everything that belongs to him.

Since Jiang Mo has take over the original owner’s body, he will naturally fulfill the original owner’s wishes. Moreover, he has been unhappy with these so-called protagonists for a long time.

Anyone who has been tortured so many times is expected to be unhappy.

He arrived at a good time. At this time, the protagonist just a fledgling, the original owner not had been driven out from the Jiang family, and there was still a lot of room to make a move.

The rainstorm came and went quickly. When Jiang Mo arrived at to the house of Jiang, the rain has stopped.

At this time, Jiang’s house was not calm. The reason is that Jiang Jing’s wife, Yu Shi, found Jiang Hanyu’s identity.

In fact, it’s normal to be found. A year later, Jiang Hanyu thought he had fully mastered the business of his father. He had a great ambition and was not satisfied with it. What he wanted was the whole Jiang family. Since he have this mind, he will naturally take an action.

Yu Shi is a very careful woman. After some investigation, she soon found out their secret, which is related to their son’s inheritance and naturally, she won’t give up so they quarreled in the hall.

When Jiang Mo came back, they were arguing fiercely.

Seeing Jiang Mo coming in, the two of them had to temporarily suspend the war. Yu Shi could ignore it for his son, but Jiang Jing was still shameful. What noise was like in the front of the younger generation.

“Xiao Mo, why did you come back alone, Hanyu?”

No matter what Jiang Jing is thinking, from his performance alone, he is indeed a good uncle who cares for his nephew. No wonder the original owner trust the people’s in the second branch and never defends before them.

“He’s still at the dinner party,” Jiang Mo slowly stroked his cuff and said, “I’m over eighteen now. It’s time to take over my father’s business.”

The kindness on Jiang Jing’s face couldn’t be maintained for a moment. The corners of his mouth moved and seems want to say something. Jiang Mo didn’t give him a chance to speak, he looked up and said word by word: “I’m not discussing with you, but informing you, when Jiang Hanyu comes back….”

He paused for a moment, as if he remember something, and continued, “Oh, by the way, Jiang Hanyu is now the top scholar. He should not fond of my small family business”

No matter what kind of stormy waves his words would set off, Jiang Mo turn over and left.

Jiang Jing look at Jiang Mo’s back and gritting his teeth on hated, but there was nothing he could do. He knew that Jiang Mo last sentence was warning him that Jiang Hanyu was now a new top scholar and shouldn’t have any stains on his record. If he is accused of seeking his adoptive father’s property, his official career will be ruined.

The Jiang family finally got a top scholar, and they couldn’t bear to let him to be destroyed.

Jiang Mo return to his yard. He is not going to waste time with the people in the second branch. Jiang Hanyu can’t do anything about it at present. The property of the original owner’s father can be taken back first.

Now the original owner’s father has been dead for less than a year, and Jiang Hanyu has only started the business of the original owner’s father for more than half a year. His foundation is unstable. Jiang Mo came at a good time, it’s not difficult to get back his business at this time.

The difficult thing is to make public about the cause of the death of the original owner’s father, this task is also involves the protagonist of the world.

The protagonist is protected by heaven. It is not easy to deal with the protagonist. When controlled by the system, Jiang Mo had tried to deal with the protagonist but he never succeeded. The protagonist will always turn the corner for various reasons, further, he will be punished by the system for this.

After many times, he realized that if he wanted to deal with the protagonist, he had to take care the system first.

Now, the problem of the system has been solved. Jiang Mo wonder whether the protagonist of this world is also difficult to deal with.

Jiang Mo doesn’t intend to move the protagonist or deal with the protagonist himself for the time being. He has traveled through so many worlds and knows that it’s extremely unwise to deal with the protagonist directly. The best way is to use the native people of this world, this way they’re recognized to be one who harm the protagonist and avoid being discovered by heaven.

But for who is it, we still have to look at it first.



Later, Jiang Hanyu came to find Jiang Mo.

His coming as Jiang Mo expected, it must be that someone spread what he said, and the other party will come back in a hurry.

Jiang Hanyu was really in a hurry. He left before the banquet was over. His first reaction was not to believe it when he heard it from the people who reporting this. After being together for a year, according to his understanding of Jiang Mo, this person is really has not interest in Jianghe’s legacy. His character is very simple, and it is impossible to say such a thing himself.

Seeing his suspicious look on his face, the young servant had to explain, “eldest son, this is what the master asked me to talk about.”

Jiang Hanyu left the banquet early and rush back to Jiang’s house.

Jiang Hanyu doesn’t think this is Jiang Mo’s own idea. He thinks someone must have said something in front of Jiang Mo. Jiang Mo has always had a soft ear. He doesn’t know who he listened to this time.

In fact, there is a precedent. When Jiang Hanyu first came into contact with the Jiang family’s business, someone encouraged Jiang Mo to stand out, but the man has ill intentioned. Jiang Hanyu talked skillfully and soon got the full trust of Jiang Mo.

As soon as he entered the door, Jiang Hanyu couldn’t wait to ask, “Xiaomo, did anyone tell you something this time? Don’t believe those people, they are all selfish.”

After that he is seeing Jiang Mo’s inexplicable expression, he realizing that his tone was wrong and added: “of course, if this is what Xiaomo wants, I can give you a few shops to practice your skills first, and then hand over all the business to you when you proficient.”

“No need”

Jiang Hanyu gave a happy look, thinking that Jang Mo had given up on his on initiative. As he said,  Jiang Mo definitely didn’t fond of family business.

After appreciating his expression for a while, Jiang Mo said, “you are already the number one scholar now, and it’s inconvenient to take care of these. These businesses are originally left by my father. It’s most reasonable for you to find someone to manage them and return them to me also the most reasonable”

Indeed, although Daliang allows businessmen to participate in the imperial examination, officials themselves cannot engage in business. Moreover, most of the Jiang family’s industries are in Jiangzhou, and Jiang Hanyu, as the top scholar, will spend most of his future days in the capital. In this way, it is even more inconvenient to manage the business on Jiangzhou.

“What do you think, brother?”


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After The Boss Transmigrated into Cannon Fodder (Quick Transmigration)

After The Boss Transmigrated into Cannon Fodder (Quick Transmigration)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Jiang Mo, the big shot of Xuanqing world, failed to cross the robbery and was forcibly bound by the unscrupulous system. After crossing 99 worlds wears cannon fodder in different worlds, Jiang Mo, who finally killed the system, became the master of his fate again. Therefore, all kinds of cannon fodder that sent experience and wealth to the protagonist in the small world changed into a person who can control the life and death of the protagonist.   Jiang Mo: I'm delicate and pure, gentle and really gullible. I'm just a fated cannon fodder. I was bullied by the protagonists in all kinds of ways Protagonists:... I'm not, I don't have it. Don’t put this pot on my shoulder.   Love acting will make you feel white and black shou x Always spoiled shou, love at first sight gong. Introduction : cannon fodder does not exist. 1v1, all gong is one person, strong x strong couple Protagonist: Jiang Mo, Supporting role: Gu Zheng


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