Jian Songchu abruptly staggered the eyes of the two of them, and then pretended to admire his expressionless face in the mirror, but the tips of his gradually reddened ears still revealed his true thoughts.

Xu Hanyang continued to incarnate as a madman staring at his wife, staring at Jian Songchu tightly, almost writing the word “idiot” into his eyes.

Jian Songchu swallowed his saliva unconsciously, tried his best to ignore the other party’s gaze, and even moved his butt to the side unconsciously.

[Ahaha, Madam’s ears are all red, I’m dying of laughter]

[My God, the old couple would be shy because the other party suddenly changed their look, if they were in bed…]

[Grass, I have started to get wrong, ahhhhhhhhh]

Xu Hanyang was about to say something when the phone suddenly rang. He was stunned for a moment. He glanced at the notes, and then at Jian Songchu who was still adjusting his makeup. He picked up the phone and walked silently to the corner to start the call.

“Hey,” The face that was still affectionate and infatuated just now swiped and returned to the original coldness.

I don’t know what the other side said, Xu Hanyang narrowed his eyes slightly, showing a state of thinking, and then he blurted out French.

[Damn, I don’t know how many surprises you have, President! 】

【A man who works hard is really handsome!】

[I don’t understand Madam’s happiness]

After finishing his makeup and changing his clothes, Jian Songchu once again stunned the crowd.

It wasn’t the sleepy beauty-like glance at the first sight, nor the gushing heart of the British noble prince when he was wearing a suit, but another kind of style that was similar to intentional over unintentional.

The white shirt was unbuttoned with three buttons from top to bottom, and a pair of shorts with slightly exposed thighs was worn under it. The wet hair was hanging on the sides, like a mermaid who had just crawled out of the ocean, with slender legs and long legs. Straight, the whole person is a little dazzling white.

In particular, the light brown mole on the corner of the eye added a touch of charm to Jian Songchu for no reason, but just raised the end of the eye, it had the fascination to lure the gods into depravity.

Xu Hanyang just finished the phone call when he saw Jian Songchu lying on the sofa, dangling his big white legs.

Xu Hanyang: “………”

Jian Songchu was playing with the ring he had just taken down. As soon as the man entered the door, he returned to his senses and met Xu Hanyang’s black eyes that seemed to stick out from a storm.


Jian Songchu’s eyes were written innocently.

Why are you staring at me with such eyes?

Xu Hanyang set his footsteps at the door, the blue veins on his temples twitched uncontrollably, his face sank, and even the air pressure became extremely low.

The makeup artist on the side also felt the strange atmosphere, and took two steps back weakly, for fear that his anger would spread to him.

Even the director’s team was confused. Isn’t it fine just to make a phone call? Why does he look like he’s begging the King of Hell as soon as he walks in?

[…. What’s wrong with the president… His eyes are a bit scary…]

[Does anyone really know that Xu Hanyang is known as the ‘business devil’ and ‘the cold-faced king of hell’?]

Feeling the strangeness around him, Jian Songchu glanced around, and then glanced at Xu Hanyang, who was cloudy and sunny. His posture remained the same. His hand resting on the back of the sofa moved slightly, making a gesture of hooking his fingers. His posture was lazy. With a hint of uprightness in the middle.

“Come over.”


Xu Hanyang looked at Jian Songchu expressionlessly, his eyebrows that had just been raised drooped down again, and then like a child who was wronged in kindergarten, he sat down next to Jian Songchu.

Before Jian Songchu could speak, he opened his lips resentfully, “…why are you dressed so revealing…”

After speaking, Xu Hanyang very domineeringly wrapped the person into his arms, with an expression that no one was allowed to see.


Jian Songchu fell silent, as did the makeup artist who heard him speak.

Not only the director group behind the scenes was silent, but even the audience in front of the screen was silent.

In front of the screen are lines of hello and dots.

[…After all, I don’t understand the president’s brain circuit anymore…]

[Me and my jelous CEO Lao Gong?????]

[The president is acting like a spoiled brat to his petite wife? Hahahahahaha]

[One thing to say, just now Madam was really good at attacking for such a moment!! Laugh to death, laugh to death! 】

Jian Songchu squinted his eyes, turned around and reached out to touch Xu Hanyang’s temple, followed by plausible words in his mouth, “Well, at this temperature, my brain hasn’t burned out.”

“…” Xu Hanyang looked innocent.

After speaking, Jian Songchu pulled his hands apart and rubbed his dog hard, and stood up with a proud face, like a ruthless demeanor, leaving an indifferent back.


[Ahahahaha, no, no, no, I’m already laughing to death]

[Mrs. Saigao! The queen in my heart finally has a face, hahahaha]

[Besides the madam, who else in the world would dare to do this to Xu Hanyang? Hhhhhhhh]

[Sure enough, the CEO followed up again, the jealousy was about to overflow the screen, and I couldn’t laugh anymore. 】


“Yes, yes, lie down!”

“Two people can get a little closer…. Yes, yes, that’s it.”

At this moment, Jian Songchu was holding a rose petal in his mouth, and his wet hair was hanging down on his collarbone, dripping down a few drops of water.

He was wrapped around his waist by Xu Hanyang with one hand, and his upper body was so close that he could hear each other’s heartbeats.

Jian Songchu stared at the man’s eyes full of friendship, and the tip of his heart trembled slightly. Just as he was about to stagger his eyes, the man seemed to feel something, but the other hand suddenly grabbed the back of Jian Songchu’s head and controlled Jian Songchu’s desire. Head tilting action.

The hot breaths of the two of them are constantly intertwined, and they are close enough to make one’s heart skip a beat.

[My God, the two of them are really good match…. just leaning together like a pictorial]

[The president is ecstatic, his wife posts a post]

[The president’s jerk is about to flow out, suck and suck. 】

“Well…the two of you can kiss and take a few more pictures and then you can call it a day…”

The photographer was holding the SLR and almost put the lens on the faces of two people.

As soon as these words came out, Jian Songchu’s heart tightened and his brows were slightly wrinkled.

To participate in this kind of love variety show, he was actually ready to be forced to open a business with Xu Hanyang. Although he and Xu Hanyang kissed once, they were surrounded by cameras and staff, and asked him to present his second show in public. The kiss made him a little uncomfortable.

Before Jian Songchu could say refusal, Xu Hanyang suddenly interjected, “It doesn’t have to be a kiss.”

The photographer was stunned for a moment, as if he didn’t expect the other party to refuse, and immediately settled down in embarrassment, “Ah, of course…”

Jian Songchu was also stunned, he blinked helplessly, and the man just gave him a mysterious smile.

Just when he thought that Xu Hanyang would give up the kissing opportunity, it turned out that Jian Songchu was too naive.

I saw Xu Hanyang suddenly leaned over and bit the other end of Jian Songchu’s petals.

The photographer quickly caught this scene, and even recorded this moment, Jian Songchu’s eyes trembled slightly.

Jian Songchu blushed, pushed the person away, and was held back in his arms by Xu Hanyang.

[Sure enough, I was naive…I just said how could the CEO miss such a good opportunity to wipe out oil]

[It’s so flirtatious, so flirtatious, lock it up for me]

[Woooooo, one minute! I’m going to see the finished film now!]

[Intuition tells me that this set of photos will outperform the other three pairs. 】

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, kiss!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!! 】

[Madam. blushed, hahahahahaha]

Facts have proved that netizens are right. When the first episode of the third season was broadcast, four groups of blockbusters were released at the same time. Not only did Yiqi Juechen seize the first place in the vote, but also directly faulted, and it was impossible to overtake at all. Then start to rise.

In particular, the picture of Xu Hanyang biting the petals is directly consecrated, so popular that even passers-by who haven’t watched the show can’t help but save it.

Not only was it carried over and over again by the marketing account, it was even secretly used by Xu Hanyang as a mobile phone wallpaper, and he was secretly enjoying himself under the quilt.


After almost a day of tossing and shooting, the filming finally ended, and the eight people started to officially check in with their luggage.

The program team installed surveillance cameras in every room except private spaces such as bathrooms and changing rooms in advance, and set up multiple cameras to shoot.

The eight people sat on the sofa in unison, without the arrangement of the director team, the atmosphere was embarrassing and strange for a while.

Finally, perhaps too embarrassed, the outgoing and enthusiastic Wu Chu took the initiative to break the silence, “Should we introduce ourselves to each other? We will live together in the next few days.”

After speaking, he began to introduce himself, “My name is Wu Chu, I’m a musical bel canto actor, next to my boyfriend, his name is Fan Zheke, he’s a singer, it’s nice to meet everyone.”

With Wu Chu taking the lead, the others also relaxed a lot and introduced themselves one by one.

After the three groups had finished speaking, the pressure was placed on Xu Hanyang’s husband again, and everyone’s eyes fell on the two of them.

Before Jian Songchu could speak, Xu Hanyang pointed at him and opened his lips, “Jian Songchu, mine.”

After speaking, he pointed to himself again, “Xu Hanyang, his.”


As soon as Xu Hanyang finished speaking, the atmosphere dropped back to the freezing point again, and the whole thing became a little weird again.

[Help, what’s the matter with you, President?]

【My life is oily but I am not oily?】

【Where on earth did he learn this earthy love story?】
[It’s over, it’s over, I’ve already started to dig out three rooms and two halls for my wife’s embarrassment]

Feeling the gazes of the people around him hesitant to say anything, Jian Songchu resisted the urge to hold his forehead, took a deep breath, and stepped on the man’s toes expressionlessly.

“…” Xu Hanyang innocently turned his head to look at Jian Songchu, as if asking, ‘Am I doing something wrong?’

Help! It’s really embarrassing to see it all over the internet!

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