Hot search exploded.

Just an hour after the “Love Four Parts” started, ten entries rushed to the hot search.

#”Love Four Parts” starts broadcast#

#Xu Hanyang’s leg essence#

#Shen Zhou Linyu’s first appearance after her love exposure#

#fanzheke’s ideal boyfriend#

#Xu Hanyang Jian Songchu#

#President’s husband#

# Mrs. Chenfu, Nishimoto, teasing the dog #


It can be said that except for the entry “The Four Parts of Love” was officially bought, the other entries are purely based on fans and passers-by rushing to the square.

I have to say that the program team is very scheming. Every couple they choose is a very controversial male and female couple, and they have their own topics and traffic without marketing at all.

The first pair of Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu were the combination of the rising group idol and the national brother. When they were photographed kissing, they detonated the entire network and were rated as the “most looking forward to breaking up” for a while.

The second pair of Fan Zheke and Wu Chu, powerful original singers and musical bel canto actors, who have been in love for four years, are a natural couple in the eyes of fans, but Fan Zheke was photographed as a beauty at a night party some time ago, and even if it was clarified, it was still affected by public opinion.

The third pair of Zheng Yaochen and Chen Fujing, an actor and a martial arts star, Zheng Yaochen used to be a famous prodigal son, and it was faster to change objects than to change clothes. I thought they would break up soon after being together, but they were together for a year before and after, and they are now engaged.

When the fans of Jifang were airborne in the hot search, they quickly began to swipe the screen to control public opinion, and there was absolutely no need for an official end.

Compared with the bloody storms of several other companies, the hot searches about Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang are very harmonious. They are all hahaha and sending memes. Although there is also mouse shit, it does not affect the atmosphere of everyone’s joy.

[No way, I’m going to die laughing. Look at this husky’s expression pack biting the plate, doesn’t he look like a president who asks for praise in front of his wife?]

[Hahahahaha, the husband without makeup rushed me. Compared with the other three pairs, this pair is so different. There is no communication throughout the whole process, but the audience is choking on life and death. I finally know what eye candy is. 】

[Shasha, the beauty is so beautiful. It turns out that there are boys who have long hair without makeup and can be both soft and rigid. The novel does not deceive me, Shasha, I love it all. 】

[The Prophet is here. At first glance, it is a wife-loving character. Isn’t Fan Zheke next door a wife-loving character? Some time ago, he was not photographed having a night party with a beautiful woman? What do a group of people do with such true feelings? Listen to me That’s right, it won’t be long before the house collapses. 】

[Sure enough, it’s better for a married couple to have sex. It’s too natural to get along. If Xu Hanyang’s wife-loving behavior is all fake, then his performance level can completely be a movie star, right? This is a 24-hour live broadcast, who can show it? No water leaks in front of the lens?]


A Rolls-Royce Wraith parked in front of the villa.

Xu Hanyang got out of the car first. He straightened his collar expressionlessly, then consciously walked to the other side to open Jian Songchu’s car door, and reached out to block the top of the door that blocked Jian Songchu’s head.

Jian Songchu didn’t look at all strange the whole time, glanced at Xu Hanyang, who was begging for praise, and got out of the car numbly.

[Hahahahaha, Madam, you should look at the president more, his resentful eyes will break through the screen, hahahaha]

[I suddenly have a bold idea. Do you think that the employees of Bosera Group are also watching their CEO fall in love, and then see the usually unsmiling CEO actually looks like a grudge in front of his wife, isn’t it exciting?]
[Holy shit, don’t find out, I just came to see the president fall in love while fishing at work. 】

The other three groups of guests had already arrived at the dressing room.

The task of the four of them today is to shoot a group of couple blockbusters separately. When the first episode is broadcast, it will be put on the Internet for fans to vote on PK, and then a wave of interactive publicity and marketing will be done.

When Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang walked into the dressing room, what they saw were three couples getting ready to go out and getting ready to shoot.

As soon as the two entered the door, the six people in the house all looked towards the door.

Among them, Fan Zheke was the one who responded the fastest. He got up quickly, almost taking one step at a time, and walked quickly to Xu Hanyang with a smile on his face. He reached out his hand to say hello, “Mr. Xu.”

Xu Hanyang glanced at the other party with a cold expression, “um” he didn’t speak, neither extended his hand nor said a polite word.

Fan Zheke’s hand stretched out in the air a little embarrassedly, but he was quick to adapt, and withdrew his hand after smiling twice, without showing any embarrassment on his face.

Xu Hanyang’s actions instantly angered Fan Zheke’s fans, and the barrage area also began to curse.

[Damn, who is this person, fuck, he doesn’t even have any basic upbringing. 】

[Damn, it’s poisonous, our brother is so polite, he even went over to say hello, this is how this person reacts??]

[Hastily, mad, what happened to this person?]

Seeing that the barrage became more and more fierce, the sudden barrage rolled past silently.

[That…this Xu Hanyang seems to be my brother’s new boss…]

Once this barrage was sent out, the originally noisy barrage instantly fell silent.

Fan Zheke was almost scolded to quit the entertainment industry because of the news of the beauties at the night party, and many brands cancelled their contracts with him.

Until the new company was signed, the new company immediately set up a public relations team on the same day, counted hundreds of lists with lightning speed, issued a lawyer’s letter, and sued all the online marketing accounts for slander. At that time, the public opinion Only under the control of the new PR team moved towards positive feedback.

Compared with the choked feedback from Fan Zheke’s live broadcast room, Xu Hanyang’s live broadcast room is all gloating at this moment.

[Cold knowledge, the president is Fan Zheke’s new boss. 】

[Cold knowledge, the president is an entertainment company for his wife. 】

[Laughing to death, the CEO looked at everyone except his wife with a look of ignorance, so he almost engraved ‘Don’t suffer Lao Tzu’ on his forehead. 】

Jian Songchu sat down next to Chen Fujing to do makeup as arranged by the program crew.

The two young makeup artists immediately stepped forward and started to help him with makeup. When Jian Songchu saw the piles of makeup in front of him, he felt a little helpless.

Jian Songchu really cares about his face, but he usually doesn’t wear any makeup except sunscreen when he goes out. He pursues natural beauty, so he uses a lot of skin care products.

[Have you noticed Madam’s horrified expression when the makeup artist applied the primer on his face? He really is a beauty without makeup, and doesn’t need to be retouched. 】

[Madam is so cute, he can’t sit still all the time. 】

[I have to say that the president’s husband’s appearance and figure are really superior. The two of them didn’t wear makeup. Just standing next to this group of celebrities with makeup on, they already won. 】

[Wife stickers!! 】

Even other live broadcast rooms are frantically swiping the screen and asking who is this long-haired beauty?

All four groups of guests were present, and the director group immediately started to do things, asking them to draw lots to choose the shooting theme.

There are four options for shooting themes: wet-haired rose, retro Republic of China, cowboy style and movie-like imitation, all of which are carried out in the studio.

[Rose with wet hair for me! President, don’t let me down! Isn’t this tailor-made for our wife!]

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it must be a rose with wet hair!! 】

Of course, it is impossible for the show team to disappoint fans. The four themes themselves are specially customized for the four pairs, and the lottery is just to go through the motions.

The moment he saw the subject, Jian Songchu felt dizzy, as if he would faint in the next second.

Different from other groups, the clothes were either cowboys or windbreakers and British hats. Only Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang wore the most plain white shirts.

The shooting content is also very simple. On a bed covered with roses, various intimate poses are faced to the camera. In order to reflect the ambiguous and charming between the two, the function of wet hair is to enhance the sexual tension between the two.

After reading the introduction of the theme, Jian Songchu’s face suddenly became numb.

Help, is it too late for me to regret it now? I still have to sell my hue?

Seeing that the other three groups were happily preparing to take pictures, Jian Songchu was still sitting on the stool with a hopeless expression and letting the makeup artist help him style his wet hair.

[It’s over, yellow plastic has already appeared in my mind. 】

[Ah, ah, why can’t you fast forward, hurry up for me, and quickly tie the two of them to the bed!]

The door of the fitting room was opened again, and Xu Hanyang, who had changed his clothes, walked out of the room.

Jian Songchu stared at the mirror, tilted his head unconsciously, and noticed Xu Hanyang who had done a good job.

The moment he saw the man, he was slightly stunned in place.

Xu Hanyang is usually a person who does not pay attention to dressing at all. His hair is also simple and smooth, and his forehead is rarely exposed, but this wet hair style is really incredible. Turning his head, he pulled all the hair on his forehead behind his ears, revealing his fluent face with sharp features.

As soon as Xu Hanyang appeared, not only Jian Songchu stayed, but also the live broadcast room.

[…Sorry….I underestimated the president’s appearance…]

[I rub my rub, I’m sorry mom, I’m tempted by someone else’s old attack. 】

[Damn, why are there such handsome men in this world?]

Xu Hanyang walked silently behind Jian Songchu and met Jian Songchu in the mirror. He originally had a ruthless, dead fish face. The moment he saw Jian Songchu, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He opened his mouth and silently made a mouth shape.
‘Are you hungry?’

[Killing crazy! Killing crazy! Quickly kill me to cheer up these two!!]


[It’s over, it’s over, not only Madam’s heart is moved, but I’m also moved, woo woo, I love it so much, this kind of person who only loves myself is an exception, it’s really too good to eat, woo woo]



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