Jian Songchu took a deep breath and showed a polite and fake smile like a clerk in a brand store, and coldly said, “Are there a lot of guest rooms at home?”

“?” Xu Hanyang blinked innocently.

“The two of us are not very familiar, and it is a bit inappropriate to sleep together.”

“?” The dog froze, staring at Jian Songchu who was talking.

“So from today, you don’t want to enter my room,” Jian Songchu glared at the dog in front of him, biting the accent word by word.

“You can find another room for yourself to sleep in.”

The dog panicked, and immediately wanted to shake the opponent’s hand, but Jian Songchu turned around and avoided it perfectly.

“…” The man was silent, as if thinking of something, and hurriedly said, “But the program will be recorded in a few days, and it will be live and edited, and the program team will definitely come by then. Filming the daily life of the two of us at home, so that the two of us can go to the designated place.”


Jian Songchu was expressionless at first, “I have a showdown, cancel the contract, I will not participate.”

Laugh, whoever falls in love with this love variety will not go!

The dog smiled and did not change his face, “The termination fee is 80 million per person.”

“……” He was thunderstruck, dizzy, and his body was almost unstable.

What kind of “Black Heart” program group is this?

Xu Hanyang hugged Jian Songchu’s waist and said innocently, “Chuchu, you don’t want to pay liquidated damages, right?”

Jian Songchu had a lifeless look on his face, but he didn’t reach out to push the other party away for a while, and said weakly, “Tell me first, how much money does it cost to participate in the show?”

Xu Hanyang was well aware of his love for money at the beginning, and continued to attack the other party’s pain points. “One episode was recorded for two days. The two of us added up to 100 million before tax, and we recorded 12 episodes in total.”

1.2 billion!

Jian Songchu’s head, which had been hanging down, slammed for a while, and suddenly raised it again. With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he patted the man on the shoulder, “You shouldn’t be short of money, right?”

The man smiled, his eyes narrowed, almost subconsciously, he pointed straight, scratched the tip of Jian Songchu’s nose, and before Jian Songchu finished speaking, he said softly, “It’s all for you.”

Anyway, the money is from him.


Jian Songchu had goosebumps all over his body, and he pushed the person away suddenly, like a mimosa whose leaves were touched. The whole person suddenly fell into the security equipment, staring in horror, “Why are you gay and angry?”


Xu Hanyang stood innocently on the spot and did not speak.

man, they’re both married…

Jian Songchu, who had reacted for a long time, coughed awkwardly twice, and pretended to be deep, “How can you go back on what you promised to others? The most important thing in life is to be honest!”

“For the sake of my promise, I decided to still participate.”

For the money, I have to participate.

Jian Songchu said something against her heart without blushing.

Xu Hanyang struck while the iron was hot, “Then we…”

Before Xu Hanyang could finish speaking, Jian Songchu interrupted him immediately, with a straight face, “I’m tired, go out quickly, I’m going to sleep.”

Xu Hanyang was stunned for a moment, then stepped forward and rubbed Jian Songchu’s hair, still smiling, “Okay, good night Chuchu.”


You promised so quickly? You wanted to sleep in a separate room with me, right?

Xu Hanyang walked to the door, paused slightly, then looked back at Jian Songchu, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, “Call me if you have something.”


Why does it always feel weird?

Jian Songchu scratched his hair irritably, without thinking much, he slumped on the sofa, then took out his mobile phone, intending to find out his life trajectory in the past five years from the mobile phone.

Almost without hesitation, Jian Songchu searched for keywords on his mobile phone and found his best brother’s chat page.

[Jian Songchu: Lu Xiangcheng, let me tell you, you must not know what happened to me. 】

Not waiting for Jian Songchu to send out the words “I lost five years of memory”.

The opposite side will return in an instant.

【Lu Xiangcheng:?】

【Lu Xiangcheng: Did you post it to the wrong person?】

Jian Songchu was stunned for a moment.

[Lu Xiangcheng: We haven’t been in touch for almost five years, why do you suddenly think of me?]

Before Jian Songchu could recover from the huge amount of information, the other party began to bombard him with information.

【Lu Xiangcheng: Why don’t you speak?】

【Lu Xiangcheng: ? ?? 】

【Lu Xiangcheng: Are you fucking kidding me?】

[Lu Xiangcheng: Damn me, are you Xu Hanyang? You bastard is here to test if I still have contact with Chuchu?]

[Lu Xiangcheng: You motherfucker, you idiot, go go!]

Jian Songchu didn’t reply for just two minutes, and the other party had already made up a whole reversal scene in his mind.

【Jian Songchu:…….】

【Lu Xiangcheng: ? 】

Before Jian Songchu could reply, the other party’s voice call immediately popped up.

Jian Songchu pressed the ON button.

“Xu Hanyang, is it funny that you are playing this shit again? If you really dislike me so much, just delete me? You idiot, I tell you! I

“ …”

As soon as the call was connected, the other end of the phone was bombarded. Jian Songchu couldn’t help holding his forehead and interrupted, “Lu Xiangcheng, do you have any serious illness?”


As soon as Jian Songchu’s voice came out, the other end of the phone was as quiet as a chicken.

After a long time, Lu Xiangcheng’s voice was hoarse, and he asked uncertainty, “…chuchu?”

“it’s me.”

After speaking, there was a sound like something heavy rolling off the sofa from the other end of the phone.


“Ha ha…..”

Lu Xiangcheng took a deep breath, as if the uneducated and dirty mouth just wasn’t him at all, and his voice returned to the gentleness he always had when facing Jian Songchu at the beginning, “chuchu, cough cough, what did you intend to say to me?”

“I’ve lost my memory.”


“I lost my memory for nearly five years, and I don’t remember why the two of us broke up.”

Lu Xiangcheng stopped obviously, and his tone even became a little uncontrollably excited, “So you don’t like Xu Hanyang at all right now?”

“…” Jian Song stopped for a while, his eyes flickered slightly, and then softly said “um”.

“Really? That’s great, I, I…” The phone spoke across the phone, obviously stammering.

Before Lu Xiangcheng could finish speaking, Jian Songchu interrupted him blankly, “So why did the two of us break up with each other?”



Xu Hanyang squatted in front of the door of the bedroom a little decadently, like a large dog abandoned by the owner, squatting weakly at the door, praying for the owner to open the door, and then taking care of himself.

With trembling hands, he took out a measuring tablet from his pocket and swallowed it in his throat.

With a cigarette between his fingers, the smoke suddenly rose in front of his eyes,

Perhaps it was because the smoke was too spicy, and Xu Hanyang choked a line of tears from the corner of his eyes.

Damn, he clearly promised to quit smoking at the beginning of the year.

Thinking of this, the man snuffed out the cigarette butts that flickered between his fingertips with his bare hands.

The whole person bowed his head like a decadent poet.

How could he not know…

Five years ago at this time, how much did I hate myself at the beginning?


“Okay, I see.” Jian Songchu hung up the phone with a blank expression, then sat up from the sofa.

Jian Songchu stared at the direction of the door, his heart trembling uncontrollably, his fingers holding the phone shaking non-stop.

He took a deep breath, approached the door step by step, and slammed it open.

He suddenly met a pair of wet eyes.



The two went up and down, looking at each other.

When Jian Songchu saw Xu Hanyang’s tears, Jian Songchu’s pupils trembled, and the whole person froze in place.

The man got up with a look of surprise, “chuchu.”

“Didn’t you say go to the guest room?” Jian Songchu’s face darkened, and his tone was not very good.

Xu Hanyang’s expression froze, “I, I’ll go now.”

After speaking, Xu Hanyang smiled and turned to leave.

Looking at the man’s lonely back, Jian Songchu’s heart suddenly stabbed, and he grabbed the opponent’s wrist.

Xu Hanyang turned to look at him.

Jian Songchu looked at the man’s familiar eyes, closed his eyes, and reluctantly compromised, “Forget it…let’s sleep together.”

The man showed surprise, strode forward suddenly, and hugged Jian Songchu’s waist with his backhand, just like holding a porcelain doll, and easily lifted Jian Songchu in the air.

Jian Songchu was startled, his legs subconsciously hooked the man’s waist, and his heartbeat accelerated somewhat uncontrollably.

Xu Hanyang buried his head in Jian Songchu’s neck, deeply sucking the unique body fragrance that belonged to Jian Songchu.

“Chuchu….I’m so happy!”

Jian Songchu’s brows moved slightly, and the whole person softened, but his beautiful mood did not last long, the tip of his nose moved slightly, as if he had smelled something, his face suddenly darkened, and he pinched the man’s face.

“Xu Hanyang! You are smoking behind my back again!”

As soon as these words came out, not only Xu Hanyang was stunned, but Jian Songchu was also stunned.

Why do you say ‘again?’

Xu Hanyang couldn’t control his emotions any longer, he hugged the person tightly, then leaned against the corner, raised his head suddenly and kissed him.

Jian Songchu shrank his neck in shock, passively accepting the man’s kiss like a storm.


“…I tell you! Xu Hanyang is a lunatic! He has severe bipolar disorder! You must stay away from him!”

“…If he is crazy! Maybe he will stab you with a knife, you will not use happiness to marry such a lunatic!…”

“So you like me?”


“Okay, I get it.”



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