The house is also too big.

Where is his bedroom? Go upstairs? Turn left or right?

Jian Songchu squinted his eyes, deliberately slowed his pace, and waited for the man behind him to follow.

Man, it’s time for you to act.

Xu – loyal dog – idiot – Han Yang, who knows him better than Jian Songchu himself, can accurately know guess the thoughts in the other party’s heart just by observing Jian Songchu’s micro-expressions, and immediately rushed forward like a dog, intending to ask Ying to lead the way.

But before Xu Hanyang rushed forward to express himself, Aunt Wang who walked out of the corner was holding a plate and shouted to Jian Songchu with a look of joy, “Young madam, you are back, here is the bird’s nest you made me stew during the day. Do you want to eat in the kitchen or in your bedroom?”

It doesn’t have to be so timely.

Xu Hanyang: “…”

When Jian Songchu first heard the sound, he glanced at a dog man beside him and saw the darkened face of the other party. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly, not giving the man a chance to express, “Send it to the bedroom.”

Jian Songchu also knew Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang had been employed by the Xu family for more than 20 years, so in a sense, Aunt Wang could be regarded as another relative of the Xu family.

However, since Xu Hanyang was sent abroad in high school, the Xu family has emigrated, so Jian Songchu does not have many memories of Aunt Wang.

Aunt Wang gave a “huh” and picked up the plate with the bird’s nest to go upstairs. With her sharp eyes, she caught a glimpse of what was wrong with President Xu, and hurriedly said, “Master, what’s wrong with you, are you sick, what’s wrong with your face? so dark?”

Xu Hanyang: “…”

Jian Songchu laughed out loud, his face almost cracked with laughter.

The injured dog stared at Jian Songchu silently with a dark face, and his eyes were full of resentment and unspeakable grievances.

Only Aunt Wang, who was the party involved, stood there innocently, watching the husband and wife in front of her wink at each other, not knowing where she had said the wrong thing just now.

Jian Songchu reached out and patted Xu Hanyang on the shoulder, sighed playfully, and said meaningfully, “Master Xu, have a good rest.”

After speaking, regardless of Xu Hanyang’s expression, Jian Songchu pretended that nothing had happened, turned his back to the other side, and walked upstairs.

Seeing this, Aunt Wang hurried upstairs with a plate.

Xu Hanyang was about to follow when the phone in his pocket rang.

He paused, and glanced at the incoming call, his eyes darkened, and he didn’t rush to connect. Instead, he stared at Jian Songchu and completely disappeared before his eyes, and then walked slowly to the window and pressed the answer button.



When Jian Song first saw that the man didn’t follow, he laughed outrageously again.

Aunt Wang just walked a few steps before she couldn’t help asking, “Young madam, have you quarreled with the young master?”

Jian Songchu stopped laughing and his face returned to normal, “Why do you ask that?”

Aunt Wang thought for a moment, “I feel that today the young lady is colder than usual to the young master, and generally when you come back together, even if the young lady is angry, you will still hold hands with the young master. Today is a little different.”

hold hands?

Jian Songchu’s whole body jolted, and the goosebumps all over his body stood up.

Although after just a few hours of torture, he slowly adapted to Xu Hanyang’s amazingly reversible personality, like being possessed by a ghost, if he really wanted him to do something intimate with the other party, he felt that his entire toes could freeze on the spot.
When the topic came to this point, Jian Songchu suddenly became a little curious, “In your opinion, how did I get along with him before?”

“Like glue, as you’ve only fallen in love, this is how you are these five years.”

Aunt Wang did not hesitate at all.

Jian Songchu’s right eyelid couldn’t help twitching, as if thinking of something, and then asked, “Then what do you think is the difference between him and twelve years ago?”

In Jian Songchu’s memory, he and Xu Hanyang had not seen each other for only seven years, but it also included five years when he lost his memory.

Aunt Wang didn’t know what to think, but her eyes flickered slightly at this moment, and her voice became hoarse, “There is no difference.”

“?” Jian Songchu was taken aback.

After speaking, Aunt Wang showed a gratifying smile, “Young madam is different to the young master. With the young madam by his side, the young master is very gentle…”

After saying that, Aunt Wang paused, meaning unknown, “Just like a person…”

“…” Jian Songchu suddenly stopped talking, an indescribable sense of confusion like a seed sprouted suddenly and began to grow.

What’s does she mean?

“Then do you know that he and I are…”

How did they get together?

Before Jian Songchu could finish speaking, Xu Hanyang, who had finished the phone call, walked up quickly, hugged Jian Songchu’s shoulders naturally, and said softly, “Why don’t you stop here and leave?”


Jian Songchu’s complex emotions that had just risen suddenly disappeared, almost subconsciously, he was about to reach out and slap the other person, but he realized that someone else was beside him, so he endured it again, and pinched the other person’s waist with his hands expressionlessly. Twisted hard.

Dog! Who let you touch!?

The man seemed to feel no pain, and even put the jacket on Jian Songchu’s shoulders very gently, “Let’s go.”


Why is there no response?

The confused Jian Songchu increased the strength of his hand again, but the man still did not respond.

Very good, he aroused my desire to win.

Jian Songchu started frantically pinching the man’s waist.

But then again, as soon as his hand touched it, he touched the muscles on the other side’s waist. The abdominal muscles felt pretty good to the touch…

He even has a mermaid line and a shark line…

Jian Songchu twisted and twisted, and his hands touched the muscles of the opponent’s body uncontrollably.

Realizing that he was actually touching the body of his nemesis, Jian Songchu’s face turned black, and even the movements of his hands were full of anger.

The man lowered his head, staring at Jian Songchu’s slightly arrogant appearance. His eyes were full of doting and tenderness, but vaguely, there was a flash of fear and paranoia.

Luckily the accident wasn’t serious…

As soon as he thought of a certain possibility, a vague and twisted morbid state slowly appeared in the man’s eyes, and even some uncontrollable madness.

If he insisted in the morning and asked the driver to send the other party instead of letting Chuchu drive by himself, maybe nothing would happen…

There was a sharp pain in the man’s heart.

It’s all because he didn’t protect him well…

Seeing the two of them “rehabilitated”, Aunt Wang suddenly smiled and put the bird’s nest in her hand on the table after entering the door, leaving the private space to the couple again.

The layout of the bedroom is also the American decoration style that Jian Songchu likes. The colors are bold and the saturation is high. There is a special viewing balcony. The walls are pieced together with unpolished rocks, which has a visual impact of an ancient castle.

When Jian Song entered the door on the first day of junior high, he immediately shook off the man who was clinging to him, and said excitedly, “Where is my cloakroom?”

Xu Hanyang’s hand still maintained Jian Songchu’s posture. Seeing Jian Songchu let go of himself, he retracted his hand a little desolately, his voice was a little hoarse, and he showed a smile, “Go in through the door behind you and you can see it.”

As soon as these words came out, Jian Songchu didn’t care about his rival’s mood and jumped in the direction of his cloakroom very happily.

Once the door is opened, a sentence of ‘fuck off’ can sum up everything in Jian Songchu’s heart.

Is this a cloakroom? Isn’t this really called a warehouse?

It’s bigger than the three bedrooms and one living room of his house……

Many are his favorite Jean Paul Gaultier and Schiaparelli haute couture.

Xu Hanyang stood quietly behind Jian Songchu, watching the other party start to try on the diamond ring bag in the cloakroom excitedly, very busy.

Suddenly, Jian Songchu’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be a door that was integrated with the wall where the hat was hung. With a puzzled face, he subconsciously put down everything in his hand and reached out to push the wall.

Xu Hanyang’s pupils trembled, and he stretched out his hand almost subconsciously, his voice suddenly raised, “Wait!”

Jian Songchu was taken aback by the man’s voice, but the hand he stretched out had already opened the door numbly, and everything inside the door was exposed to Jian Songchu’s field of vision.

This is a reduced version of the bedroom, with only 15 square meters of space, no windows around, and only two pieces of furniture, a bed, and a bedside table.

But this is not the point, the point is that the bed in the whole room is not a normal bed, but a water bed!

There is a huge mirror on the top of the bed, revealing everything on the water bed.

Not only that, there are vine-like hanging flowers and ribbons around the bed, colorful light bulbs on the top of the head, some strange bottles and jars on the bedside table, and some props that Jian Song has never seen before.


Jian Songchu’s whole body froze in place, motionless.

Having good eyesight is not a good thing…

The guilty man quickly grabbed Jian Songchu’s hand and slammed the door shut.

With hindsight, Jian Songchu slapped the man’s face, his face flushed red, and he was almost speechless, “…you…”

“Fucking fun…”

The trained dog bowed his head silently, not daring to refute.

When Jian Song first saw him look aggrieved, he was not angry, took a deep breath, used his last dignity and stubbornness as a man, and asked through gritted teeth, “…Who gets on and who gets off?”

“…” Xu Hanyang paused, staring at Jian Songchu, and fell silent again.

The two looked at each other, and a strange atmosphere slowly circulated between them.

Jian Song understood the other party’s eyes in the first second.

“Ha ha…..”

Xu Hanyang, your uncle’s!


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