“From the current situation, Mr. Jian suffered from brain trauma caused by external impact, so he developed memory impairment and lost his memory for the past five years.”

The doctor stared at the cold-faced Hades in front of him, talking nervously while wiping his sweat with toilet paper.

Xu Hanyang’s air pressure was extremely low, and his eyes stared at each other, “…will he lose his memory forever?”

Staring at the man in front of him who wanted to eat him, the doctor sweated more and more on his forehead, and hurriedly explained with a smile, “Generally speaking, brain injuries caused by external force will not cause permanent memory loss. Recovery times are not fixed, seconds, hours, months, or even decades are possible, and usually the more severe the injury, the longer it takes.”

Seeing the other party’s face getting darker and darker, the doctor hurried to find a remedy, “Mr. Jian’s brain injury is not serious, I believe it will recover soon.”

Hearing this sentence,Xu Hanyang’s furrowed brow eased slightly, but he was still a little worried, and his tone was still not very good, “Apart from memory, are there any other influences that may need attention?”

The doctor hurriedly replied, “Mr. Jian’s brain CT showed no other organic lesions, and his body is also very healthy. You can rest assured.”

After confirming that his wife was okay, Xu Hanyang said “well” and walked out of the room with a blank expression.

Leave a proud and cold back.

As soon as the other party left, the low air pressure in the air also disappeared.


During the time when Xu Hanyang communicated with the doctor, Jian Songchu was not idle.

The man threw the phone to him and asked him to buy it at will, and Jian Songchu instantly entered battle mode.

He hastily started his favorite fashion items in the past five years, and began to search for keywords, and he didn’t have any time to spare.

Tiffany jewelry, Hermès bags, Richard Mille watches…

This is good, this is good…

Order! Buy!

It is a pity that there are no limited editions and classics.

As soon as Xu Hanyang entered Jian Songchu’s lounge, what he saw was the scene where Jian Songchu frantically placed orders with his mobile phone, so that after he entered the door for a while, the other party didn’t notice him.

Xu Hanyang’s heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up.

Of course, he didn’t forget how much energy and time he spent trying to please Jian Songchu after he returned to China five years ago, so that the other party would not reject him.

Thinking of the hurt he had brought to the other party, Xu Hanyang’s eyes couldn’t help but dim.

The man adjusted his mood, sat next to Jian Songchu, and stared at the other party placing an order.

The moment the man sat down, Jian Songchu, who was not aware of it, was startled at first, and then suddenly realized that he had placed an order for 153 luxury items in less than ten minutes.

Realizing this, Jian Songchu turned his back with a guilty conscience, blocking the man’s sight.

“?” The innocent dog got up and sat on the other side of Jian Songchu.

Jian Songchu panicked and changed direction again, restraining his urge to chop his hands, and hurriedly prepared to refund the order.

Seeing this, Xu Hanyang mistakenly thought that the other party was rejecting him. A tingling flashed in his eyes. He hugged the other party’s slender and soft waist from behind Jian Songchu, and easily wrapped the person in his arms. His tone was very pitiful and low. There was a slight tremor in his voice that was similar to crying, “…don’t hide from me…”

“?” Jian Songchu’s body was extremely sensitive, and the man just hugged him, which made his body tremble uncontrollably, and the phone slipped out of his hand in shock.

Fortunately, Xu Hanyang’s hands were fast, and he grabbed the phone that almost hit the ground and held it in the palm of his hand.

It’s over…

Jian Songchu’s heart trembled.

Xu Hanyang glanced at the things that Jian Songchu ordered and frowned slightly.

Jian Songchu was keenly aware of the man’s low-pressure mood when he was looking at his mobile phone, and hurriedly explained, “No, it’s not…I…”

Before Jian Songchu could make up a decent reason, Xu Hanyang interrupted him first and buried his head in Jian Songchu’s neck, “Chuchu’s aesthetics and preferences really haven’t changed at all, all orders and purchases are the same products he have at home”

“!” Jian Songchu’s pupils trembled.

What kind of happy life is this?

So he already bought these things, didn’t he?

In an instant, even looking at Xu Hanyang’s unpleasant face slowly became pleasing to the eye.

Although Jian Songchu first loved beauty and liked things that were very girly and even had long hair, he always thought that this was just his aesthetic difference, plus he had always liked girls, so he never doubted his sexuality at all.

Jian Songchu tried his best to control the feeling of wanting to knock Xu Hanyang flying, and tried his best to comfort himself in his heart.

They are all big men, and they will not lose a piece of meat if they hug.

This is the local tyrant who bought himself a 150 carat full diamond ring!

Thinking of this, Jian Songchu’s blocked heart instantly felt extremely comfortable.

It didn’t take long for him to comfort himself. As a straight man, Jian Songchu faintly realized that the atmosphere between the two was getting a little weird and ambiguous, especially when neither of them spoke, the breathing, heartbeat, and touch all followed infinitely magnified, making his originally sensitive body suddenly become more sensitive.

Seeing Xu Hanyang’s two hands slowly moving up from his waist, he wanted to hug him tighter.

The man’s hand accidentally brushed somewhere, Jian Songchu’s whole body jolted, and he didn’t know where he suddenly got the strength, and his elbow slid down to the man’s heart, making a muffled “bang”.

He broke free from each other in an instant and stood up from the sofa suddenly.

Because of this simple action, Xu Hanyang was pushed to the ground, and he coughed uncontrollably.

Accompanied by an embarrassed coughing sound, the two of them stood and sat down one by one, and their eyes met.



The dog who was beaten didn’t care about this little injury at all, and stood up from the ground again, took Jian Songchu’s hand as if nothing had happened, and showed a flattering smile again, “Chuchu, let’s go home. .”

Jian Songchu looked away, and pulled back his hand a little arrogantly, “Thank you, I want to go back to my own home.”

The kind dog thought for a moment, and instantly recalled which house the other party was talking about, and explained aloud, “You said two years ago that the lighting there was not good, and you sold it.”

Jian Songchu choked, but did not give in. “Then I’ll go back to my parents’ house.”

The dog was silent for a moment, then continued, “But your limited-edition bags, jewelry, and clothing are all in our house. In the cloakroom, the ones in our dad’s house are all outdated models that you have long disliked. Are you really not curious about which haute couture and limited models you have collected in the past five years? ”

Who are you calling dad?

“…” Jian Songchu was once again shamefully moved, and took a deep breath,

“…Let’s go and go home.”

Xu Hanyang smiled slightly, and hurriedly stuck to Jian Songchu’s side like a pug. He tried to reach for the hand of his little wife, but he was relentlessly thrown off by the other side.

The injured president bowed his head aggrievedly, and tentatively stretched out his hand again, carefully grabbing the corner of his clothes.

After confirming that Chuchu did not throw himself away, the Husky was finally satisfied.

Jian Songchu, who observed the man’s small gestures, couldn’t help but tilt his head to look at the other party, and looked at the man’s innocent expression of joy from the corner of his eye, and his expression moved slightly.

Xu Hanyang…..

It’s changed a lot. ……

It’s a different story.


A Maybach Mercedes-Benz S-Class drove along the rugged green-shaded path, passed through the rose wall, passed the fountain pool, and circled around seven or eight large circles before slowly stopping in front of the villa.

The bodyguard in black opened the car door and welcomed the owner of the house home.

Jian Songchu stepped out of the car and stared at the magnificent villa in front of him, his eyes widening.

In the eyes of ordinary people, rich people can be called rich people, and there is no exact standard.

But among the rich, the rich can also be divided into three, six, nine, and so on.

Abundance and affluence are two concepts. The well-off and middle class are two classes, and there is a distinction between the rich and the rich and the super rich.

The Jian family can be regarded as a middle-rich family with an annual income of 5-10 million, but their luxury level is that they have several sets of real estate under their name, there are many nanny and servants at home, and they can close their eyes and buy some big-name luxury goods. .

But what is this? It’s not a villa at all, it’s a manor, right?

Did he just see a crocodile in a distant pool…

Jian Songchu stood in a mess while the wind blew on him, his body shaking slightly uncontrollably.

When did the Xu family become so rich? Is it a hidden property?

Xu Hanyang took off his coat, put it on Jian Songchu’s shoulder, stood against the light with a smile, and said softly, “Chuchu, let’s go in.”


Damn! You can’t lose in the face of a deadly opponent.

Jian Songchu forcibly comforted himself, without showing any signs of timidity on his face, like a flower in the mountains, and said “um” expressionlessly.

Let the other party wag his tail vigorously like a well-behaved loyal dog behind him, while he takes a big step and walks forward slowly.

The bodyguard and maids on the side were accustomed to this, and everyone looked at them with a look of surprise and a professional smile as they watched the husband and wife go up the stairs.

The queen was attacked by his loyal dog.

A few younger maids stood in the corner, trying their best to restrain the corners of their mouths to prevent them from making strange laughter. They looked at each other vaguely, with red hearts in their eyes.

hehehe…it’s so good!

“Be a heartthrob in love”

The coquettish, face-blind beauty is attacked by a vinegar eating man[1]*vinegar eating man-jealous man


1 *vinegar eating man-jealous man

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