AAML Ch29 Pt2


Jian Songchu and Qi Nian on the other side looked at each other and were speechless.

Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu, the two people watching, put down the plastic bags and gradually approached the three of them.

Zhou Linyu glanced at Lu Xiangcheng who was quite dead and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong, Brother Lu?”

Qi Nian let out a sigh of relief and followed Zhou Linyu’s gaze then said indifferently, “He feels inferior because of his frail body.”

“?????” Lu Xiangcheng who was already dead-faced suddenly widened his eyes, sat up from the sofa and stared at the sarcastic Qi Nian with fiery eyes.

Fuck you.


[Help, Qi Nian’s mouth is really damaged as always and I can’t laugh anymore]

[Young master’s fire of battle begins to burn, quack quack]



Seeing that the atmosphere had once again fallen into a certain stagnation, Xu Hanyang who was dog-legged had already finished the work quickly and went downstairs to look for his wife with the completed canopy tent in his arms.

In the silence, there was a sudden sound from the direction of the stairs. For a moment, everyone’s eyes unconsciously turned to the direction of the stairs.


Xu Hanyang frowned slightly and met Jian Songchu’s dark eyes.


Jian Songchu’s right eyelid couldn’t stop jumping wildly and his facial expression seemed a little stiff.

[He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming]

[The president finally came to find his wife, he was in a trance like a booming scene]
[Did I read it wrong? Why do I feel that the moment Madam saw the CEO there was a trace of horror in his eyes]

[Hey hey hey hey hey, the president is here]



Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu, the two spectators stole Mimi’s glances as if they were exchanging some kind of information.

The two people who knew each other immediately took a step back, turned around pretending to be busy, picked up the plastic bag that they had left at the entrance and walked towards the kitchen room.

As soon as Qi Nian saw Xu Hanyang, he thought of the previous embarrassing experiences. He silently took back the hand he had put on Jian Songchu’s shoulder just now and began to be sloppy. He began to prepare to flee the scene of the crime.

“??????” Lu Xiangcheng still looked sluggish. He watched the people around him retreat one by one with horror on his face, leaving him lying on the sofa because of his weakness.

He stared wide-eyed, staring at Qi Nian who was trying to escape.

“Wait, shouldn’t you take me away by the way?”

Qi Nian glanced at Lu Xiangcheng who couldn’t move with pity but he didn’t hesitate at all and ran away as soon as he said it.

“You can wish for luck.”


Lu Xiangcheng looked at Qi Nian’s ruthless back as he took a deep breath and looked around helplessly.

In the end, there was really no way out and no one cared about his own life. Lu Xiangcheng silently changed his posture from lying down and silently sank his head into the sofa with a look of ‘please ignore me’ Dead posture.

Never mind, it’s ruined.

[The president’s deterrent power is so strong, hahahahahahahahaha]

[Leaks are regular. If you want to know the emotional state of the president and his wife, you just need to observe their expressions.]

[Yes, I can tell from Madam’s expression that nothing is good, I’ll die laughing]

[Master: I really want to escape~ but I can’t escape~]


“Chu Chu…”

A certain ‘isolated’ Erha, its eyes lit up when it saw Jian Songchu, almost subconsciously hugged the just-made canopy tent and approached Jian Songchu’s place in a hurry.


At this moment, when Jian Songchu saw Xu Hanyang, he would think of the photos he had just seen on his mobile phone and his expression froze again. He turned his back almost subconsciously avoiding the sight of the other party.


When Xu Hanyang saw that Jian Songchu ignored him, his expression suddenly became very pitiful and he slowly approached the other party with a pitiful expression of being abandoned.

“At the beginning?”

Jian Songchu swallowed subconsciously trying to calm himself down so as not to be noticed by the audience during the live broadcast. With his back to Xu Hanyang, he simply said “um”.

A certain person saw that Jian Songchu ignored him and immediately stretched out his hand to touch him but as soon as his hand touched Jian Songchu’s wrist the latter trembled all over and the whole person took two steps back in response suddenly pulling away the direct distance between himself and the man. His face turned red all of a sudden and even his ears began to turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“what are you doing!”


Xu Hanyang looked innocent and blinked at him, his hand still stretched out in mid-air before he could take it back.


Jian Songchu also realised that his reaction was a bit extreme. He took a deep breath, adjusted his state again and began to hypnotise himself continuously.

Hurry up and forget!!!!

The more Jian Songchu thought about it, the faster the veins in his temples twitched. His breathing became disordered and the images in his mind became more and more lingering.

Is that size really reasonable?

Obviously he just glanced at it just now but the picture on the phone is like a printer imprinted into his brain so that whenever he sees Xu Hanyang some discordant pictures will pop up in his mind unconsciously.

Jian Songchu, who realised what danger he was in froze.

A certain person that didn’t know his baby’s heart, posted it up again, “Chuchu…”

Don’t call me.

Jian Songchu silently moved away and was about to flee the scene.

“?” This is Lu Xiangcheng, who was secretly watching. He tilted his head and his eyes were wide open. He was quietly observing the scene.

Oh, what’s wrong with these two people?

[My current expression is exactly the same as that of the young master]

[So can anyone tell me what happened to the president and his wife in the grocery store just now?]

[Hahahahahahaha, why do I always feel that Madam is shy now?]

[Upstairs, I also feel this way, hahahahahahaha]

Seeing this, Xu Hanyang blinked innocently and stretched out his hand tentatively wanting to pull the other party.

Unexpectedly, the closer the man’s body got, the redder Jian Songchu’s face became and he felt as if he was facing a formidable enemy. He didn’t even dare to look at Xu Hanyang.

Xu Hanyang frowned and before he had time to think about it, he quickly threw the canopy tent in his arms towards the sofa and wanted to hold Jian Songchu’s hand, “Chuchu, I…”

“Holy shi—”

Before Xu Hanyang could finish his sentence, Lu Xiangcheng screamed out in shock from the sudden tent attack and instantly interrupted what he was about to say.

——Fortunately, the thing was not heavy so it did not cause secondary damage to Lu Xiangcheng.



Lu Xiangcheng’s cry immediately attracted the attention of the couple. For a moment, they looked in Lu Xiangcheng’s direction at the same time.

[Laughing like crazy, Lu Xiangcheng is really miserable]

[Young Master: I obviously did nothing, why is it always me who is unlucky?]

[Lu Xiangcheng’s damage +1]

Lu Xiangcheng peeled off the black tape covering his face. He couldn’t bear it anymore and began to curse, “Xu Hanyang, you son of a bitch!!”



Jian Songchu looked at the distraught Lu Xiangcheng and couldn’t help but put his hands on his forehead feeling ashamed to look at him.

Seeing this, Xu Hanyang stepped forward very “kindly” and put the canopy tent on Lu Xiangcheng’s body on the sofa opposite him.

After doing everything, he walked back to Jian Songchu’s side in a very doggy manner and tried to reach out to hold the other’s little hand again.


Jian Songchu looked at this scene with a complicated face. There were too many flaws, which made him forget the embarrassment for a while.

[Help, the way the young master looked at them contained too much national essence]

[Is the lady’s look at the president full of surprise? HHHHHH]

Lu Xiangcheng was so angry that he was about to sit up from the sofa.

But he still overestimated himself in the end. As soon as he stood up, his knees trembled and he knocked a big gift in front of him making a loud “bang”.

“??????” This was Xu Hanyang who didn’t know why.

“……” This is Jian Songchu who has no words and a numb face.


[Young master, you really should live on another planet]

Lu Xiangcheng turned his head and propped his hands on the ground, his expression suddenly became more ferocious.

Just when the audience in the live broadcast room thought he was about to yell, Lu Xiangcheng took a deep breath, his shoulders trembled and he shouted, “Quick! Chuchu, please help me, I can’t get up!”



[Sure enough… what was I expecting just now?]

[Lu Xiangcheng really doesn’t consider transforming into a comedian?]




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