AAML Ch29 Pt1


Xu Hanyang felt a chill in his neck and got up silently, guilt was written all over his face.

He stretched out his hand almost subconsciously wanting to sit down next to Jian Songchu and started making jokes.

Jian Songchu sneered as he stretched out his long legs to stop Xu Hanyang from sitting down.

His eyes were not friendly and there was an undisguised murderous look in his eyes.

“…” Xu Hanyang froze, swallowed his saliva and silently withdrew his outstretched hand. He weakly stuffed the phone into his pocket fearing that Jian Songchu would be impulsive and delete all the photos up.

That is his treasure for the past five years.

[???????What happened???]

[Aren’t these two people still sweet at the last second? hhhhhhh]

[What’s in the CEO’s phone? (funny, jpg)]

[Look, madam is so angry hahahahaha]

“When was this filmed?” Jian Songchu looked at the man’s series of small movements and a professional smirk appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“…” Xu Hanyang’s whole body was stiff, he didn’t dare to speak, his eyes were a little wandering.

Jian Songchu looked at the man’s cowardly look and the smile on the corner of his mouth deepened. The deep and strange light in his eyes began to flicker continuously, “Did I get my consent for the filming?”

“…” Xu Hanyang took another sneak peek at Jian Songchu and lowered his head silently. He gave a weak “hmm”.


As soon as the man said this the silence suddenly turned into Jian Songchu.

The two looked at each other and a strange atmosphere circulated between them.

At this moment, Jian Songchu suddenly thought of something as his right eyelid twitched slightly. He quickly took out his mobile phone and clicked on his private photo album, ——–Jian Songchu has always ignored this point and never opened it before.

The moment he clicked on the settings Jian Songchu’s heartbeat began to accelerate uncontrollably and even the fingers touching the screen trembled uncontrollably.

Just after one o’clock, hundreds of indescribable photos popped up on the screen.

Glittering, naked.

Jian Songchu’s pupils trembled, he suddenly covered the phone, his whole body froze in place as if he had been greatly stimulated.

Damn, hot eyes.



Xu Hanyang still stood in front of him with an innocent face blinking, not knowing what Jian Songchu saw.

Jian Songchu couldn’t bear the visual impact of the scene just now, sat up suddenly, took a deep breath, and ran away in the direction of the exit without looking back, “Keep busy, I’ll go out for a drink first. ”

[What’s up, what’s wrong, tell me what happened?]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why can’t I see what they’re looking at!!!!!!!!!!!Why is there no close-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

[After all, we made the wrong payment, woo woo woo woo]

[One thing to say, Madam’s reaction looks like he wants to become angry from embarrassment hahahaha]

[Although it’s blurry, the phone screen seemed to be broken when the CEO dropped his phone just now]

[I saw it upstairs too, I died laughing]

[The president looks so pitiful, he has been watching the back of his wife leaving. His eyes seem to be full of all kinds of sorrow]
[Sisters, stop talking, I’m going to Madam’s live broadcast room, hahahahahahahaha]

[Wait for me, I’ll go too]


Jian Songchu almost ran away from the grocery store, his face was blue and white and his breathing was very rapid. The hand holding the mobile phone was slightly trembling.

“Chuchu?” Lu Xiangcheng watched Jian Songchu go downstairs with a cold face. He put down the broom while sweeping the floor and called out to the other party out of breath.

Jian Songchu seemed to be immersed in his own world. He didn’t hear anything outside the window. He didn’t hear Lu Xiangcheng calling him. He was rushing forward with a dark face.

“?” Lu Xiangcheng squinted his eyes, looking at his reaction inexplicably.

He followed Jian Songchu’s footsteps full of doubts and was about to pat him on the shoulder, “…you…”

Just as Lu Xiangcheng touched Jian Songchu’s shoulder. The latter gasped as if someone had touched Nilin, and his body trembled slightly.

Before Lu Xiangcheng could react, Jian Songchu turned around abruptly and grabbed his shoulder with his backhand.

Everything happened so fast, Lu Xiangcheng didn’t even resist at all and Jian Songchu lifted his whole body vigorously. The sudden stabbing pain from his shoulder made Lu Xiangcheng’s pupils tremble violently before he recovered.

In the next second, Jian Songchu threw him over his shoulder violently.

The man hit the ground with a “bang “, and Lu Xiangcheng groaned in pain blurting out the quintessence of nationalism, “I’m so sorry——-”

The severe pain made him curl up on the ground, and even the mobile phone with Jian Songchu was accidentally thrown away by his movements.

It was at this moment that Jian Songchu suddenly saw the other person’s face clearly.



Lu Xiangcheng was lying on the ground, his distorted face met Jian Songchu’s eyes and his eyes were still full of fear.

[Help, Madam, do you think the president is following you?]

[Young Master: Woohoo, why is it always me who gets hurt?]

[I declare that I would like to call the young master the most miserable people that spectates]

[Look quickly, Qi Nian in the corner, his expression is also full of sluggishness, hahahahaha]


Jian Songchu looked at Lu Xiangcheng on the ground a little stiffly with an embarrassing and guilty expression.

“…I’ll help you up…”

After reacting, Jian Songchu immediately reached out to help Lu Xiangcheng who was thrown to the ground by him.

“No no no no no!”

Unexpectedly, the latter was so frightened that he rolled on the ground again enduring the pain and retreated numbly. The panic in his eyes became more and more obvious.

“Don’t come here!”



Jian Songchu’s footsteps stopped immediately as he looked at him helplessly.

It took a long time in the corner to regain consciousness. Qi Nian looked at the scene in front of him as if he had been stimulated by something. He also put down his working tools and strode towards the ‘scene of the incident’.

The audience in the live broadcast room were delighted to see this scene, and there were many discussions.

[Is Qi Nian going to help the young master?]

[How did Lu Xiangcheng manage to be both miserable and funny?]
[I already feel the embarrassment of Madam’s overflowing screen, hahahahaha]

Hearing the footsteps behind him, Lu Xiangcheng raised his head in a panic and suddenly met Qi Nian’s clear eyes.

Lu Xiangcheng breathed a sigh of relief and almost subconsciously stretched out his hand wanting the other party to help him up from the ground.

Qi Nian didn’t even look at him, he ignored his outstretched hand and walked around his body lying on the ground then continued to walk forward.

“?????????” Lu Xiangcheng stared wide-eyed, staring at him with an unbelievable look as if written on his face, “Why didn’t you help me?”

In the next second, Lu Xiangcheng watched Qi Nian go straight forward then picked up the mobile phone that Jian Songchu accidentally threw out just now and handed it back to Jian Songchu.

“……” This is Lu Xiangcheng lying on the ground, enduring the pain.

“……” This is Jian Songchu who has not recovered yet, holding the phone.

“……” This is the program team staring at the screen behind the scenes.

The audience was silent.

[One thing to say, I found that a few of them can always do things that I think are unexpected but reasonable]

[Help, why is it so funny hahahahahahaha]

[When watching the show, I always feel that I am the one who is sick, and they are normal (bushi)]

[Upstairs + 1]

Qi Nian didn’t care about Lu Xiangcheng’s life or death at all. Instead, he began to look at Jian Songchu’s whole body. Both eyes seemed to be shining, and he couldn’t help raising his tone, with unconcealable curiosity, “How did you do it just now?”

“……” Jian Songchu blinked but didn’t speak. It took a long time to realize what Qi Nian meant.

However, Qi Nian seemed to have opened a magical door, walking back and forth around Jian Songchu feeling very excited, “You were too good just now.”

As he spoke, he just stretched out his hand and gestured trying to restore the scene where Lu Xiangcheng was thrown just now, his speech was a little incoherent and the light in his eyes began to gather, “….I, can I learn?…”


Jian Songchu glanced at Qi Nian with a complicated expression then at Lu Xiangcheng who was still lying on the ground and still didn’t speak.


Lu Xiangcheng’s pupils were dilated and he stared at the back of Qi Nian’s head both eyes seeming to be breathing fire.

[I’m dying of laughter, my son’s expression is really going to explode]

[Master: I’m still lying on the ground, are you polite?]

[Although Qi Nian’s appearance is not very pleasing, but he is really a living treasure, hahahahahahaha]

“?” Qi Nian seemed to have noticed Lu Xiangcheng’s strange gaze, he frowned and turned his head to look at him with a look of disgust. His cold and heartless face seemed to say “Why are you looking at me like that?” in large characters.


Lu Xiangcheng took a deep breath and rubbed his injured hand, endured the pain, twisted his face as if he got up from the ground.

As a result, the fall just now was really too heavy. Just as he was about to get up, his feet were stunned. He couldn’t stand still and his knees fell directly on the ground making a loud noise.



The next second, the door of the hall was pushed open from the outside, and Lu Xiangcheng met the horrified eyes of Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu who had just returned from shopping.


There was silence all around.

[Destroy it, I think you can live on another planet]

[Help, help, why is it so embarrassing?]

[No, I’m so embarrassed that my toes are curled up. I’ll go to the next door to see the president first, to ease my embarrassment]



Lu Xiangcheng gasped, his facial features were distorted and he tried his best to move his knees on the ground getting closer to the leather sofa at the side. Jian Songchu and Qi Nian looked at him at the same time with the eyes of a fool.

Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu both carried heavy plastic bags in both hands and walked into the room with dazed faces but their eyes were unconsciously attracted by Lu Xiangcheng who was kneeling.

Lu Xiangcheng supported the sofa and relying on the strength of his arms, he struggled to get up from the ground.

As soon as he stood up, he couldn’t bear it any longer. His whole body was exhausted and he collapsed to death on the sofa. The four characters of “life without love” were written all over his face.

[Young master seems to have given up struggling]

[Madam looked at him with guilt-filled eyes the whole time, it really made me laugh to death]

[Qi Nian seems to have completely become Madam’s little fanboy, hahahaha]

Jian Songchu cleared his throat, and asked tentatively, “…are you okay? Do you need to treat the wound?…”

Lu Xiangcheng raised his head slowly, his eyes were dul, and he looked half dead. He waved his hands and said numbly, “Leave me alone, let me lie down for a while.”


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