Jian Songchu’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he stared closely at Xu Hanyang’s eyes, his expression faintly dull.

Xu Hanyang tilted his head and stared at the other party without blinking. There seemed to be a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. He leaned down and sneaked into Jian Songchu’s ear with a hoarse voice, “… okay? ….”


Maybe the man’s smile was too bright, Jian Songchu subconsciously looked at Xu Hanyang’s light but sexy lips, rolled his throat subconsciously, even trembled with his pupils, and froze in place .

[?????? what happens???]

[I didn’t even blink my eyes, why did the expressions of the president and his wife suddenly become so lustful??]

[What is good?? What happened just now? Why is the president’s voice so sexy???]

[Program crew! Did you cut out key scenes again?]

[Director!! !I hate you!!!]

The entire live broadcast room mourned, wishing to pass through the screen and beat up the director team in charge of the broadcast. In fact the audience in the live broadcast room, even the director who had been sitting in front of countless electronic screens did not know what happened to the two of them just now.

The directors sitting in front of the monitor all looked at each other in blank dismay.

Jian Songchu, who came back to his senses, seemed to suddenly realize what he was doing just now, he quickly turned his eyes away, and subconsciously pushed the other party with his hands in a panic.

Xu Hanyang was unprepared, coupled with the fact that he was too tightly attached to Jian Songchu’s body, such a simple movement by Jian Songchu directly pushed him to sit on the ground.



The huge noise instantly attracted the attention of the eight onlookers nearby.

All of a sudden, eight eyes fell on Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang at the same time.


Jian Songchu resisted the embarrassment and silently covered his eyes.

But the person who should really be embarrassed, President Xu, sat up from the ground again with a calm face, and stuck to Jian Songchu’s side again completely ignoring the strong gazes of the other people.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[Help, it’s so embarrassing, hahahahahahaha]

[It still has to be the president, I’m going to use my toes to dig out three rooms and two halls for him]

[As the saying goes, as long as I’m not embarrassed, it’s someone else who is embarrassed. This is something the CEO has never done before.]

Seeing that other people were still staring at him, the president sat on the spot with a dignified face, and calmly met everyone’s gaze.



I don’t know who will take the lead first, the eight people who spectated resisted the urge to watch and looked away one after another.


Jian Songchu squinted at the big-hearted person beside him.

Xu Hanyang immediately pulled out a cute smile as if he was expecting the answer to some question.

Seeing the man’s reaction, Jian Songchu sighed helplessly. His fingertips also ran across the man’s palm and responded silently.

YES, — good.

The eyes of someone who had been reluctant just now suddenly lit up and his whole body seemed to have been pumped with chicken blood. His shoulders straightened up instantly and they clung even tighter in an instant.

The corners of Jian Songchu’s mouth curled slightly, he didn’t speak and quietly looked at someone who was easily satisfied and happy.

[Damn it, Madam actually showed his smile]

[Damn it, what’s going on with these two?]

[I have to say, the president is so cute (leave me alone, I’m talking nonsense)]


After everyone’s discussion, the final result of the discussion became that Zhou Linyu and Shen Zhong were in charge of going out to buy some desserts, fruits and other foods without product labels. Chen Fujing and Wu Chu were in charge of making barbecue. The rest were in charge of cutting the vegetables and tidying up the place except for Xu Hanyang and Jian Songchu.

Seeing that Xu Hanyang was going to the grocery room on the third floor to make a canopy tent with his bare hands, Lu Xiangcheng couldn’t help leaning over to Jian Songchu’s side and asked in a low voice, “Will that guy really know how to make this kind of thing?”

This is even more unbelievable than knowing that the president can cook at the beginning.

After all, cooking is still a common thing in daily life. Although Xu Hanyang doesn’t look like a person who can cook, it is not unacceptable to say that he can cook. But when it comes to using a sewing machine and making a canopy by himself. Once this kind of behavior is mentioned, it doesn’t sound like what a president of a listed company would do.

Jian Songchu’s expression remained unchanged with a smile on the corner of his mouth, he glanced at someone, shrugged, very relaxed, “Of course.”

This is not Jian Songchu’s big talk.

There are two main reasons why he was sure that Xu Hanyang would make a canopy tent. The first reason was that Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang often participated in some summer camps. During the summer vacation Xu Hanyang had very strong survival skills in the wild. The sewing machine helped him mend his clothes and embroidered pictures of various characteristic patterns for him.

That is to say, from that time, Jian Songchu knew that Xu Hanyang could barely be regarded as a hidden boss in this respect.

Lu Xiangcheng took a peek at Xu Hanyang in half-belief and saw the other party staring at him expressionlessly, he shivered all over the proceeded to clear his throat, straightened his back, and bypassed the other party as if nothing had happened and continued to do his own thing .

[As expected of the young master, the number one person to observe]

[I don’t know why I always feel that the son is sometimes cheap, but he is also very funny]

[Did Madam show her affectionate smile again just now!! 】

[Madam: My husband is great, I don’t accept rebuttals! Hhhhhhhh]

[Well, I’m a jackass, what exactly is a canopy tent?]

[Answer upstairs, there are many types of tents which can be divided according to function or number of layers, but the difference between the canopy and the tent is very obvious. The tent is fully wrapped and can be used for overnight stays, but the canopy is used for shading. It is equivalent to having a sun-shading roof cloth, the surrounding area is empty, and the space will be large. ]


As soon as he entered the grocery room Jian Songchu sat on the sofa and looked at someone with a smile in his eyes then asked half-jokingly, “Does Teacher Xu need help?”

Xu Hanyang took a long vinyl sky curtain from the cabinet and sat down in front of the sewing machine.

He looked in Jian Songchu’s direction, and couldn’t help showing a smile, “I need Teacher Jian to pour me a glass of water.”

[Tsk tsk tsk, call me teacher, is this a couple’s fun?]

[An unclean picture began to appear in my mind again]

[Help, shut up upstairs, I’m starting to become unclean too]

Jian Songchu naturally would not refuse Xu Hanyang’s request. He poured a glass of water nearby and was about to hand it to the table in front of Xu Hanyang.

Who knows how a man would be willing to let go of this opportunity for intimate contact so easily. Xu Hanyang stepped on the sewing pedal and raised his head abruptly, he raised his eyebrows slightly, “Chuchu feed me.”

“…” Jian Songchu stretched out his hand and pinched the soft flesh on the man’s neck, narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a bad tone, “Huh?”

A certain person seemed to be unable to feel the pain and continued to blink his eyes staring at Jian Songchu expectantly.

“….” Jian Songchu felt a little helpless, he chuckled and delivered the water glass to the man’s mouth following the man’s wishes.

[I found out! The president has learned how to push his limits now]

[Yes, yes, that’s it, the president obviously looks a little more arrogant than at the beginning, hahahahaha]

[Is this considered arrogance?]
[Why not? (Funny.JPG)]

It has to be said that Xu Hanyang is very professional. Seeing that the audience in the live broadcast room was still a little suspicious, he had already started to sew the first hot stamping sticker on this piece of cloth.

[I can’t believe it, the president actually knows it!! ]

[I’m in love with the whole thing, woo woo woo]

[Another day of envying my wife]

[Shocked! The president of Bosera Group actually did such a thing to save money!! ! ]

[The sisters upstairs publish a book]

Jian Songchu wanted to help several times but someone was afraid that he would be tired so he was asked to sit aside and rest.

Jian Songchu returned to the state of lying on the imperial concubine’s couch with a face of leisuire.

Seeing that he was really bored, Xu Hanyang handed over his mobile phone to the other party, “See if there is anything you like, just buy it.”


[?? ?? ?? ?? ??]

[Is this the domineering president? woo]

[Will I ever meet someone who told me to buy whatever I want in my life?]

Jian Songchu raised his eyebrows slightly but he didn’t twist it. He took the man’s cell phone and began to look through it seriously.

The difference is that this time Jian Songchu did not open the shopping software as usual, but Xu Hanyang’s photo album.

As soon as it opened at one o’clock Jian Songchu paused slightly, he stared at the photo on the screen and frowned slightly.

Since this is a grocery room, the director team did not expect any people to enter and exit this room at all so two panoramic monitors were arranged for the entire room, so that the audience in the live broadcast room could not see the faces of Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang clearly.

Jian Songchu’s position is simply a blind spot for surveillance.

For a moment, the audience in the live broadcast room mourned.


Jian Songchu looked at someone’s cell phone photo album and the more he turned back the more he frowned. The look he had at Xu Hanyang became more and more strange.

From time to time, Xu Hanyang turned his head to peek at Chu Chu and almost immediately noticed that the other party was staring at him with extremely strange eyes.

Xu Hanyang was slightly taken aback and couldn’t help but look down at himself completely unaware of what he did wrong as the other party looked at him with a very strange expression.

Jian Songchu looked at the phone, his eyes became more and more dangerous and even the hand that led him to hold the phone could not help but slowly clenched.

As the air pressure around Jian Songchu became lower and lower, Xu Hanyang also took more and more sneak peeks at the other party.



Neither of them spoke but in the cramped environment the atmosphere became more and more strange.

Xu Hanyang was even more worried.


I don’t know what he saw, but Jian Songchu’s face darkened suddenly and even the mobile phone he was holding in his hand fell to the ground due to slipping making a loud ‘pop’.


Xu Hanyang looked innocent.

[What’s the matter, what happened just now?]

[ Madam seems weird]

[Ahem, it seems that Madam checked out the secret in the CEO’s mobile phone (serious face.JPG)]

[I think the upstairs is right, hahahahahahaha]



Xu Hanyang stood up tentatively, and reached out to pick up the mobile phone that fell on the ground without knowing why. Jian Songchu continued to stare at the other party with a deadly look throughout the whole process.


Xu Hanyang swallowed a mouthful of saliva and slowly opened his lips cautiously, “…Chu Chu…”

“Oh” Jian Songchu sneered.

“?” The cold sweat on Xu Hanyang’s forehead involuntarily slid down.

Xu Hanyang picked up the phone and the moment he saw the screen clearly his right eyelid twitched slightly.

——-Xu Hanyang’s mobile phone is full of photos of Jian Songchu that he usually took.



The two met their eyes again.

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