Qi Nian is worthy of being a wealthy young master with a golden spoon. As soon as the cabinet was opened, the lady-level skin care products and face masks were all displayed in front of Jian Songchu.

Jian Songchu couldn’t but gasp at the sight of it.

Qi Nian opened the cabinet door further, and said generously, “Is there anything you like? You can take it as you like!”


[Who doesn’t know that Chairman Qi bought several skin care companies because of his children’s love for makeup and skin care?]

【?? ?? Holy shit, does Qi Nian’s family have any money?]

[How many generations do I have to struggle to buy some masks in Qi Nian’s cabinet? Woohoohoo]

[President (indifferent): Do you like it? I exchanged my life for it]

[If the president knew that his wife was seduced by some stuff, he designated that he wanted to use money to smash Qi Nian to death, hahahahahaha]

Young Master Jian Songchu still restrained his hand that was about to move, not too embarrassed to take too much.

But at the moment when Jian Songchu stretched out his hand to select, a refracted light suddenly shone into Qi Nian’s eyes, and the sharp-eyed Qi Nian immediately noticed the Oppenheimer blue diamond on Jian Songchu’s ring finger.

“…” Qi Nian’s pupils trembled, and he suddenly reached out and grabbed Jian Songchu’s wrist.

Jian Songchu thought it was because he took too much at one time, but the other party was not happy. He was about to put the one in his hand back when he saw Qi Nian exclaim, “Is this an Oppenheimer Blue Diamond?”

Jian Songchu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Qi Nian’s hands were shaking uncontrollably, both eyes were flashing frantically, and his voice was still a little trembling. He could vaguely hear the excitement in his words, “Xu Hanyang bought it for you?”

[Fuck, I used to bite a cold brother, but now I’m a cold brother, hahahaha]

[I have to say, Qi Nian is really cute]

[What is a blue diamond? I don’t know what he is talking about without subtitles]

[Question I will! It’s an Oppenheimer blue diamond! The largest Fancy Vivid blue diamond in the world’s auction history! The price is 335 million!! 】


【335 million?? ? ? ?? I have never seen money in my generation.]

[Fuck, I don’t even dare to act in a TV series.]

Naturally, Jian Songchu did not deny it, and he took off the ring frankly and handed it to Qi Nian, “Yes.”

The moment Qi Nian took the ring, he fell in love with it immediately. Both eyes were luminous with the naked eye. “I’ve only seen pictures of it in magazines. I really didn’t expect to be able to touch it in the future.”

The first time Jian Songchu saw Qi Nian’s demeanor and expression, he knew that the other party was like himself, and he felt a touch of kindness immediately, and the whole person’s state became tense, “There is also a diamond ring in my room, you wanna see?”

“Diamond ring?” As soon as Jian Songchu’s voice fell, Qi Nian was about to break his voice, and his facial features began to become elated.

Qi Nian grabbed Jian Songchu’s wrist, his fingers were shaking uncontrollably, and the whole person seemed a little incoherent, “…is that the one I know?…the 150-carat one… ..”

Jian Songchu interrupted him at the right time, “Yes.”

Qi Nian blurted out a sentence of national quintessence.

With that said, Qi Nian’s uncontrollable excitement grabbed Jian Songchu and couldn’t wait to rush into the other party’s room.

[So excited when I saw Qi Nian for the first time]

[Rivals in love are really going to become sisters]


Unlike what the audience in the live broadcast room thought, Xu Hanyang was secretly jealous in the corner.

At this moment, Xu Hanyang was staring at the noodles that Jian Songchu had not eaten.

What do you only eat in the early morning? According to the previous eating pattern, you will be hungry soon.

Thinking about it, Xu Hanyang cleaned up the mess and planned to make some delicious things for his baby again.

It must be that Chuchu thought it was not delicious, so he ate less. He wanted to make a better breakfast for Chuchu.

Just when the audience in the live broadcast room was betting on when the president would go to ‘catch the rape’, they watched the president walk into the kitchen and start cooking again.

[Fuck. Does the president want to redo breakfast?]

[No need to guess, the designation is for Mrs.]

[Fuck, it’s the one who envy Madam again, woo woo woo]

[Really the president? Shouldn’t he usually catch ‘Little San’ immediately? Hahahahaha]

[“The CEO of Billions of Vinegars: ‘Catch Mistresses’ Often”]

[I’m sorry, but I just want to know what kind of food the president cooks, it looks delicious, hahaha]

Seeing that Xu Hanyang was doing his cooking vigorously, the audience in the live broadcast room also began to let go of themselves and play tricks.


As soon as Jian Songchu opened the cabinet, the eyeballs of Qi Nian’s eyes almost fell off, and his mouth grew involuntarily, “Are these bought by Xu Hanyang?”

You must know that when Jian Songchu woke up and found that Xu Hanyang bought some for him, he was more excited than Qi Nian at the moment, so Jian Songchu understood Qi Nian’s reaction.

Suddenly, I don’t know what Qi Nian was thinking. His expression paused for a while, and then showed a ‘sudden realization’ look, “No wonder Xu Hanyang always attended various auctions before, it turned out to be to buy you a collection.”

As he said that, Qi Nian suddenly gave a low smile, “As expected of a man I have ever seen, spending money is generous.”

As soon as Qi Nian finished speaking, all kinds of laughter began in the live broadcast room.

[Qi Nian still has the gift of being funny]

[It’s a kind of generous acknowledgment, not embarrassed, I think it’s pretty good]

[Intuition tells me that Qi Nian has become a CP fan of the CEO’s husband, hahahaha]

Seeing the harmony in the live broadcast room, until a barrage appeared, the trend of public opinion in the entire live broadcast room began to turn into a strange direction.

[Wait, can anyone give me a little bit of science for a country bumpkin, some of my lady’s bags and jewelry cost less]

[I don’t understand, the next one is up]

【Blind guess tens of millions】

[As a fashion trendsetter, let me answer a question, Qi Nian just took a Birkin bag, no crocodile leather, the bag is made of platinum, if I remember correctly, there are 2182 Diamond, weighing 208 carats]

【?? ?? ?? ?? ?】

【?? ?? ?? ?? ?】


[The one in the shape of a heart is called the One Thousand and One Nights Diamond Bag, which is more expensive than the platinum bag just now. It is handmade from 18K gold and has 4517 diamonds, including pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and white diamonds. It has also won the Guinness World Records Certification of Records]

[…‌Is it a rich man’s world? …]

[No….I’m dizzy, it’s too expensive…]

Xu Hanyang, who didn’t even know that the pot exploded in the barrage area, was silently preparing food in the kitchen. Jian Songchu and Qi Nian had a heated discussion about luxury goods.

And at the same time, a topic named “Xu Hanyang is rich” rushed to the hot search on Weibo with lightning speed at this moment. The fast public relations team of Bo Shi Entertainment has not yet begun to deal with the control of public opinion. It quickly detonated the network.

Followed by some unpleasant voices on the Internet.

[Can you really be rich? How did Xu Hanyang become the president? It’s not easy at such a young age…]

【A while ago, wasn’t it true that all the celebrities and big V Internet celebrities were exposed to tax evasion? I really think the State Taxation Bureau can check the tax situation of Bosher Group]

[Don’t blame me for the conspiracy theory, it’s really hard not to make people wonder if it’s tax evasion…]

Because the situation happened so fast, the program team didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem, and even Xu Hanyang’s public relations team didn’t have time to deal with it.


Qi Nian was sitting on the bed, as if someone had opened the conversation box, and he discussed with Jian Songchu about some issues such as bags and skin care as if they had met late.

With that said, Qi Nian warmly invited, “I’ll put on a mask for you, the effect is very immediate.”

When Xu Hanyang made the black pepper steak pasta and was about to bring it to the room, when he entered the door, he saw Qi Nian leaning on Jian Songchu’s body and excitedly touching the other’s face.

Hearing the opening of the door, Qi Nian, who was lying on Jian Songchu’s body, suddenly lifted him up and met Xu Hanyang’s gloomy gaze.

Qi Nian’s pupils trembled, his whole body jolted, and he jumped away from Jian Songchu.

Jian Songchu sat on the bed with a bewildered face.

Probably because of the lessons learned from the past, Qi Nian’s reaction speed was significantly faster than the last time.

He hurriedly put away his expression, left the bed, and said with a serious expression, “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do anything.”

Xu Hanyang squinted at the other party, did not speak, and his face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

As soon as Qi Nian finished speaking, he felt embarrassed.

Although he is not afraid of shadows, he feels guilty about the scene just now.

The room couldn’t stay any longer, so Qi Nian hurriedly raised his hands and made an expression of ‘I really didn’t do anything’, “Talk to you, I’ll leave the space for you!”

After speaking, Qi Nian said that he would slip away without any hesitation.

Not only that, Qi Nian even closed the door for the two of them intimately, with a constant smile on his face, “have a good chat, don’t quarrel.”

On the other hand, Jian Songchu, who was sitting on the bed, was in a state of bewilderment, “Who am I, where am I, and what am I doing?”, detached from the world.

As soon as Qi Nian left, Jian Songchu met Xu Hanyang’s eyes.

[Fuck, I really want to be laughed to death by the three of them, hahahaha]

[How on earth did Qi Nian do, from being his wife’s rival in love to the president’s rival? I can’t laugh anymore]

[I have to use my toes to dig out three rooms, two living rooms for Qi Nian, it’s too funny.]

【Tax evasion dog?】

[What’s going on in the live broadcast room, why are people doing things like tax evasion?]

Xu Hanyang’s Adam’s apple rolled and his brows were furrowed. Just as he was about to open his lips to say something, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang, breaking the strange atmosphere between the two.

Xu Hanyang was stunned for a while. He first put the prepared food on the coffee table, then handed the slippers to Jian Songchu’s feet. Cheng moved naturally, and finally slowly took out the phone in his pocket and walked to the edge of the balcony.

He glanced at the notes on the phone screen, his eyes narrowed slightly, his eyebrows twitched, “Hello.”

On the phone, as soon as the person finished speaking, Xu Hanyang frowned slightly and repeated the key words in the other party’s words, “Hot search?”

Saying that, the man casually raised his head and glanced in the direction of the mirror. His expression was still as calm as usual, without showing any signs of embarrassment.

Jian Songchu sat on the bed and didn’t move, watching Xu Hanyang’s back in a trance, his eyes returning to the food the man had just made for him.

[I’m rubbing it, it’s exciting. As soon as I was on the hot search, the PR call was made to the client.]

[No, no, no, I’ve only been knocking for a few hours, so will the house collapse again?]

【Ahhhhh, why, why, I’m already panicking]

[…If you really evade taxes, will this show be kicked out of your horse…]

Xu Hanyang’s expression was still indifferent as he listened to the person on the phone quietly, and seemed not to be in a hurry.

Even so, the gloomy meaning of the man’s body was still somewhat uncontrollable, which was a quality inherent in a person.

He looked back at Jian Songchu, met Jian Songchu’s innocent eyes, Xu Hanyang’s expression moved slightly, put down the phone, walked over to the bed, directly picked up Jian Songchu who was sitting on the bed, and put him on the sofa.

“How did you make it?” Jian Songchu pointed to the food the man had just made, and he was still a little confused.

Xu Hanyang began to cut the steak, his expression remained the same, “If you eat too little in the morning, you will definitely be hungry.”

Saying that, he stuffed the cut meat into Jian Songchu’s mouth.

Seeing that the man wanted to feed him bite by bite, Jian Songchu silently pointed to the phone that he had not hung up on, and gave a simple gesture, “You haven’t finished the call yet.”

The staff on the phone naturally listened to the conversation, Cheng Da didn’t dare to take a breath, and tried his best to reduce his sense of existence.

Thank you madam, the CEO just forgot me!
woo woo woo…

Xu Hanyang paused, put down the knife and fork, picked up the mobile phone on the table, cut the mess without any nonsense, and said sternly, “Let the finance department work overtime to sort out the company’s financial report, and then download it from the State Administration of Taxation. The results of the corporate tax credit rating inquiry are packaged and sent to the public relations team for him to handle.”

After speaking, Xu Hanyang hung up the phone, picked up the knife and fork again, and indulged in the fun of feeding Jian Songchu with relish, but he didn’t have a chance to speak to the person on the other side of the phone.

Jian Songchu vaguely guessed what happened, narrowed his eyes and asked, “What happened?”

Xu Hanyang’s expression was still indifferent, and he couldn’t see too much emotion. He cut another piece of beef and put it to Jian Songchu’s mouth, then slowly pulled out a smile, “No…”

“….I was just thinking, what kind of new bag should I buy you now…”

[Fuck, the CEO is awesome, that sentence is too A. 】

[Sure enough, I still have to be upright and not afraid of shadows, so I speak with attitude, I’m a fan ah ah ah ah]

[Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu had just scared me to death. Now, looking at the tough attitude of the president, my hanging heart can be regarded as letting go]

[One thing to say, I hope that the public relations teams of other companies can learn from the Bosera Group. The speed of handling problems is really great]


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After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show.

After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show.

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
【Text 1】 Wake up. Lying in a hospital bed, Jian Songchu found that he not only lost his memory for nearly five years, but also gained a cheap husband for no reason. He tremblingly called the phone. With just a "drip" sound, the phone was quickly picked up by the other side. On the other end of the phone came the man's low, hoarse and sexy voice, "Miss me?" As soon as the voice came out, Jian Songchu's whole body fell to the ground with goosebumps. Help! His ears are getting pregnant! Jian Songchu shivered and opened his lips, "...you, are you my husband? I have lost my memory. I'm in the hospital now, can you come and pick me up?" man:"????" Within ten minutes, the man rushed to the scene to help Jian Songchu to handle everything after the car accident. Jian Songchu stared at the face of the other party that was so familiar. The originally rosy face turned pale with a 'swish'. #What should I do if I wake up and become the wife of the enemy? Is it too late for me to faint again now? # 【Text 2】 The new director and the billionaire president have been married for five years. In order to promote his new movie, Jian Song gritted his teeth and accepted an invitation to a love variety show. After losing his memory, Jian Song heard that he wanted to go to a love variety show with his nemesis. I immediately refused: Laughing to death, I won't fall in love in this variety show! The next second, Jian Songchu, who saw the astronomical liquidated damages, quickly changed his face. Jian Songchu: Come on! What a black-hearted program group! For the money, take it! It is rumored that the president of Bo Shi has a handsome face that can blind the netizens. He is not only bad-tempered, but also cold-tempered, and loves no one but his wife. People send nicknames: henpecked husband, cold face Yama. And Jian Songchu, who has never been exposed in the public eye, immediately attracted the curiosity of netizens. *Before the broadcast, netizens sneered. [Laughing to death, what else does the president set up his character as a doting husband to his wife? Sit and wait! ] [I hope everyone knows, all the so-called 'model couples' appearing on variety shows in love will eventually collapse] * After the broadcast, netizens shouted 'really fragrant'. [Fuck, fuck, I was wrong, I was wrong, Madam is so beautiful! ! Let me kneel and lick! ] [Fuck, this CEO looks like a husky in front of his wife, really can't wait to stick his eyes on the little beauty] [Woooooo, kdlkdl((kedaole or 磕到了 is a expression used by bxg and other cp fans when they've caught a sweet moment between the cp.)), can the program group keep the lights on at night?, what is there that our paying users can't watch! ! ] In the variety show, Jian Songchu, whose thoughts wandered from time to time, stared at the figure of the man who was busy before and after, and was amazed, "Is This guy really not possessed by a ghost???"    


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