Due to the swimming accident last night, the program team did not find the problem at the first time, and rescued it in time, resulting in all major platforms on the Internet accusing and scolding it, and even worse, they exclaimed, ‘Stop broadcasting!’

In order to avoid similar occurrences, the program team installed mirrors on the high-risk areas in the villa overnight.

Especially the balcony that Xu Hanyang climbed over. In order to prevent the second occurrence of this incident, the program team directly installed guardrails, which completely blocked the possibility of the president from climbing the balcony in the future.

The management in charge of Xu Hanyang’s public relations also issued a warning to the program team at the same time, ——If the program team continues to show the private life of Mr. Xu Hanyang and Mr. Jian Songchu without limit, they will take compulsory measures.

Even the program team had to deal with the scolding from netizens externally, and it also had to solve various difficulties internally.

In order to preserve the program, the director team removed some of the mirrors that were too private, and promised to pay attention to the processing of Mike’s pictures when necessary.

Early in the morning, Jian Songchu felt that he was almost suffocated by being held. He suddenly opened his eyes and pulled the person who was stubbornly pulling him away from him.

A certain felt the thrust, and hugged his backhand even tighter, directly stuffing his head into the side of Jian Songchu’s neck.

Jian Songchu was lying flat on the bed with an unrequited look on his face, and the itching sensation from his chin made Jian Songchu hide from side to side. Because of last night’s episode, Xu Hanyang became more clingy for a while.

Who would have guessed that as soon as Jian Songchu dodged a little bit, the man was like a dog skin plaster applied again.

Seeing that Jian Songchu couldn’t bear it any longer, he planned to kick someone who was pressing on him out of bed, but the latter felt it, stretched his thighs, and pressed him directly on Jian Songchu’s body.

Jian Songchu lay flat on the bed with a cold face, half of his hair was pinched by the man sleeping on his right side.

Xu Hanyang didn’t sleep deeply, maybe he felt Jian Songchu’s body movements, and the sleeping CEO slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at the face in front of him that couldn’t be more familiar, he hugged him tighter with joy, and stole a scent from Jian Songchu’s neck.

Jian Songchu’s eyes were deep and he turned slowly.

Xu Hanyang’s heart tightened when he was stared at, and he shrank his neck subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, the arc of his movements was too large, and even the long hair that he accidentally pressed was pulled back because of his movements, pulling Jian Songchu’s skin.

The violent pulling caused Jian Songchu to take a deep breath.

Jian Songchu continued to stare at each other with a death gaze.

Xu Hanyang weakly withdrew his hands and legs, slowly moved his head away from Jian Songchu’s hair, and stepped back cautiously, his entire expression seemed to be “prepared for death”.

Jian Songchu’s eyes were cold and his tone was unkind, “How long has it been since you shaved?”

“?” Xu Hanyang looked dull, almost subconsciously lifted the quilt and looked at himself.

【?? ?? ? ?? ? What the fuck are the madam and the president doing? Why are they talking about it?]

[Wait, can I hear it?]

[Damn it, is it a theater for married husbands?]

[Uuuuu, the only pity is that there is no picture, just listening to them speak, I can no longer control my little Jiujiu.]

【? ?? Did I miss it?? Why did the program group suddenly not give pictures?]

“…” As soon as Jian Songchu saw the man’s subconscious reaction, he suddenly realized how ambiguous the words he just said were.

He covered his face with his hands numbly, gritted his teeth and said, “I’m talking about a beard.”

“…” Xu Hanyang’s expression froze, and he silently covered the quilt, “…Okay…”

[Fuck! Did I just look forward to it?]

[Stop driving in the barrage! I don’t want the live broadcast room to be banned ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah]

[I really want to die of laughter at the president’s reaction]

The experience has just happened, and he was completely woken up by Jian Songchu’s drowsiness.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, rolled over suddenly, sat up, and got up to take a shower.

At the same time, the picture in the live broadcast room returned to normal.

Someone looked abandoned, lying innocently on the bed, with wet eyes, watching Jian Songchu go to the bathroom.

[Finally, there is a picture, I’m dying of anxiety]

[I bet a dime, the president will definitely get up, flush the bathroom, and then do something bad]

[Don’t gamble, the president has already climbed up, hahahaha]

As everyone expected, the president who got up hurriedly ran towards the bathroom door. The bathroom door that was just closed by Jian Songchu was opened by the man with his backhand.

Jian Songchu’s eyebrows twitched slightly while holding a comb to straighten his knotted hair, “…”

The bathroom door was closed again.


【Why do you treat us as outsiders!! !! 】

[I’m not convinced, I’m not convinced, woo woo woo woo]

[Mom asked me, why do I have to kneel on the ground to watch the live broadcast, woo woo woo]

【It took a long time to wait until the screen ah ah ah ah, I! No! Willing! Heart! 】


Wu Chu, who had cooked the noodles, served bowls one after another to the table. Yesterday, everyone made a rotation table on the issue of cooking, and they also strictly controlled the time for eating.

By the time Jian Songchu changed his clothes and walked out the door, the other eight people had already sat down at the dining table and started eating slowly.

It was too late for Xu Hanyang to wait until everyone had eaten about the same.

Wu Chu stared at Xu Hanyang’s face, dumbfounded, “What’s wrong with President Xu’s face?”

Xu Hanyang sat at the dining table with his ripped face, secretly glanced at Jian Songchu beside him, weakly lowered his sense of existence, and did not dare to make a sound at all.

No wonder Wu Chu was amazed, but Xu Hanyang’s forehead hit a huge bag, not only turning blue, but also faintly showing signs of bleeding.

[Fuck, we also want to know what happened!]

【Who can tell me what happened during the half hour that the CEO and his wife were in the bathroom?! Why did the CEO’s face look like this when he was in the bathroom, woo woo woo]

[It’s really not possible, let’s crowdfunding and press a monitor in the bathroom, woo woo woo]

Lu Xiangcheng took a mouthful of yogurt and couldn’t help but interject, “Could it be the first hit?”

“…” Jian Songchu put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a piece of paper, with a cold and glamorous gesture of “I am very noble, don’t get close to someone”.

One can only blame Xu Hanyang for suddenly letting go of himself. Jian Songchu couldn’t adapt at all, so he resorted to some ‘violent methods’.

The entire dining table looked at each other, undercurrents surging.

The unscrupulous Lu Xiangcheng took another sip, completely unaware that something was wrong around him.

Looking at the fool, Qi Nian couldn’t help but move his stool to distance himself from the other party.

After realizing it, Lu Xiangcheng vaguely realized that everyone around him was looking at him, and the hand holding the chopsticks froze in place.

[Master son, the child is pure]

[Me and Qi Nian’s expressions are exactly the same, hahahaha]

[The world of adults should be seen or not, the young master still lacks experience (lit cigarette.JPG)]

But he still had a big heart, and thought to himself, “Isn’t it normal for a husband to quarrel? Anyway, the bed quarrels and the end of the bed closes…”

Qi Nian on the side couldn’t help it, rolled his eyes and stepped on the opponent’s sneakers.
Stupid, please shut up.

Lu Xiangcheng sucked in a breath of cold air from the pain, his eyes suddenly widened, “Damn, why are you stepping on me?” It’s a limited edition!

Lu Xiangcheng’s eyes turned away from Qi Nian instantly, he paused, looked around, and immediately caught everyone’s obscure gaze, immediately lowered his head, and began to pretend to be calm and continue to eat his own food.

The sudden silence made the atmosphere even more strange for a while.

Wu Chu, who was the first to speak just now, silently picked up his empty bowl and got up and left.

The others immediately followed suit, one by one, hurriedly fleeing the crime scene.

In an instant, the entire dining table was left, Lu Xiangcheng, who was not a single beat, Qi Nian, who was fearless, and the president’s husband, who was surging with undercurrents.

[It’s the four-person Shura field again, I’m really about to be laughed madly]

[How did the son-in-law manage not to run away under such embarrassing circumstances?]

[No! I’m surprised that Qi Nian didn’t run away. Since he confessed to his wife last night, I see him becoming more and more like a spectator]

Jian Songchu met Qi Nian’s eyes, and his eyes stopped in the air.

Qi Nian immediately took the newly bought mobile phone and secretly sent a message to Jian Songchu.

[Unforgettable: I stocked up the Givenchy Ink algae Black Gold Lace Mask, if I want it, I will divide it in half, I feel like yesterday’s sun burned my face]

Feeling the hint in Qi Nian’s eyes, Jian Songchu took out his mobile phone. As soon as he saw the information, his right eyelid twitched uncontrollably.

[Holy Shit, I remember that this mask cost only four pieces for 3,000 yuan!! !】

[Is that the young master of the Qi Group? Woohoo, I’m going to be jealous]

[Sure enough, there are classes among people, I really fucked hard]

[I’ve made up for Qi Nian’s brain. It’s a good show that if you don’t work hard, you will go home and inherit the family property]

Jian Songchu and Qi Nian continued to look at each other, and they communicated quickly through the electric waves in their eyes.

‘Now? ’

Before Lu Xiangcheng, who was embarrassedly buried in the bowl, could react, suddenly the large dining table stood up at the same time.

Lu Xiangcheng’s eyebrows twitched, and he glanced at Qi Nian, who suddenly stood up, and Jian Songchu, who also got up.

What’s the situation?

The next second, he watched as Qi Nian and Jian Songchu seemed to have negotiated, and walked side by side in a very tacit understanding, then walked towards the stairs on the second floor.

“…” Lu Xiangcheng was stunned the whole time.
When will the personal relationship be good?

Just when Lu Xiangcheng couldn’t help but smack his tongue alone, when he turned away, he suddenly looked at someone with a cold and cruel look.

Lu Xiangcheng’s whole body jolted, he immediately picked up the bowl he hadn’t finished eating, and walked silently to the rest area beside him.

[Young Master: I didn’t rob my wife, don’t kill me!]

[There is one more person on the president’s assassination list, hahahahaha]

[I have to say that the president is still very virtuous. Although he stared at his wife’s back in a daze just now, he was still very honest and started to clean up the mess and prepare to wash the dishes]

[President: My wife doesn’t want me anymore, ehhhhh]


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