AAML Ch23 Pt1

“Fuck, Jian Songchu, did you major in swimming before?”

Wu Chu emerged from the water and exclaimed.

From the moment Jian Songchu first entered the water, Wu Chu stared at each other with a stunned expression, as if a mermaid merged with the water, and his body twisted and swirled in the water very naturally.

The movements are not only beautiful like a ballet dancer, but also the speed is directly comparable to that of a professional game player.

In the simple round just now, Jian Songchu directly threw the three of them out with absolute strength.

Jian Songchu naturally emerged from the water, took off the goggles with one hand, and looked at Wu Chu, who was stunned. His expression remained unchanged and slowly, “I was worried about accidental drowning, so I studied professionally.”

Wu Chu wiped his face and couldn’t help but wonder, “It’s really a pity not to go to the competition at your level.”

Jian Songchu didn’t think of anything, and shook his head, “Trouble, it’s not even a hobby.”

Chen Fujing also came out of sleep, a little surprised, “Does this count as a talent?”

The one who was left behind by the three of them, Zhou Linyu, was unable to swim and had frail limbs. Unable to swim to the beach, Zhou Linyu was about to come up from the water.

As a result, as soon as the other person stood up, his toes twitched violently, and his entire face became contorted due to the throbbing.

Wu Chu and Chen Fujing had their backs to Zhou Linyu, and Zhou Linyu himself was hiding in the water, so for a while, not only did they not notice Zhou Linyu’s difference, but even the director team didn’t notice anything wrong.

It wasn’t until Zhou Linyu’s entire head was submerged in the water that he didn’t move for a long time that the audience in the live broadcast room vaguely noticed something was wrong.

[Holy shit, why is Xiaoyu not moving!]

[It feels like I’m drowning…]

【Ah, ah, ah, my brother is drowning!】

【Director! Hurry up and save people!】

【Are you blind? Why don’t you save people?】

[Come on, heavy, your wife is drowning!! 】

At the same time, the director who was standing in front of the monitor also vaguely sensed something was wrong, and hurriedly grabbed the assistant director beside him, panting and panicking, “Did he drown! Quick! Let the staff go!”

Just as Jian Songchu was about to leave the water, out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Zhou Linyu, who was drowning due to cramps in his feet.

Jian Songchu stared at the churning water splashes, his watch changed slightly, his pupils shrank suddenly, as if he suddenly realized something, without Wu Chu and Chen Fujing reacting, he quickly put on his goggles without hesitation. ‘Drilling into the water’ and approaching in the direction of Zhou Linyu.


[Thank you Madam, I will remember this for the rest of my life!]

[Fuck, what did the director team do, no one came to deal with it for a long time! I vomited!]

Jian Songchu ventured into the bottom of the water, trying to identify the underwater situation.

Zhou Linyu struggled to stick his head out of the water, wanting to call for help, but his hands and feet began to swing uncontrollably, “…help, help…”

Wu Chu and Chen Fujing also realized something later, they looked at each other with a hint of panic in their eyes, and hurried into the water, intending to help.

Jian Songchu emerged from the water and shouted at Wu Chu and Chen Fujing with a sullen face, “Quick! Go get the rescue!”

The two Wu Chu who responded immediately followed suit.

Jian Songchu gradually approached Zhou Linyu, breathing a little deeper, and hurriedly said to comfort, “I’m here to save you, don’t move around, relax your whole body, or we will all die.”

Zhou Linyu twisted his face and nodded vigorously.

After confirming that Zhou Linyu really wouldn’t struggle, Jian Songchu first swam behind him, swimming on his back, one hand through the underarm of Zhou Linyu’s left hand, grabbed his right hand, and swam back.

Zhou Linyu was as ferocious as ever.

Jian Songchu took a deep breath, explained the reason for his drowning, and hurriedly said, “Stretch your toes apart and straighten your breath to adjust your breathing.”

Zhou Linyu obeyed.

Seeing that, Jian Songchu was about to hold someone close to the shore, and the big man in the swimming pool suddenly opened it from the front.

Xu Hanyang’s eyes were red, and he stood in the mouth with a gloomy face, as if he noticed everything in the room at a glance.

“…” His lips were tightly closed, and his eyes stared straight at Jian Songchu, who had not yet landed. His whole body seemed to be ill, and his body trembled and twitched uncontrollably.

Wu Chu and Chen Fujing stood on the shore, and together they dropped the rescue ring, and then went into the water to help.

The whole process was very thrilling, and the audience in the live broadcast room almost suffered a heart attack

[Holy Shit, Madam is so awesome]

[Just now, I felt my heart speed up]

[Really, I can’t breathe at all]

[The president is here!! !! 】

[It’s over, Barbie is Q, Madam is showing his chest now (no)]

[The president’s face seems to be getting darker]

[The Battle of Shura Field is about to break out]

Jian Songchu took a deep breath, held Zhou Linyu up, and cooperated with Wu Chu and the others to bring Zhou Linyu ashore.

When he raised his eyes, he suddenly met Xu Hanyang’s dark and gloomy eyes.

“…” Jian Songchu was stunned for a moment, his eyes flashing slightly, and he felt guilty for a while. Don’t open your eyes.

Coupled with the urgency of the tense, Jian Songchu didn’t care too much, and quickly got up from the water, squatted down in front of Zhou Linyu, and began to help him press and relax his calf.

Wu Chu and Chen Fujing worked together to support Zhou Linyu’s back and slapped each other hard to prevent the other from choking.

The man standing clenched his fists with both hands, as if he was trying to suppress something, his face was horrifying, and even the frequency of his body tremors continued to increase.

[It’s over, it’s over, the president is going to beat someone up…]

[I feel that the current president is a little different from usual…]

[The president’s body was trembling, I was frightened]

Chen Fujing and Wu Chu also noticed the sudden appearance of Xu Hanyang, their eyelids twitched slightly at the same time, and they subconsciously looked at Jian Songchu who was trying to rescue him.

The man’s eyes were very hot, like a clammy pit viper roaming back and forth on Jian Songchu’s body, and his presence was too strong to be ignored.

Xu Hanyang tried his best to control his thoughts and spread his legs, but he just took a step when his legs clunked and knelt on the ground, making a loud noise.

The man wanted to stand up for the first time, but he knelt down again uncontrollably, and his whole state seemed a little crazy.

[Damn it, what’s wrong with this? The president’s state is really strange]

[I seem to smell a trace of it’s not simple…]

Hearing the voice, Jian Songchu frowned. He didn’t care about the water on his body at all. He rushed up and subconsciously wanted to support someone who was breathing erratically, so he pulled up from the top.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Before Jian Songchu pulled him up, the latter grabbed his wrist with his backhand, and pulled him into his arms, and Jian Songchu sat directly on the man’s lap.




The two looked at each other.

Jian Songchu’s expression was suddenly cold, and the words ‘No Love’ were written on his face.

This posture is somewhat socially dead.

【? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 】

[What happened? ? ? ? Why did the program team suddenly cut the screen? ? ? 】

[No, no, according to the nature of urine, I suspect that the wife and the president have done something that cannot be broadcast, hahahaha]



Xu Hanyang opened his mouth aggrieved, his voice hoarse, “…the beginning…”

The blue veins at Jian Songchu’s temple also twitched slightly, and he slapped the other person’s face, “Shut up.”

The man held back for a moment, then said weakly, “…but I…”

Jian Songchu slapped the other side of the face again.

“Hold on!”

If he gets up he’ll find out.

Seeing that the two were at a stalemate, the director’s team and the rest of the guests who received the news rushed over.

With a heavy face, he rushed in front of Zhou Linyu, hugged him, and asked with a worried look, “Did you have a leg cramp and choked?”

As a spectator, Lu Xiangcheng noticed at first sight a certain pair of ‘dog boys and boys’ who didn’t pay much attention to style.

Qi Nian, who was long overdue, looked at the two of them with the same expression.

Lu Xiangcheng tilted his head and looked at Qi Nian tacitly.


Qi Nian frowned and glared at each other.

Stupid, what!

[What’s wrong with these two people, they are tit for tat when they see each other]

[One thing to say, I think Qi Nian is quite cute, hahahaha]

[Master Young Master looks like a big injustice, can’t live to laugh anymore]

[Speaking of why the president and his wife never get up, I want them to die of laughter]

[You said…is there a possibility…]

[Half of this talk upstairs is really thought-provoking (funny.JPG)]

Jian Songchu grabbed the hard flesh on both sides of Xu Hanyang’s shoulders with both hands, looking cold and stern, “Why are you still not well?”


Xu Hanyang’s lips were tightly closed and he didn’t dare to make a sound.

At this moment, Jian Songchu’s body was covered with water stains that had yet to be wiped, on his face, neck, collarbone…

The whole person looks like a delicious food that exudes a tempting fragrance.

Xu Hanyang’s eyes began to wander uncontrollably on Jian Songchu’s body, even rolling around unconsciously with his Adam’s apple.


The two looked at each other.

Jian Songchu couldn’t bear it any longer and was about to stand up.

A certain Erha’s heart trembled, almost subconsciously locking Jian Songchu’s waist.

The two hugged.



Jian Songchu held his breath, his eyes seemed to reveal murderous intent, and he stuck his body to the other person’s ear, “Believe it or not, I’ll let you off.”


‘, this sentence seems to have come true.
They are all married.

After realizing that he had said nonsense without deterrent, Jian Songchu tried his best to control his urge to hold his forehead.


Seeing that Xu Hanyang still had an innocent face, Jian Songchu became even more angry and pinched him again.

Er Ha didn’t dare to breathe, so he could only put it down and admit it.

[Laughing to death, what are the president and his wife doing?]

[It’s numb, why is there no high-definition close-up view of this location, we don’t know what the two of them are doing]

[Why didn’t the director team give the president a panoramic shot? Are we VIPs not worthy of it? Even asking us to make up our own minds]

[Sorry, I admit that I am an LSP. I am going to start writing and start producing food. The name is “Days and Nights with the Billionaire President”]
[HAHAHAHA, don’t go upstairs, leave the URL, I’ll go to support]

[Let’s just say, see you in a certain Tang]

Lu Xiangcheng saw a certain pair of ‘dog boy’ who had a cold squatting on Yuan motionless for a long time. Unable to bear the curiosity, he finally couldn’t help but gradually approached the position of the two.

Not noticing anything different, Lu Xiangcheng crouched down suddenly, couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and poked Jian Songchu’s back, tsk tsk admiration, “Damn, hello Chuchu.”



Audience: Brother, what are you doing?

Xu Hanyang’s pupils shrink suddenly, his eyes suddenly seemed to be breathing fire, he grabbed Jian Songchu’s thigh with one hand, and stood up abruptly.

Jian Songchu was startled, and subconsciously hooked his hands around the man’s neck.

The posture of the two suddenly became more intimate.

Lu Xiangcheng, who was spectating, still stretched his hand out in the air, and before he had time to retract it, he looked innocently at Xu Hanyang and the hawk-like black eyes.



[Young Master is really bold]

【Sure enough, you can’t hide the eyes of someone who wants a knife alone】

[Madam’s face is about to turn blue, hahahahaha]

[By the way, the president’s arm is so strong, and his wife’s movement of holding it up is too easy]

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