Jian Songchu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and some did not react.

He remembered.

On the day of the graduation ceremony ten years ago, he was drinking with his classmates in a bar after attending the graduation ceremony.

He overdrank and lost control in the bar, according to his classmates who were with him that day. He casually gives a french kiss to a “Lucky audience.” In the end, he decided that the other person’s kissing abilities were too poor, so they just went out to eat.

Because Jian Songchu didn’t have any impression after sobering up, and he didn’t have any injuries from a fight, so he always thought it was a joke and rumored by others.



The two stared at each other instantly.

Jian Songchu took a deep breath, turned around expressionlessly, stiffened his body, and then quickened his pace and silently walked towards the villa.

—— Xu Hanyang saw at a glance that this was Jian Songchu’s stress response whenever he was shy.

Xu Hanyang immediately followed, and several times he tried to shake Jian Songchu’s hand, but the latter ruthlessly shook it off.

Xu Hanyang was aggrieved, and opened his lips weakly, “Chuchu…”

Jian Songchu was ruthless, “Don’t call me, I’m not familiar.”

Xu Hanyang’s expression suddenly became even more pitiful, and he carefully pulled the other’s little finger, “…don’t be angry…”

Jian Songchu suddenly stopped and looked back at the other party with dangerous eyes, “When did you start liking me?”

“…” Xu Hanyang’s expression froze, his mouth opened and closed, he hesitated for a long time without saying a word.

Jian Songchu sneered and pulled away from the other party then continued to walk into the villa angrily.

Xu Hanyang hurriedly chased after him, wanting to hold the opponent’s hand, “…chuchu…”

Who knew that when Jian Songchu saw the other party chasing after him, he stepped on the man’s leather shoes very rudely while stepping on the shoes whose soles were full of mud.

“!” The sudden stabbing pain made Xu Hanyang almost cry out.


The man hadn’t finished speaking, but Jian Songchu didn’t give Xu Hanyang any buffer time, and ran away.

Xu Hanyang’s face was sluggish, until Jian Songchu ran out for a long distance, he reacted with hindsight, and he chased after the pain under his feet.

While chasing, he did not forget to shout, “Chuchu, wait for me.”

[This, this, “My Runaway Sweetheart of Hundreds of Thousands of Brides”?]

[lol, upstairs, pen for you, write for me!]

[Holy shit, Madam’s physical strength is really good, the speed is so fast]

[Tsk tsk tsk, husband, just get some sleep]

[Laughing to death, the president is so arrogant that his wife found out that the other party was his first love, and he still refused to admit that he liked the other party.]


Jian Songchu hurried upstairs, raced into the bedroom door, hastily closed it, and then locked it without giving the man behind him even an opportunity to approach him.

The whole process was completed in one go, so fast that even the audience in the live broadcast room was amazed and almost laughed.

[President: Wife wife, you open the door, I know it’s wrong]

[If you don’t reveal the truth, you’re going to be locked out right now, President; you deserve it.]

【Madam: Go alone, you stupid thing】

Xu Hanyang looked at the closed door, and hurriedly reached out to turn the switch of the door, but he didn’t turn it open for a long time.

“Chuchu, I was wrong, you open the door,” he yelled as he banged on the door.

Jian Songchu ignored the shouts coming from outside the door and continued to be unwilling to open it. Even so, he took a seat comfortably on the vanity, picked up a mask, cleaned his face with a damp tissue, and then began to put it on.

[Madam: I am beautiful alone, destroy it]

[President: woo woo woo, wife, I know I’m wrong]

[I really want to give the president an emoji bag kneeling on the washboard, hahahaha]

Someone outside the door didn’t know how long they knocked, and suddenly there was no movement.

Jian Songchu initially assumed that the other party was worn out and unconcerned, but after some time passed with no activity outside the door, Jian Songchu began to have some second thoughts.

The expiration date of a mask has expired. Jian Songchu took off the mask, patted his face again to allow the essence to absorb, and then stood up slowly, intending to see what a silly dog ​​was doing outside.

As soon as he opened the door, he was stunned when he looked out the door.

People are gone.


Xu Hanyang! You are dead!

Jian Songchu was about to close the door with a sullen face.

Before he could turn around, a tall figure suddenly appeared behind him.

The man suddenly hugged Jian Songchu’s waist and pressed him against the door. The door was also closed because of Xu Hanyang’s brutal action.

The two immediately embraced each other in an extremely intimate posture.

The man forcefully gripped Jian Songchu’s entire upper body in a way that was not delicate, pulled over the top of his head and placed one hand against the door, forcing Jian Songchu’s face to stick to it. Jian Songchu’s soft waist was also bent into a slightly dangerous arc.
Vaguely, there is still a little bit.

[ Ahh shit, the president suddenly just got up! hahahaha 】

[The president is so awesome. He actually climbed directly from the balcony on the second floor to the third floor. The scene just now was so terrifying, I really appreciate it.]

[I have to say, old men are good at pampering people!]

[Old man? No, our president is not even thirty years old. Help]

【Is the following content accessible to us members?]


[Madam’s waist looks so soft]

[I really love this poor body shape, woo woo woo]

Jian Songchu took a deep breath and clenched his hands tightly, trying to push the man behind him away, but was hugged even tighter.

Xu Hanyang rested his head aggrievedly on Jian Songchu’s shoulder, and said pitifully, “Why did you lock me out, I almost couldn’t get in…”


How on earth did this guy get in…

Jian Songchu was pressed very tightly, and his posture was not very comfortable. He moved, trying to make himself stand up straight.

But his action was mistaken by the man as fleeing, and as a result, his backhand pressed him even tighter.

Jian Songchu couldn’t bear it anymore and turned his head, “Are you…”

There is that serious illness.

Before Jian Songchu could finish speaking, Xu Hanyang let go of Jian Songchu’s hands, and turned to hug each other’s shoulders, savagely like crazy, and kissed Jian Songchu’s lips.

Jian Songchu was startled and subconsciously wanted to push him away, but was restrained extremely tightly by the man’s overwhelming strength. He had no strength to resist at all, and could only passively accept the rude and frantically requested kiss.

The veins on Jian Songchu’s temples twitched slightly, as if the blood all over his body was sinking.

Xu Hanyang pulled him by the waist and turned the person directly, confronting each other head-on, sticking to each other’s hearts.

The next second, Jian Songchu was pressed down by the man’s broad chest, and his whole body was passively indulged in the man’s somewhat crazy and hot kiss.

Jian Songchu’s head was passively thrown back, his mouth whimpered, and even his intertwined breath was scorching hot.

[Fuck! Director, what are you doing! Why did you suddenly cut the scene! Is the next thing we adults can’t watch? 】

【If you don’t cut it again, this show will not be able to air hahahahaha】

[Fuck, I am so envious of the director’s staff, are they watching the live version now?]

Seeing that the two of them were about to get out of the way, Jian Songchu had the last trace of rationality. Taking advantage of Xu Hanyang’s breathing gap, he tilted his head back and pushed each other hard, “…Enough, enough. …”

Xu Hanyang’s eyes were so irritated that they turned red, and he looked like a beast that had lost his mind.

But as soon as Jian Songchu opened his mouth to refuse, he changed back to his usual good dog state in seconds, leaning his head against Jian Songchu’s neck, still holding his arms around the other’s waist with some reluctance.

Even though he was the one who initiated the situation just now, the man said, “I thought you were going to leave me out,” with sorrow in his voice.

“…” Jian Songchu’s face was hopeless.

He touched the saliva at the corner of his mouth, wiped it dry, and smeared it on the other person’s face, “Go away!”

Xu Hanyang touched his injured face, not feeling sad at all, and was very shameless to stick it.

“I’ll tell you everything you want to know, don’t be angry.”

Jian Songchu glanced at the other party, “When did you fall in love with me?”

Xu Hanyang pursed his lips, and lowered his head weakly, “…Well, I found out when I dreamed of you for the first time…”

[I go, this is what I can listen to for free?]

[Mr. Xu is really good, I can really say something!]

【Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah】

[How long have the madam and the president known each other, woo woo woo,I love childhood sweethearts]


Jian Songchu continued to live without love.

“…Then why did you lock me up at that time?” Jian Songchu’s throat was sour and his voice was a little hoarse.

And this topic seemed to touch a certain taboo of Xu Hanyang, his eyes changed slightly and his lips turned white.

Long periods of time were spent opening and closing his lips, but he never spoke. He had spent a lot of time organizing what he wanted to say, but he was fatigued and didn’t know where to begin.

[Shut up?? ?? ?】

[My mind suddenly made up a robbery]

[Wait, lock it up? So it’s a small dark room?]

[“Hundreds of millions of presidents fell in love with me, robbed my little wife”? 】

[I beg you, let a wife who writes fanfiction write a fanfiction for the two of them, woohoo, the child is going to starve to death]

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