Why do they look at me like that?

Qi Nian bit his lips white and his face was ashen, but he still tried his best to control his embarrassment and put on that cute smile again.

“I’m Qi Nian.”

Saying that, Qi Nian pretended to be shy, “Last time we ate alone together.”

[CEO, you are finished, you are really finished]

[Damn, President, you are not clean!! 】

[Madam, run! Throw the president out!]

As soon as these words came out, Jian Songchu was very calm, and there was absolutely no anger that the other party expected. On the contrary, he ate with relish without even raising his head.

Xu Hanyang was stunned, grabbed Jian Songchu’s wrist, and said in a panic, “Chuchu, he wronged me.”

[Fuck, this scene is even more funny]

[President: I’m not! I don’t! You don’t want to wrong me! 】

Jian Songchu tilted his head and glanced at the man, with an innocent look on his face, “If there is anything you dare not admit, just go.”

Speaking, Jian Songchu had a deep face, and patted Xu Hanyang on the shoulder earnestly, “I understand it! It’s a man!”

“…” Do you know what you are talking about?

[Madam seems to have said something, but also seems to have said nothing]

[The president’s eyes are about to go down]

[Hahaha, when the madam talks like a scumbag quote, I don’t know why I thought it was the madam]

[President: You don’t love me anymore!! 】

As soon as Jian Songchu finished speaking, Qi Nian’s face turned even darker.

Lu Xiangcheng appeared behind Qi Nian at the right time, stretched out his hands, pressed him on the other’s shoulder, and pushed him back to his seat, “Stop talking, eat well, I can smell your bad breath even from a distance.”

“?” Qi Nian turned his head, his eyes were wide open, as if a volcano was about to erupt, with sparks in his eyes, “You!”

[Hahahahahaha, the young master’s mouth is so bad!]

[Didn’t you say that your rival’s rival is your teammate? Hahahaha]

[I can see that Lu Xiangcheng’s achievement is an assist]

[No! Both of these look like assists]

Seeing that Qi Nian’s well-behaved expression was completely unbearable, he gritted his teeth, glanced at Xu Hanyang next to him, took a deep breath, and tried to swallow the breath back in his stomach.

He put on a smile again, a decent smile, with a bit of provocation, “I want to slap you, but I’m afraid it will stain my spit.”

“…” Lu Xiangcheng choked on the spot.

[Experts call it awesome!]

【Shakespeare’s Poisonous Quotations!】

[I have a small wish, I want to see the two of them quarrel]

[Program crew! Come on! It’s your professional field! Let these two quarrel! 】

[No way, I’m going to die from laughing at this show. The other six entertainment staff members have been eating melons since they entered the show, hahaha]

[This melon is really broken and fragrant]

Seeing that everyone was eating melons, Xu Hanyang, a non-staff member, silently lowered his head and silently changed the position of the food in front of Jian Songchu’s eyes, and put his own dishes in front of Jian Songchu’s eyes.

As for what Lu Xiangcheng did, he viciously moved it to a place where Jian Songchu couldn’t reach, as if “my wife can only eat what I make” written on his face.

“…” Jian Songchu looked at his childish behavior with indifference.

[Look at what the president is doing, he is actually making small moves!]

[President: Secretly remove the things made by the rival in love, so the wife can only eat the dishes he made, happy. 】

【Madame (sneering): see through but not say through]

This meal can be said to be extremely exciting. Lu Xiangcheng insisted on protecting Jian Songchu, fighting with Qi Nian in his eyes, as if there were thousands of words of ‘fuck’ flowing in his eyes.

As the real parties involved, Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang’s husband and wife were completely unrelated to each other and ate slowly.

And this scene almost made the audience in the live broadcast room laugh to death. After a meal, the audience can be said to be eating melons until they endure.

Perhaps it was too boring, and there were no activities in the afternoon. Chen Fujing offered to fish in the small lake behind the villa. The program team here again thanks Xu Hanyang for providing the venue.

Jian Songchu was very interested in this event and immediately voted in favor.

As soon as Jian Songchu agreed, Xu Hanyang and Lu Xiangcheng immediately followed.

When Qi Nian saw Xu Hanyang participating, he immediately offered to participate.

After asking around in this way, Chen Fujing, who was originally just asking casually, didn’t expect to participate, so he directly made this event into a group event.

Chen Fujing cleared his throat, and then put forward his own thoughts, “How about we have a fishing competition, and each of us will catch more fish than anyone else? Let’s have a full fish feast in the evening.”

Wu Chu also felt that the idea was a good idea, and immediately agreed, “Yes, there is a fishing rod in the grocery room on the third floor. Fan Zheke and I will go get it first.”

With that said, Wu Chu took the initiative to ask Ying and led Fan Zheke to get something.

Zhou Linyu immediately discovered the blind spot of this matter, “But there is no feed in the villa.”

As soon as Zhou Linyu said these words, there was a collective silence.

I really took it for granted just now, completely forgetting that the villa has no fish feed.

In order to record the program, the program team specially selected the venue in the suburbs. If they want to go out to buy things, it will take at least an hour to go back and forth.

Jian Songchu, who was beside him, took another sip of yogurt and added calmly, “Isn’t there corn in the kitchen? Just use corn.”


As soon as these words came out, everyone except Xu Hanyang looked at him dumbfounded.

“fishing with corn?”

Zhou Linyu asked in surprise.

Did I hear it wrong, or did you say it wrong?

When Jian Song first saw a group of people staring at him in such amazement, he asked in confusion, “Don’t you know?”

Seeing everyone’s sluggish faces, Jian Songchu confirmed that they really didn’t understand, and then explained, “It’s not just earthworms that are called fish feed, all so many people use earthworms for fishing because other fish except silverfish don’t eat earthworms. They eat everything, so even if a novice doesn’t know how to fish, as long as they hang earthworms, they can catch them, which is why they basically use earthworms for fishing.”

Having said that, seeing so many people so dumbfounded, Jian Songchu couldn’t help but seriously start popularizing science with them, “Corn is known as the king of vegetarian bait, suitable for catching vegetarian fish such as herring, grass carp, crucian carp, and croaker, and Corn can be used directly without processing, and of course some fishermen choose to use koji wine and honey to process, but the results are very good.”



Everyone looked at each other.

Jian Songchu didn’t expect that they didn’t even have this common sense, so he opened the chat box and explained, “Of course, not only corn and earthworms, but also grass leaves, red worms, and even some fishermen will try to use shrimp meat when fishing. Chicken, pork liver, chicken liver, ham sausage, but this is a method that a very small number of people will use, so most of them use earthworms and corn.”

When Jian Songchu finished speaking on the first day, the whole audience was silent.

After a long time, Chen Fujing, who had finally digested it, couldn’t help but answer, “…How do you know so much?…”

Jian Songchu looked around and became even more confused, “Isn’t this common sense?”

[Laughing to death, Madam’s expression seems to be asking ‘Why don’t you know such a simple thing?’]

[Everyone else is dumbfounded, it’s just a show time for the lady alone]

[It’s too awesome, I learned it hard again!]

[The CEO’s expression is also very funny, okay, the words ‘my wife is awesome’ are written on his face, hahaha]

It has to be said that after only one day, the rest of the people present had a greatly improved and subversive understanding of the first impressions of Xu Hanyang and Jian Songchu.

I thought Xu Hanyang was an aloof and inhumane robot, but he didn’t expect not only to cook delicious food, but also to be a bohemian and sullen person in front of his wife. I thought that Jian Songchu was just a vase with a face and nothing, but I didn’t expect IQ online, knowledge Reserves are even richer.

Even the audience in the live broadcast room was shocked.

Seeing that everyone was sluggish, Jian Songchu leaned into Xu Hanyang’s ear in confusion, and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong with them, why do they look at me like that?”

Xu Hanyang’s face was serious and his expression was flawless, “Probably like me, I am addicted to your beauty.”


Are you out of your mind?

[No, no, no, I’m really laughing like crazy. 】
[How on earth did the president manage to say such oily words with such a serious expression]

[Everyone else has the expression of eating flies, hahahahahaha]


When everything was ready for fishing, ten people brought small benches and fishing gear together and were ready to go fishing.

Jian Songchu changed into his sun protection gear, and even his hair was tied up, his whole head was covered by a sun protection cap, only a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes were revealed, and the tear mole at the end of his eyes was looming.

Xu Hanyang held an umbrella with one hand like a knight, and stood slowly beside Jian Songchu. People simply put the station on, like beautiful scenery.

Qi Nian walked over very reluctantly, and saw Xu Hanyang half-length standing under the sun, and the umbrella was all poured onto Jian Songchu’s body, so he felt a little indignant.

So, Qi Nian attached it very eagerly, and said with a clever face, “Brother Hanyang, let me help you hold an umbrella.”

“?” Xu Hanyang narrowed his eyes, and his stern eyes swept his body up and down. He immediately blocked Jian Songchu with his body, and said in a bad tone, “No need, you are too short.”


Ah ha?

[Laughing to death, how did the president speak nonsense in a serious manner?]

[Qi Nian is short?? ?】

[Qi Nian, I remember his height is 182, right?]

[But the height of the president is 192 (Erkang Hand.jpg)]

[So, how tall is Madam? He doesn’t seem to be much shorter than the president, just a little thinner.]

[The minimum visual estimate is 185, the wife is taller than Qi Nian]

[In this way, the son-in-law is also very tall. The son-in-law is taller than the madam. The visual estimate is 188? 】

[I do, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what the president said just now, why are they all so tall?]

Lu Xiangcheng stood by, hearing what Xu Hanyang said, he burst out laughing again, his mouth cracking open with laughter.

“……..”you again!

Qi Nian landed another knife on the opponent.

Lu Xiangcheng shrugged, not forgetting to sneer, matching his expression even more beating, “Little dwarf.”

Seeing this annoying fly walking beside him, Qi Nian stretched his legs rudely and stepped on Lu Xiangcheng’s instep.


Lu Xiangcheng cursed in pain.

My new shoes!

Qi Nian looked indifferent and gave the other party a sullen look, “A dog’s eyes look down on people.”

“????” Did I scold you first? Why are you targeting me?

[Master Young Master (shocked face): shouldn’t you step on Xu Hanyang?]

[I found out that Qi Nian is really good at scolding people! HHHHHHH]

[Look at Madam, even if you cover your face, you can’t hide his little melon-eating expression, it’s so cute]

[Laughing to death, the CEO didn’t even turn his head. He stared at Madam the whole time, hahaha, he hit it]

In the afternoon, Qi Nian was undoubtedly the one who fished the most.

There are a dozen or twenty fish in his entire bucket, but without exception, except for one that is slightly larger, the others are pitifully small.

Jian Songchu dropped a total of five fish, each of which was ridiculously large. The weight of only two of them would have killed the weight of the small fish that Qi Nian had caught.

The champion who won the final match undoubtedly fell to Jian Songchu.

Although Qi Nian was unwilling, he was convinced.

At this moment, Wu Chu came up with another idea, and said excitedly, “Why don’t we make a barbecue tonight! Didn’t we have some seafood leftover last night? Use it all.”

Zhou Linyu immediately agreed, “Yes, yes! There are also some leeks, eggplants and the like that can be used.”

Seeing this, Shen Zhong also followed up, “There doesn’t seem to be any charcoal for barbecue in the villa, do we have to buy it?”

Xu Hanyang, who never interjected in their topics, answered slowly, with an indifferent expression, “Yes, it’s in the locked grocery room on the second floor.”

Everyone was stunned at the same time. They were a little surprised how he knew so clearly. Except for the show team, no one knew that this villa was also Xu Hanyang’s asset.

Now that’s it, there is not only a barbecue grill, but also food and materials. Everything is gathered together. It must be a barbecue carnival.

Wu Chu was very excited, “Would you like to buy some snacks and drinks, and have them together at the barbecue in the evening.”

Jian Songchu sat on the stool, took a sip of cold water, and stopped at the right time, “I don’t want it anymore.”

“Why?” Wu Chu didn’t understand.

Jian Songchu looked at the camera closest to him at first, laughed, and said slowly, “For products that appear on camera without brand sponsorship, the post-production team will have to stay up all night to work overtime to pick out pictures for a long time. If you choose mosaic processing, the variety show effect will also be very different. ”

When Wu Chu heard it, he immediately realized that he had committed a major taboo in the entertainment industry, and immediately fell silent.

——Wu Chu is a bel canto actor in musicals, so he doesn’t usually participate in variety shows, so he knows less about this.

The director team behind the scenes was instantly relieved when they saw this scene, if Jian Songchu didn’t say it now, they would send someone to stop it later.

After speaking, Jian Songchu stared at the camera and showed a smile, “So director, you definitely don’t want your post-production staff to work so hard, so you can help us buy snacks and drinks, I believe you will be able to do it in the shortest possible time. time to get sponsored.”



As soon as Jian Songchu finished speaking, the surroundings were silent, and he looked at Jian Songchu’s sassy actions with a shocked expression.


The members of the core director group who were sitting around the studio stared at the screen collectively, with ‘outrageous’ and ‘incredible’ written on their faces.

The live broadcast room is also laughing like crazy at this moment.

[Program Team: After talking for a long time, you put me in here?]

[Madam is so daring to say, hahahahahaha]

[The president has a doting idiot smile again, hahaha]

[President: My wife is right!]

After speaking, Jian Songchu also felt that this method was a bit difficult, stared at the camera, and continued to add sincerely, “If it really doesn’t work, you can also directly bring the snacks to us in separate bags, so that no one will know what we are eating. What brand, by the way, the official blog will recruit another wave of advertisements, and let the father of the gold owner come to invest.”


Everyone looked at each other for a while.

[I believe it, I really believe it, Madam is the IQ of this show]

[Madam is very happy to meet sewing needles, hahahaha]
[I suspect that the president at the moment is thinking, ‘Go back and start a company that makes snacks’]

[Don’t say it upstairs, the CEO’s expression makes me reasonably doubt it’s true!]

I saw that the on-site director who received the notice first answered a phone call, was silent for a moment, and finally made an ‘OK’ gesture in Jian Songchu’s direction.

When he saw the director’s team, they all compromised. Jian Songchu immediately gave a big laugh, and he didn’t forget to thank him, “I’m really bothering all the staff, thank you.”

Program group: “………”

[Madam is so cute, I want to post it]

[President: Pamper! Pamper me fiercely! If I don’t have money, I’ll come out! 】

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