Jian Songchu swallowed and stood nervously at the bathroom door, waiting for Xu Hanyang to change.

It’s over, it’s over…
The soup seems to be quite hot…

Jian Songchu walked back and forth, taking two breaths from time to time.

If he thought that this little accident caused someone to be ‘disabled’ for the rest of his life, how much of a sin would he have?

The more he thought about it, the more guilty Jian Songchu became, and his expression became twisted.

Just as he secretly blamed himself, his cell phone suddenly rang.

Jian Songchu looked down at the notes on the phone, and was so shocked that he almost threw the phone out.

He tremblingly pressed the answer button, “Hey, Mom…”

Jian Songchu’s parents can be regarded as a pair of fairy companions who are happy and happy. They travel all over the world, and they are not seen all day long.

After Jian Songchu lost his memory, he also tried to explain to the other party that his brain was hit, but the messages he sent were either unread and fell into disrepair, or he asked him ‘does this dress look good’, ‘how is this photo’, and so on. As for now, Jian Songchu has not had time to explain his amnesia.

The sudden phone call, still at this time, made him somewhat panicked.

“What’s the matter with you, you dumped soup on him, do you still want happiness for the rest of your life?”

“?” Jian Songchu was stunned at the beginning, and after a long time of reaction, he immediately answered, “Are you watching the live broadcast?”

Ms. Yang snorted coldly on the other end of the phone, “Xiao Xu said that you are participating in this show, let me and your dad have a look when we have nothing to do, I saw you throwing soup on others as soon as I opened it, that’s your old age. Attack baby.”

“…” is not necessary.

[Hastily, what large social death scene is this?]
[The sense of substitution is too strong, I have already cut out three rooms and two halls for my wife’s toes]

[Auntie is so cute, hahaha, one bite at a time and one big baby]

[Thank you, I also think I’m cute. 】

【?? ?? ??? upstairs?? ?】

[Real or fake? Auntie is watching the barrage?? ?】

【Aunt! If it’s really you, tell Jian Songchu a few more words! 】

“Mom…” Jian Songchu rubbed his eyebrows helplessly.

“Don’t talk! The fans in your live broadcast room are saying that I’m cute, wait until I finish replying to the message and you can talk again!”

“…” Jian Songchu immediately fell silent.

As soon as these words came out, the live broadcast room was boiling again.


[Auntie ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah]

“Mom… I can…” Did you speak?

Before Jian Songchu could finish speaking, the phone was suddenly hung up, leaving him standing there dumbfounded.

[Auntie has a bit of a rebellious period in it]

[Help, this is the first time I’ve seen my wife deflated. So is the rebellious factor of my wife hereditary?]

After a long time, the door of the bathroom ‘clicked’ and was opened from the inside.

Xu Hanyang took off his bathrobe and put on the usual indifferent black, white and gray.


The two looked at each other.

Jian Songchu looked down.

“It’s not bad,” Xu Hanyang said concisely.


“…Do you want to inspect the goods?”

“!” Jian Songchu’s face flushed red, and his tone rose sharply, “You are sick!”

Xu Hanyang suddenly grabbed his hand with his backhand, “Anyway, what are you afraid of when the surveillance covers you?”

【Is there such a good thing?】

【Audience ecstasy】

【Can this be broadcast?】

[Help, why is it embarrassing and sweet]


Seeing that the arrow was on the string, the door was suddenly opened from the outside, it was Wu Chu.

The movements of the two in the room suddenly stopped.

Wu Chu was gasping for breath, still holding the phone in his hand.

“Then, that… The program team asked me to come over and tell you, if you two don’t restrain yourself, you will be banned.”


On the first day of Jian Songchu, he slapped the man’s face away, “Go away!”

Xu Hanyang covered his face innocently.

Wu Chu: I just walked in and didn’t see anything…


After breakfast, the crowd began to disperse.

The private villas configured by the program group are really good. They have an independent swimming pool, a special gym, and a library. Each bedroom has a corresponding balcony and fitting room. You can lie on the lawn outside the villa at night. Counting the stars, watching the moon, having a picnic, even the audience couldn’t help but sigh, “It seems that I made a lot of money in the last two seasons, and this season is so luxurious.”

If the director group really knows the inner career of these audiences, they have to send a special post to make a clarification,”I’m sorry, this villa is not from the show team! It belongs to Xu Hanyang!”

Yes! In order to cooperate with his wife to complete this variety show debut, Xu Hanyang directly used the villa under his own name to record the show for the show team, so even the director had to shout ‘Golden Master Dad’ when he saw Xu Hanyang.

After all, Xu Hanyang is the president of Bosera. He has a lot of work every day, so unlike other guests who are either exercising or swimming and enjoying flowers, he will stay in the study and sit at the computer desk after dinner to deal with a lot of work tasks.

[Sure enough, the man who handles work is the most handsome! Don’t accept refutation!]

[As long as the CEO is so serious in front of his wife, he will not be chased and beaten by his wife every day, hahahaha]

[No no no, you are wrong upstairs, this is called contrast cuteness! 】

[This is a proper male lead, who wouldn’t agree?]

Without the oppressive mountain of Xu Hanyang, the rest of the people got along unexpectedly harmoniously.

Jian Songchu, Wu Chu, Chen Fujing, and Zhou Linyu played mahjong together. Shen Zhong, Fan Zheke, and Zheng Yaochen were working out in the gym.

Fans were even more delighted to see this scene.

【Is this a tea party for sisters?】

[Laughing to death, as expected, the veterans are still conscious, either at work or in fitness. 】

[Xiaoyu is too miserable, as the youngest brother, he was hanged and beaten by the other three brothers, hahahaha]

Just when the mahjong group of four became dizzy, the public phone in the middle of the living room suddenly rang.

The four looked at each other tacitly.

“A new guest is coming?”

As the youngest brother, Zhou Linyu got up very consciously to answer the phone. This phone is the information exchange port used by the program crew and the guests.

If the program team wants to announce any tasks, or if the guests have any questions, they can communicate through this phone.

Zhou Linyu answered the phone, first said “um”, not knowing what he heard, his expression changed slightly, he looked back at the direction of Jian Songchu’s three people, and after a few more “um”, he slowly hung up the phone.

【What did Xiaoyu hear with such a serious expression?】

[Did he just look at Madam?]

[I also think he was looking at Mrs.]

[Didn’t the program team just post the guest list on the official blog?]

【It seems to be an internet celebrity named Lu Xiangcheng?】

【Who is Lu Xiangcheng? Why does it sound familiar?】

[I rub it, you don’t even know Lu Xiangcheng? Here I suggest you to directly search for the keyword ‘Lu Xiangcheng Xu Hanyang’]

[Aha? He wouldn’t be the president’s old lover, would he?]

【no! Lu Xiangcheng is the crown prince of the capital! He used to chase after his wife in a high-profile manner, and he gave away luxury cars and jewelry, and now the news can still find reports of Lu Xiangcheng’s fight with Xu Hanyang]

【?? ?? ?? real or fake?? ?】
[No, no, no! Don’t you know that the title of the president’s ‘tyrant’ comes only because of his wife? Every time his wife is involved, the president takes action directly, so he has the nickname of ‘Strict Wife Management’]

[Damn it, big news! Is the show team so fierce? Just send the president’s rival to the show]

[What’s going on? When I say it’s a rival in love, I suddenly get even more excited. What should I do?]

[Stop talking, fight!]

Zhou Linyu cleared his throat, and the whole person looked very nervous, “Well, Brother Songchu, the director team said that the guest named you to pick up the other party, and he seems to have arrived at the door.”

“?” Jian Songchu blinked in confusion, and asked again uncertainly, “Me?”

Zhou Linyu nodded, “Yes.”

Jian Songchu quickly reacted, and his right eyelid twitched, “….isn’t he someone I know?”

Seeing this, Wu Chu immediately took out his mobile phone and glanced at the program official’s news, frowning slightly, “It seems to be a guest named Lu Xiangcheng.”

“…” As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Songchu’s face was expressionless, and the bottom of his eyes showed a state of unrequited love.

Come on, this turtle grandson…

Before Jian Songchu could recover from the shock, his cell phone rang immediately.

He picked up the phone and glanced at the notes on the screen. There was a hint of numbness in his eyes, and he cut it off almost without hesitation.

Called again.

Jian Songchu continued to hang up.

After going back and forth for no less than ten times, finally, the opposite party was tired and confirmed that Jian Songchu really did not want to pick up, so he finally gave up the idea of ​​continuing to harass Jian Songchu.

[Laughing to death, the note on Madam’s mobile phone seems to be ‘grandson turtle’?]

[The real hammer is real, the opposite is really the president’s rival!! 】

I look forward to it!


The door of the hall was suddenly opened from the outside, and a figure who was so familiar to Jian Songchu suddenly appeared at the door.

[Fuck, so handsome!]

[Help! What kind of handsome dude did I stab]

[Very good, the president comes out soon! Someone stole your wife!]

“…” Jian Songchu stood there with dull eyes.

Seeing that Lu Xiangcheng was about to trot all the way to Jian Songchu, Xu Hanyang, who suddenly appeared, grabbed Jian Songchu’s hand with a cold face, and hid the person behind him.

“Holy shit!”

Seeing that he was about to pounce on Xu Hanyang, Lu Xiangcheng slammed the brakes under his feet. As a result, because he was too fast, he slammed into the wall, making a loud “bang”, and a big bag suddenly popped out of his forehead.

The man also sat down on the ground.


There was silence all around.

[Help, is this the scene where the rivals meet?]

[The next three held back their laughter so hard, hahahaha]

[Handsome guy turns into a funny guy in seconds]

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