The first ray of sunlight outside the window filtered through the glass window and slowly entered the house, shining on the two people who had not yet woken up, as if they were covered with a layer of bright holy light, with a hazy filter feeling.

At this moment, Jian Songchu was as docile as a cat, with his head close to the man’s chest, and his hands unconsciously hooked on the man’s shoulders, so cute.

Xu Hanyang put one hand around Jian Songchu’s shoulder and hugged him tightly in an extremely intimate gesture.

Xu Hanyang didn’t sleep deeply and woke up very early. He looked down at Jian Songchu, who was sleeping very deeply, and kissed the other person’s forehead.

Jian Songchu didn’t get enough sleep and made a humming sound reluctantly.

With a beauty in his arms, who can be Liuxia Hui[1]a man of virtue?

Looking at the adorable face in front of him, Xu Hanyang couldn’t help but come up to steal a kiss.

As the saying goes, the spring night is short and the day is high, and the king does not go to court early.

Jian Songchu was half asleep and half awake. He had an illusion and a trance of being pressed by a giant dog and then licking his face frantically with his tongue sticking out.

He opened his eyes with difficulty, and what he saw was someone’s big face, Jian Songchu’s heart froze at the beginning, and he hurriedly stretched out his hand to call the other person away, “Go away!”

Xu Hanyang continued to use his stubborn skills, hugged Jian Songchu tightly without letting go, and sighed contentedly, “Chuchu, you are really fragrant.”

While talking, he didn’t forget to rub each other’s face with his own face.

Why does Xu Hanyang become more and more shameless?

“…” Jian Songchu was silent for a moment, but he was really not used to him at all. First he lay unrequitedly for a while, and finally, with a violent force, he pushed the other party away and brought him directly. Kicked off the bed.

“…” Xu Hanyang lay on the ground innocently and slowly raised his head.

Xu Hanyang was wearing the bathrobe that he brought with him. With such a big move, the clothes on the upper body slipped off, perfectly revealing his excellent shark lines and abdominal muscles.

And the fans who continued to watch the live broadcast after waking up, saw this picture that made people bloody and could not wait for a nosebleed.

The most pitiful is the director team. The director of the shift cut several close-ups for the audience in the live broadcast room at this critical moment.

[I rub it, the president is in good shape, this, this…]

【Ah, ah, ah, suddenly, something is wrong with me】

[HAHAHHAHA, President, are you okay?]

【Don’t hesitate if you are a man, ah ah ah】

[The early bird catches the worm, the ancients did not deceive me]

Jian Songchu glanced at the man sitting on the ground, stood up calmly, slowly picked up the clothes that Xu Hanyang helped him iron yesterday, and walked into the bathroom.

In the end, the poor one could only get up in embarrassment and start to clean up the mess.

Finally, I honestly went out to cook.

【President: Don’t forget to cook for your wife】

[The president is also too much a wife and slave, I’m really dying of laughter]

[Madam: A guy who is not virtuous, actually went out dressed like this! 】

After Jian Songchu finished washing, he slowly changed into the clothes that someone ironed for him yesterday, and walked out the door.

The living room was already full of people, and only Xu Hanyang was in the kitchen preparing food for the early morning. Originally, Wu Chu and others wanted to come forward to help, but they were rejected by Xu Hanyang, so Xu Hanyang was the only big man left in the kitchen.

Maybe it was the reason for participating in the show. Everyone consciously got up early. Jian Songchu was still very sleepy, so he sat down on the sofa next to him and listened to everyone chatting boredly.

I don’t know if I didn’t listen, but after listening to it, I realized that everyone was actually talking about the live broadcast of this variety show.

The program team does not confiscate mobile phones. After all, the live broadcast will continue 24 hours. However, in order to limit the number of times guests play mobile phones, the behavior of playing mobile phones is specially recorded in the contract terms, and the total time spent playing mobile phones in a day cannot exceed 2 hours.

Therefore, guests can also interact with the audience through their mobile phones, and even get the network trend and evaluation at the first time.

As soon as Jian Songchu sat down, perhaps because he was afraid that he would be embarrassed, Wu Chu, who was beside him, thought about bringing him into the topic and said with a smile, “How did Songchu and Xu always get together? You still look very sweet after five years of marriage. Do you read the comments about yourself online? Everyone is calling you Madam now.”

“???” This is Jian Songchu, who suddenly ate melons on himself, and his right eyelid also twitched.


Jian Songchu’s expression froze, not knowing what he was thinking, his head lowered slightly, his face looked contemplative and was serious, and his tone was low, “Actually, you all made a mistake…”

“?” Wu Chu looked blank.

Speaking, Jian Songchu took a deep breath, with a straight face and a frank and firm gaze,


“He’s the one below.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the audience was silent. Wu Chu’s expression was obviously chapped, and his mouth was O-shaped.

The others were even more unbelievable, with undisguised shock written on their faces.

In an instant, a subtle emotion swirled around, and even the live broadcast room with everyone exploded.

[Wake me up, right now]

[Wait, am I anti-CP?]

[I wipe me wipe? Beauty attack loyal dog?? ?? 】

[It’s over, it’s over, I can’t accept the reality now…]

Seeing that the atmosphere became more and more strange, someone busy in the kitchen just brought the prepared dishes to the table.

As soon as the voice sounded, everyone looked in the direction of the kitchen.

Xu Hanyang frowned and met the strange eyes of everyone.

Jian Songchu’s eyelids twitched slightly, and he picked up the yogurt sponsored by the advertiser’s father on the table without changing his face, and drank it silently.

Just now, he should have committed a crime against the wind.

Jian Songchu felt guilty for a moment, and then immediately convinced himself.

Guilty of what?

That’s right! I’m on top!

[HAHAHAHA, who is the attacker! I’m dead!! 】

【I don’t care, I don’t care! Aaaaaaaa!】

【Why do you care so much about the top and bottom of the CP? We only pay attention to the beautiful love between them. Is it necessary to quarrel about this kind of thing?】

[Can Madam really hold the president down? I deeply doubt…]

Because of the weird conversation just now, after the six people came to the table, the whole process was silent and strange.

As soon as Jian Songchu sat down, the man eagerly began to pour tea and water. Even without Jian Songchu speaking, Xu Hanyang was able to put everything that Jian Songchu wanted to eat into the other person’s bowl as quickly as possible.


The surroundings were still deadly silent, and the rest of the people present couldn’t help staring at the strange relationship between the two in a daze.

It turned out that President Xu was following the ‘good wife and good husband’ model?

Sure enough, once some settings are forced to accept, you will open a new continent.

[President, you should look at the eyes others look at you!]

[My meal was even more embarrassing than the meal last night, help]

【Madame: ‘Come up! Move yourself! ’]

【Ahhhhhh, don’t talk upstairs, I already have a picture!

Seeing that the atmosphere was really weird, Chen Fujing hurriedly warmed up the atmosphere, “Is there a guest here today?”

Zheng Yaochen handed him the water, “I just seemed to see the director group and the others discussing. It should arrive at noon today.”

At the mention of this, Wu Chu suddenly became interested, “I don’t know who I will invite.”

The others were discussing in full swing, only Xu Hanyang paid all his attention to Jian Songchu.

He noticed almost at a glance that the other party seemed to have a lack of appetite, and immediately put a bowl of soup and handed it over, “What’s the matter? Is the dish today unpalatable?”

As soon as Xu Hanyang’s words were spoken, the few people who were chatting just now became quiet all at once, and glanced at the two interacting with each other, their eyes full of meaning.

Just as Jian Songchu was about to drink soup to cover up his embarrassment, he was choked by the unconcealed gazes of the other six, his face flushed red, and he coughed uncontrollably on the spot.

Xu Hanyang hurriedly grabbed the toilet paper on the side, put one hand on Jian Songchu’s shoulder, and the other directly wiped the other person’s mouth. The whole process was swift and smooth, “Drink slowly.”

Who would have thought that as soon as Xu Hanyang approached, Jian Songchu was like a mimosa whose leaves had been touched, and his whole body trembled suddenly, almost subconsciously retreating.

As a result, the range of rejection was too great, Jian Songchu’s elbow suddenly touched the bowl of soup, and in an instant, all the soup was sprinkled on Xu Hanyang’s thigh.

Xu Hanyang stood up abruptly.

The audience was silent.

Jian Songchu’s body suddenly froze, and his eyes were attracted by something.

The six people sitting opposite each other felt a thousand times. Finally, they had an epiphany. Their faces seemed to read’ I told you how Xu Hanyang could be affected’.

Even the fans in the live broadcast room were shocked by the scene in front of them.

[…Okay, very big…]

[Help, can I see this?]

【See no evil! See no evil!】

[Alright, after identification, Xu Hanyang is definitely attacking!]

[Xu Hanyang is not attacking, I stand upside down and wash my hair!]

“…I’ll….go to change clothes…” After speaking, Xu Hanyang almost fled.

Jian Songchu was sluggish in place for three seconds. Seeing that the eyes of the six people were looking at him at the same time, his heart tightened for a moment, and he got up immediately, his tone was a little trembling, “…I’m full… ..”

After speaking, he immediately followed Xu Hanyang’s footsteps.

I just left a group of melon eaters without saying anything or doing anything, and they witnessed a wonderful show.

In particular, Jian Songchu’s guilty expression almost made the entire live broadcast room burst into laughter, and even the other audience members of the live broadcast room were mad at the scene at the same time.

[Holy shit, help, I actually hit someone else’s CP in my brother’s live broadcast room? 】

[…I will cheat for a few minutes first, I will go to their live broadcast room to see, wait for me! I will definitely come back!]

[Cough, the essence of human beings is to read gossip, I believe everyone will understand me, I will go and see!! 】



1 a man of virtue

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