No way!

After dinner, the burden of washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen was once again laid out in front of everyone.

Zhou Linyu looked at Shen Zhong tacitly, and quickly took the initiative to stop the job. “Brothers, go to rest first, and leave the rest to me and Shen Zhong.”

Zhou Linyu and Shen Zhong, one is a child star who debuted at the age of 4 for 19 years, and the other is the facade and dancer of the current popular group Serendipity. Both of them are in their early twenties, and there are infinite possibilities in the future.

Zhou Linyu is an absolutely talented actor. His 4-year-old deaf-mute grandson, who participated in Love Trapped in the Mountains, officially debuted. Since his debut, he has participated in no less than 30 film works, and he was nominated for the Golden Horse Award at an early age. His country name is extremely high, and he is especially loved by his older sisters and mothers.

Unlike Zhou Linyu, Shen Zhong takes the route of loving beans. It can even be said that what he eats is the youth meal. The audience is mostly students, who participate in variety shows by singing and dancing, and occasionally make money by appearing in some small-cost online dramas.

Judging from the light experience, although they are the same age, they have no intersection at all, and even their future development directions are completely different tracks.

Therefore, when the paparazzi broke out his two kissing photos, both fans were furious, Zhou Linyu’s popularity plummeted, and a large number of girlfriend powders fell off. Both sides pinched each other and begged the official to give an explanation.

According to the normal public relations process, Love Bean Idol will make a clean break after being exposed to love, break up directly, and write a guarantee that it will never happen again, crying and begging fans not to take off their powder.

However, these two men didn’t play cards according to the routine at all. Shen Zhong canceled the contract with the brokerage company on the spot, announced his withdrawal from the combination, and then turned his head and set up his own personal studio. Fans realized that his brother had a hard background and money, and Zhou Linyu coincided with the release of a new movie. Realistic themes hit the hearts of passers-by, and the box office not only didn’t fall, but also broke 3 billion. Fans simply couldn’t do anything about these two men.

But even so, the reputation of the two people is declining seriously, and the social platforms are full of various comments wishing to break up, so that some spoiled fans can only say, forget it, anyway, they are young, and they can’t say that they will break up after a while.

While participating in this program, both Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu suffered a lot of pressure, and it was the first time that they got together after being filmed. Even the barrage in the live broadcast room was full of all kinds of ugly curses.

As soon as Zhou Linyu finished, they got up and consciously began to pick up the messy desktop.

Into the kitchen, Zhou Linyu just rolled up his sleeves to wash the dishes, and was stopped by Shen Zhong. “Don’t wash it. Didn’t you scratch your finger when you moved things today? Just wipe the table and tidy up the kitchen utensils. Leave the dishes to me, or you’ll be infected. ”

Zhou Linyu smiled. “It’s not that serious.”

When Shen Zhong saw this, his face reached out and squeezed his nose, and he pushed the other side away with a cold face. “I love washing dishes, so don’t rob me.”

Zhou Linyu was completely amused, and he gave the sink to the other party, but he laughed helplessly, “Naive ghost.”

[Daily Question: When did Shen Zhong and Zhou Linyu break up? 】

[No matter what, no matter what, it will piss you off]

[If it weren’t for watching Xiaoyu, who the fuck would want to stare at this dead fish face of Shen Zhong]

[Be kind, will you? It’s not involved in pornography, politics, drugs, stealing taxes. What’s wrong with having a love affair? Eat radish salty and worry lightly]

[Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m a passerby, but I still want to say that this pair is a bit easy to knock, hissing]


Everyone was tired all day, plus the luggage was not packed, and the rest of the people didn’t delay, so they went back to their rooms and planned to go to bed early.

I have to say, the director group of “Love Four” really knows what the audience wants to see, and it’s not too big to watch the excitement. For fear that the audience won’t know that they are a couple, they directly arranged four rooms and let the couples sleep in the same bed.

This mode has been proved to be effective in the first two seasons, especially when the young couple go back to the room to wash in vain during the day and go to bed, the audience will become very wrong.

Not only will the audience not decrease with the lights out, but even a group of bystanders will come back, and everyone can’t wait to take a magnifying glass to see what the two people on the screen are doing.

The first thing Jian Songchu did when he returned to his room after a long day’s ordeal was to take a bath in the bathroom. After a tired day, he felt uncomfortable sweating all over.

As for our husband, Xu Hanyang, he started to unpack his luggage and put up piles of luggage for himself and his wife.

Just unzipped, a certain CEO took out a pink cloth from his suitcase.

The live broadcast room suddenly brushed a long list of question marks.

[Holy shit, this, this, this …]

Who said that a real man should like pink? Hahahahahaha]

Xu Hanyang, who had no idea what the barrage was flying in the live broadcast room, simply pulled out all four sets of pink beds.——Don’t ask, it’s the color his wife likes.

Although Xu Hanyang knows a lot of things, he is also blessed with a golden spoon. Even though he learned a lot of life skills for the sake of Jian Songchu, everyday things like changing quilt covers, which don’t need Xu Hanyang’s hands at all, become Xu Hanyang’s knowledge blind spot instead.

He first took off the quilt cover and pillowcases prepared by the program group, threw them on the sofa, and began to grab his carefully prepared pink four-piece suit and put it on patiently.

However, no matter how hard Xu Hanyang tried, he either twisted it directly into a ball, or turned it upside down. He worked hard for a long time and didn’t change the quilt cover.

Jian Songchu, who just came out of the shower, saw the scene in which some silly dog almost stuffed his head into the quilt cover.


Jian Songchu resisted the urge to help his forehead and stood at the bathroom door with a speechless face, staring at this stupid man.

[The president is omnipotent (ps: just can’t change the quilt cover), funny.jpg]

[Screenshot has been taken, take it quickly and make an expression pack]

[Madam is petrified in the same place, and I guess he’s holding it hard too, hahahahahaha]

The movement of opening the door by Jian Songchu instantly attracted the attention of a certain man. He turned his face innocently, and then looked at the other person’s eyes. The whole person’s reaction was just like Erha, who was torn apart, was caught by his master.


Songchu grabbed his hair with a towel before he had time to dry it, and reluctantly stepped forward, “Get up.”

Xu Hanyang got up silently and stood back in the corner honestly.

Jian Songchu looked at the messy mattress, angry and funny. After three and five times, Xu Hanyang sorted out the quilt covers and pillowcases that hadn’t been fixed for more than ten minutes. Not only that, but he also conveniently threw Xu Hanyang’s old quilt cover on the sofa, picked it up and folded it.

[The president’s posture seems to be standing as a penalty, and he can’t laugh anymore, hahahahahahaha]
[If the president has a favorable value on his head, it’s estimated to be 999+,and then keeps drifting across the little red heart of+999, it’s cute to think about it]

[How would this family live without a wife, Erkangshou]

[Mrs. Yu Fu Youdao, when Mrs. Yu just said’ open’, the president simply couldn’t breathe, laughing to death]

After finishing the mattress, Jian Songchu swept someone in the corner with a cold face on the first day, then went to the dressing table indifferently and began to look in the mirror and wipe her hair.

When someone saw it, he carefully moved his steps, moved his stool selfishly, and then sat next to Jian Songchu, sitting close to him, and the whole person kept pushing on Jian Songchu.

“……” At the beginning of Jian Songchu hair hand immediately, continue to a face of ruthless.

However, the man felt like he couldn’t see Jane’s dislike at the beginning of her eyes, so he deliberately rubbed his shoulder against the other person, exerting his skills of being a deadbeat, and reaching for Jane’s hair. “I’ll wipe it for you.”

Jian Songchu slapped his face and shouted, “Get out, you don’t have a bath, you stink, stay away from me.”

First, the man touched his beaten head with some injuries, got up silently, just like a dissatisfied housewife, and began to rummage through everything. There was a loud bang, and he was afraid that Jian Songchu couldn’t hear him. On his face, there were four characters:’ Come and coax me’.

[Help, why does it look easier for him to get along with each other in private]

[Xu Hanyang doesn’t remember that this is on the air …]
[It is suggested that whenever Boss employees are scolded by the president, they should take this paragraph out and play it over and over again]

[I’m going crazy laughing at them both, hahahahaha]


Jian Songchu really didn’t have a reason for himself. Poor one stayed in place and complained for a long time. Finally, he honestly took his clothes and planned to take a shower.

Just as Xu Hanyang’s half leg was about to enter the bathroom, Jian Songchu, who was wiping his hair, suddenly thought of something. His eyes suddenly changed, and he was as sharp as a knife. He suddenly looked in Xu Hanyang’s direction, and his voice rose with it. “Wait!”

Xu Hanyang was delighted, a face of caper turned back, and before he could react, he saw Jian Songchu suddenly got up like a sprint at the beginning of the hundred meters and ran in his direction.

Xu Hanyang almost subconsciously stretched out his hand to embrace each other, watching Jian Songchu gradually approach. The next second, he was pushed away by Jian Songchu, abruptly hitting the wall.

“? ? ? ? ? ? ?” What just happened?

I saw Jian Songchu striding into the bathroom, his black eyes locked on the target quickly, and he grabbed the dirty clothes that he hadn’t dealt with yet and was about to run.


I haven’t taken out my underwear yet! This is too embarrassing!

Although there is no camera in the bathroom, there is a panoramic shot in the room. This scene was recorded exactly, and the studio laughed again.

President: Why did my wife do this to me! 】

[The president froze, his outstretched hand forcefully froze in mid-air]

[Madam (indifferent): Get out! Don’t be slow like an old man! 】

Bathroom is not monitored. ….

Xu Hanyang stared at a guilty face of Jian Songchu eyes dim, but before Jian Songchu went out, he pressed on bathroom door, suddenly stretched out his hand and blocked each other’s way.

“?” Jian Songchu frowned and looked up at him.

Xu Hanyang corners of the mouth slightly hook, backhand arm around each other’s waist in a high position, don’t give Jian Songchu the first half of the reaction time, he slammed the people on the wall, backhand closed bathroom door.

Originally, there was silence in the live broadcast room, and it took a long time to ease up.


[I wipe, I wipe, Xu Hanyang, what are you doing! ! 】

[What can’t we distinguished members see? Ah ah ah ah]

[Director! Why not install monitoring in the bathroom! ! Why treat us like outsiders! ! 】

[Damn it! This isn’t the channel of □□□, is it? 】

At the beginning of the song, Jane Songchu was still holding the clothes that had just come down today, and Xu Hanyang’s sudden action made him almost shake his hands.

The distance between the two people suddenly narrowed, and Xu Hanyang’s fingertips swept the back of Jian Songchu’s neck, as if with something of a tease.

Jian Songchu’s pale ears quickly raised a layer of goosebumps. He was just about to hide when he was pressed by a man’s backhand on his lower back.

The two eyes are opposite, and the hot breath is intertwined repeatedly between each other’s breath.

“… what are you doing?”

Seeing that the atmosphere suddenly warmed up, the apex of Jian Songchu’s heart trembled, trying to hide, but being pressed tighter by men.

Xu Hanyang kept a close eye on Jain Songchu’s lips, and his Adam’s apple rolled slightly. “May I kiss you?”

Jian Songchu’s pupils trembled slightly. “No, well-”

The man didn’t give him a chance to refuse, so he held Jian Songchu’s waist and took the opportunity to kiss his deep red lips.

The audience in the live broadcast room anxiously waited for the appearance of two lost protagonists.

[Pass it on, the president and his wife went into the bathroom together]

[Pass it on, the president and his wife took a bath together]

[Pass it on, the president and his wife DO it together]

Just as netizens enjoyed playing with stalks, the bathroom door was suddenly opened, and Xu Hanyang, who was holding clothes, was withdrawn from the bathroom by Jian Songchu.

Xu Hanyang’s hair was messy, and there seemed to be a slap print on his face, which was red.

He kept gasping for air, and the bitten tongue seemed to smell a bit bloody, and in addition to the stinging pain, there was a bit of numbness—it was just what it deserved.

The live broadcast room exploded again.

【My God, what am I expecting?】

[President! Can you do it! Can’t let me go! 】

【Five minutes? You tell me what did you do in these five minutes?】

The next second, Jian Songchu walked out of the bathroom with a ruthless face, and gave the man a cold look.

Xu Hanyang didn’t dare to move, and touched his face weakly.

After it’s over, Chuchu got angry again…


Xu Hanyang, who came out of the shower, tried to talk to Jian Songchu several times, but he was stubbornly put aside, and someone who was grieved could only madly brush his presence on the side.

Not only did he help Jian Songchu bring tea and water, but he also took out all the clothes that Jian Songchu was going to wear tomorrow and ironed them.

[The president is so honest now, something must have happened in the bathroom just now, hahahaha]

[President: Wife, I was wrong. Wife, look at me! ]

【Madam: This person is really annoying, stay away from labor and capital!】


Seeing that it was getting late, Xu Hanyang tentatively said again, “…Sleep?”

“?” Jian Songchu raised his ears, his eyes narrowed slightly, and He stared at someone who was speaking with a bad look.

Why is it so wrong to say this from this guy’s mouth?

Xu Hanyang stared at him innocently.

Jian Songchu didn’t speak, and glanced at the time.

It’s really getting late, it’s time for his daily beauty sleep.

Thinking of this, Jian Songchu glanced at the direction with the camera, hinting at the other party.

Xu Hanyang immediately came to understand, got up and picked up the suit jacket on the sofa, covering the camera lens.

Not only that, Xu Hanyang also very thoughtfully pressed the light off button and turned on the desk lamp, which immediately filled the originally bright and white room with warm colors, adding a hint of charm.

The light was extremely dim, but I could barely see the scenery inside the house.

Without the restraint of the camera, Jian Songchu’s whole body relaxed for a while, and he fell backwards, slumped directly on the bed, shrunk into the quilt in one go, and lay down.

Seeing this, Xu Hanyang almost acted subconsciously and wanted to get on the bed.

Jian Songchu kicked the other person away and lowered his voice, “…you sleep on the sofa.”

After all, although the camera was covered, the voice could not be hidden. He was naive and thought that as long as the voice was a little lower, he would not be heard, but he still underestimated the director’s team. The audience at the moment were all carnival.

Xu Hanyang knew that Jian Songchu was soft-hearted, hugged the other person’s waist stubbornly, and lay on the side, “Don’t…”

Jian Songchu was really not polite at all. He stretched out his hand to strike, and both legs began to kick each other.

Unexpectedly, the man’s strength is extremely powerful. Jian Songchu just hit him when he was clamped by the latter. As soon as his long legs stretched, he suppressed Jian Songchu’s kicking legs, and he was hugged tightly into his arms. .

The two hugged tightly face to face, their breaths intertwined in confusion, Jian Songchu could even clearly smell the faint but extremely overbearing smell of nicotine on Xu Hanyang’s body.

The two met their eyes again.


“…Let go!…” Jian Songchu glared at the other party.

“…In the beginning…”

Jian Songchu didn’t like men at all. Seeing that Xu Hanyang’s neck was in front of his eyes, he leaned forward unceremoniously, biting the other’s side neck with a revengeful bite, trying to pass this kind of ‘violence’ again. way to make the other party retreat.

Xu Hanyang was obviously unprepared, and he didn’t hide until Jian Songchu bit him.

At first, Jian Songchu wanted to vent his anger, thinking that the man would let go of him because of the pain, but strangely, the moment he just bit on it, he could clearly feel the man in front of him trembling uncontrollably. Like holding back something.


For a moment, Jian Songchu seemed to hear the vibration of Xu Hanyang’s beating heart.

Immediately afterwards, Jian Songchu suddenly realized something, as if he had just realized something, and let go of his mouth suddenly, his face flushed red, and he stretched out his hand to the man’s handsome face and called out, “Rogue.”

It was me who was bitten, and it was me who was scolded.

Xu Hanyang endured everything silently, and continued to hug Jian Songchu without letting go.

In the end, it was Xu Hanyang who had pinpointed Jian Songchu’s soft heart to be so unscrupulous.

Jian Songchu tried his best to get rid of the other party, but his backhand was pressed even tighter. In the end, he really lost his strength, so he had to let the other party hug him and lie on the bed with a face full of love.

In addition, Jian Songchu, who had been tiring for a day and lay in the man’s arms like fate, was swallowed up by sleepiness in a short while, and just closed his eyes for a while before falling asleep.

The surroundings were suddenly silent, and only Jian Songchu’s subtle breathing could be faintly heard in the air.

Xu Hanyang stared at the baby in his arms tightly, the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop rising, he lowered his head and kissed Jian Songchu’s eyebrows, with an almost unconcealed cherishing and infatuation in his eyes.

For a long time, he gently pressed against Jian Songchu’s ear, and hoarsely said, “Good night.”

Jian Songchu moved his ears unconsciously, rubbed the man’s shoulder, and fell asleep.

However, Xu Hanyang still looked satisfied, hugged the person tighter, and took the opportunity to get into the bed.


[Kill me to cheer up the two of you!!]

[I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore, these two were like this in private, they hit it, they hit it, woo woo woo]

[Thanks to the program team, the director is my father, woohoo, fortunately, several cameras were installed secretly]

[It’s so good, what kind of fairy love is this, the sound of ‘chuchu’ is really sweet to me, it turns out that the president always calls his wife that way]

[I propose crowdfunding, and arrange another camera above the heads of the president and his wife, Shasha]

[Crowdfunding plus one, Madam is too cute when she blushes, ehhhhh]

[There’s nothing that our noble paying VIP members can’t watch, sucks]

[I’m going to faint, I really don’t need to sleep]

[Xu Hanyang, a man who walked from the world of fiction to reality]

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After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show.

After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show.

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
【Text 1】 Wake up. Lying in a hospital bed, Jian Songchu found that he not only lost his memory for nearly five years, but also gained a cheap husband for no reason. He tremblingly called the phone. With just a "drip" sound, the phone was quickly picked up by the other side. On the other end of the phone came the man's low, hoarse and sexy voice, "Miss me?" As soon as the voice came out, Jian Songchu's whole body fell to the ground with goosebumps. Help! His ears are getting pregnant! Jian Songchu shivered and opened his lips, "...you, are you my husband? I have lost my memory. I'm in the hospital now, can you come and pick me up?" man:"????" Within ten minutes, the man rushed to the scene to help Jian Songchu to handle everything after the car accident. Jian Songchu stared at the face of the other party that was so familiar. The originally rosy face turned pale with a 'swish'. #What should I do if I wake up and become the wife of the enemy? Is it too late for me to faint again now? # 【Text 2】 The new director and the billionaire president have been married for five years. In order to promote his new movie, Jian Song gritted his teeth and accepted an invitation to a love variety show. After losing his memory, Jian Song heard that he wanted to go to a love variety show with his nemesis. I immediately refused: Laughing to death, I won't fall in love in this variety show! The next second, Jian Songchu, who saw the astronomical liquidated damages, quickly changed his face. Jian Songchu: Come on! What a black-hearted program group! For the money, take it! It is rumored that the president of Bo Shi has a handsome face that can blind the netizens. He is not only bad-tempered, but also cold-tempered, and loves no one but his wife. People send nicknames: henpecked husband, cold face Yama. And Jian Songchu, who has never been exposed in the public eye, immediately attracted the curiosity of netizens. *Before the broadcast, netizens sneered. [Laughing to death, what else does the president set up his character as a doting husband to his wife? Sit and wait! ] [I hope everyone knows, all the so-called 'model couples' appearing on variety shows in love will eventually collapse] * After the broadcast, netizens shouted 'really fragrant'. [Fuck, fuck, I was wrong, I was wrong, Madam is so beautiful! ! Let me kneel and lick! ] [Fuck, this CEO looks like a husky in front of his wife, really can't wait to stick his eyes on the little beauty] [Woooooo, kdlkdl((kedaole or 磕到了 is a expression used by bxg and other cp fans when they've caught a sweet moment between the cp.)), can the program group keep the lights on at night?, what is there that our paying users can't watch! ! ] In the variety show, Jian Songchu, whose thoughts wandered from time to time, stared at the figure of the man who was busy before and after, and was amazed, "Is This guy really not possessed by a ghost???"    


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