Jian Songchu’s expression was dull, the smile on the corner of his mouth slowly froze as his body remained motionless and he let the man hug him, but he didn’t have much of a reaction.

At this moment, a certain person has not realize the seriousness of the matter and tightly hugged Chuchu’s waist with both hands rubbing his head from time to time.


Jian Songchu’s brows twitched slightly when he came back to his senses, his eyes gradually turned cold seeing a certain man’s actions become more and more shameless. He stretched out his hand expressionlessly and slapped the other man’s chin then pushed him away.

They are all drunk and not honest.

Since all the strength of the man was sitting on his chin to support Jian Songchu’s shoulders, and the man was already in a state of drunkenness and his body was limp, Jian Songchu just pushed it so easily and the latter gave a ‘bang’ He was pushed to the ground with a loud bang.

———Xu Hanyang bumped his head but fortunately there is grass underneath so it’s not serious.



For a moment, everyone looked at the president and his wife in unison.

[help, help, ahahahahahaha[

[I knew Madam’s reaction would never let me down]

[The president looks really cute when he’s drunk, can someone really be so obedient when he’s drunk?]

Xu Hanyang rubbed his bumped head lying on the picnic cloth looking a little helpless. His eyes were a little wet, he tilted his injured head and cried out pitifully, “…Chuchu?…”


Jian Songchu didn’t look at him.

You shouldn’t test this guy’s drinking capacity. After so many years, he really hasn’t improved at all.

In Jian Songchu’s impression, the first time he saw Xu Hanyang drinking was a scene similar to the present one. The other party mistook baijiu for Sprite and gulped it down. On my own, I kept thinking about it in my mouth.



Jian Songchu looked at Xu Hanyang coldly and mercilessly.

Seeing that Chu Chu really didn’t intend to help him, the latter lay on the ground and blinked, his expression even more aggrieved as he lowered his head unwillingly, “…Chu Chu…”

Jian Songchu tilted his head calmly, picked up the wine glass and very gracefully took another sip of Sprite calmly, and said leisurely, “Huh?”

The man weakly stretched out his hand and poked his waist, “…I can’t get up…”
“…you help me…”

Jian Songchu put down his wine glass, looked at him with great interest, looked at his whole body up and down and asked knowingly, “Why can’t you get up?”

Xu Hanyang made a contemplative expression and moved his position as if he wanted to sit properly but his drowsy brain was as heavy as a thousand catties. He was about to sit up straight but fell limply on the ground again.

Finally, as if he knew the answer, he opened his mouth slowly, “Dizzy, can’t get up…”

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the president is really cute]

[Killing crazy, killing crazy, this is too good]

[It turns out that it only takes a second to change from a CP fan to a mom fan, woo woo woo woo, what’s the matter with being a little cute]

[Chuyang CP awakens again! ! ! ! ! ! ! ]

[I have seen Wu Chu want to raise his mobile phone to take pictures several times, and then he firmly controlled his movement of raising his hand, laughing to death]

Jian Songchu saw his stupid look at first and found it funny for some reason. In the end, his heart softened. He stretched out his hand and sighed, “Hold me.”

Xu Hanyang’s eyes lit up. After getting permission, he immediately stretched out his two hands and was about to grab the other’s hand and sit up.

Seeing that Jian Songchu was about to pull him up, the latter suddenly sank his head and fell backward behind him.

Unprepared, Jian Songchu leaned forward and lay directly on Xu Hanyang’s body, kissing the other’s neck with his lips.



The nine people around were dumbfounded at the same time.

[Fuck, shit, shit, this, this, this]

[Help, that moment just now was really not intentional by the CEO? Hhhhh】

[Sucking, kissing again and again, hehehe]

[Wait, that… I’m the only one who thinks this pose is SQ? ]

[SQ? What is SQ?]

[The sisters upstairs are still innocent (funny)]

[No… I’m a man…]

[? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ]


Jian Songchu sat up abruptly, touched his lips again as his right eyelid twitches again.

A certain person still had a dazed expression on his face. He stretched out his hand weakly to grab Jian Songchu again then muttered unconsciously, “…hug at Chuchu…”

Hug your head, idiot.

Jian Songchu’s face darkened suddenly and he noticed the strange gazes of the people around him from the corner of his eye.



Jian Songchu took a deep breath, he resisted the urge to throw him out, grabbed the man by the collar, and picked him up from the ground roughly.

“….He’s drunk, I’ll take him to sober up…”

Seeing everyone staring at him, Jian Songchu explained something with a headache, and then hugged the ‘weak’ man horizontally, repeating the classic princess hug again.


Chen Fujing and the others who witnessed Jian Songchu’s hug last time were only slightly startled and the overall digestion was pretty good. Zheng Yaochen and Fan Zheke, who missed the action, almost fell out of their eyeballs when they saw this scene, and their pupils were trembling .

[Hehehe, the president of ‘Little Wife’ is back online! ]


[The contrasting cuteness of the president is really too cute, hahahahahahahaha]

[I can’t take a screenshot of everyone’s reactions and make an emoticon package? I’m dying of laughter]

A certain sullen drunk man leaned his head on Jian Songchu’s shoulder very docilely and rubbed his head vigorously, unable to resist stealing the fragrance, “…Chu Chu, your hair smells so good…”


Jian Songchu’s expression was still numb and he hurriedly caught people and fled the crime scene.

Unexpectedly, Xu Hanyang, who was drunk turned from a “dominant boss” who was golden in silence to a “chatterbox”.

“Chuchu, I want to kiss…”


“Chu Chu… Look, there are two crazy dragonflies in the sky…”


[Help, help, the president is acting cute, hastily]

[Madam is so steady, he has been walking for so long, his breathing rhythm has not changed]

[This segment of the program must not be cut. When it is officially broadcast, it must be broadcast for the president to watch, hahahaha]

[The president is drunk, and he still doesn’t forget to talk flirtatiously, I’m really going to laugh like crazy]


“Chuchu…your hair is curled up…” The man seemed to have noticed something, and suddenly moved to Jian Songchu’s ear and reached out to touch the slightly curled hair.

“……” Jian Songchu was numb throughout.

Sure enough, this guy still can’t be allowed to drink.

The sins I made, I have to cry to solve the problem.

I don’t know what Xu Hanyang seems to have noticed. He squinted his eyes and suddenly stretched out his hand to pull Jian Songchu’s long hair, and made a surprised voice, “Chuchu…you have a white hair here?….”

“……” Jian Songchu stopped, then looked at someone with a wooden face.

A certain person’s head was so dizzy that he couldn’t grasp the white hair at all. He grabbed Jian Songchu’s ear for a long time, not only failed to pinch it firmly, but also ruthlessly pulled Jian Songchu’s scalp.


Jian Songchu hugged him, feeling the pain in his head, and his face became darker and darker.

[I would like to call this scene the last scene before the president DIE]

[I can’t, I really can’t hold it anymore, I’m eating, I just laughed so hard that my rice sprayed out of my nose]

[I’m really afraid that Madam will take out a knife and stab the CEO, help me, hahahaha]

“…..Do you know what you’re doing?…” Jian Songchu’s mouth curled up slightly, and he smiled.

The man grabbed Jian Songchu’s hair, and paused helplessly, as if realizing something, weakly withdrew his hand, feeling a little guilty, “…Did I scratch you…”

The smile on the corner of Jian Songchu’s mouth deepened.

[Very well, the president is finished]

[Has the countdown to death started?]

Seeing that the audience in the live broadcast room had started to play jokes wildly, Jian Songchu really did not disappoint them. The next second, his hands were loosened, and Xu Hanyang was thrown directly on the grass.



Xu Hanyang sat on the ground with a dazed expression and raised his head to meet Jian Songchu’s gaze at a loss.

Jian Songchu looked at him condescendingly, reached out and patted his head, his smile became brighter, “Go back by yourself, I won’t hug you anymore.”

With that said, Jian Songchu was about to leave.


Seeing that Jian Songchu was about to leave, the impatient Xu Hanyang couldn’t control himself anymore, and hugged Jian Songchu’s calf.

Jian Songchu’s extended leg got stuck in the air, and he almost staggered and fell to the ground.



Standing firm, Jian Songchu slowly turned his head, his face full of lovelessness.

This idiot really drank too much.

[Sure enough, you can’t hide the eyes of a person who wants to kill himself….]

[Will the president who wakes up see this scene and feel that he is dead (hold back from laughing)]

[Can the president still see the sun tomorrow? (No malice)]


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After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show.

After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show.

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
【Text 1】 Wake up. Lying in a hospital bed, Jian Songchu found that he not only lost his memory for nearly five years, but also gained a cheap husband for no reason. He tremblingly called the phone. With just a "drip" sound, the phone was quickly picked up by the other side. On the other end of the phone came the man's low, hoarse and sexy voice, "Miss me?" As soon as the voice came out, Jian Songchu's whole body fell to the ground with goosebumps. Help! His ears are getting pregnant! Jian Songchu shivered and opened his lips, "...you, are you my husband? I have lost my memory. I'm in the hospital now, can you come and pick me up?" man:"????" Within ten minutes, the man rushed to the scene to help Jian Songchu to handle everything after the car accident. Jian Songchu stared at the face of the other party that was so familiar. The originally rosy face turned pale with a 'swish'. #What should I do if I wake up and become the wife of the enemy? Is it too late for me to faint again now? # 【Text 2】 The new director and the billionaire president have been married for five years. In order to promote his new movie, Jian Song gritted his teeth and accepted an invitation to a love variety show. After losing his memory, Jian Song heard that he wanted to go to a love variety show with his nemesis. I immediately refused: Laughing to death, I won't fall in love in this variety show! The next second, Jian Songchu, who saw the astronomical liquidated damages, quickly changed his face. Jian Songchu: Come on! What a black-hearted program group! For the money, take it! It is rumored that the president of Bo Shi has a handsome face that can blind the netizens. He is not only bad-tempered, but also cold-tempered, and loves no one but his wife. People send nicknames: henpecked husband, cold face Yama. And Jian Songchu, who has never been exposed in the public eye, immediately attracted the curiosity of netizens. *Before the broadcast, netizens sneered. [Laughing to death, what else does the president set up his character as a doting husband to his wife? Sit and wait! ] [I hope everyone knows, all the so-called 'model couples' appearing on variety shows in love will eventually collapse] * After the broadcast, netizens shouted 'really fragrant'. [Fuck, fuck, I was wrong, I was wrong, Madam is so beautiful! ! Let me kneel and lick! ] [Fuck, this CEO looks like a husky in front of his wife, really can't wait to stick his eyes on the little beauty] [Woooooo, kdlkdl((kedaole or 磕到了 is a expression used by bxg and other cp fans when they've caught a sweet moment between the cp.)), can the program group keep the lights on at night?, what is there that our paying users can't watch! ! ] In the variety show, Jian Songchu, whose thoughts wandered from time to time, stared at the figure of the man who was busy before and after, and was amazed, "Is This guy really not possessed by a ghost???"    


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