The two people in the kitchen were tit for tat, not giving in to each other, and from time to time they fought each other with their eyes.

From the moment they entered the door, the two of them seemed to be enveloped by a strong smell of gunpowder.

The food in the kitchen was bought at the supermarket this morning when Zhou Linyu and Shen Zhong went out for a walk, so it wasn’t like last night where it was all seafood, not even rice.

Lu Xiangcheng snorted coldly and began to provocatively, “Not bad, you can still cook after so long!”

“…” Xu Hanyang had an indifferent expression on his face, he raised his knife and fell, chopping the vegetables on the chopping board.

[This scene almost made me laugh to death. Although the president did not speak, he was silently expressing his inner anger and dissatisfaction]

[This knife is really sharp, the crown prince be careful, if you say more, it will hit you on the head]

Lu Xiangcheng pretended that the man ignored him and continued to fan the flames, “I used to go to his house to cook for him when I was in college, and I even washed the clothes for him.”

“…” Xu Hanyang slashed harder and harder with his knife, slicing the vegetables, and he kept waving it, as if he wanted to cut a hole out of the chopping board.

[I rub it, so the prince and his wife are college classmates?]

[Wait, isn’t this Lu Xiangcheng his wife’s ex-boyfriend? 】

【? ? Holy crap, your thoughts are a little dangerous upstairs…]

[If it’s an ex-boyfriend, then I guess Lu Xiangcheng won’t be able to get out of this variety show alive (Erkang Hand.JPG)]

Lu Xiangcheng found that he had a meal, but the other party still regarded him as air, gritted his teeth, stopped talking, and quickly cooked.

It’s been a long time since he cooked for Chu Chu, he must behave well.

After a while, a bowl of perfectly salted eggplant was ready, and Lu Xiangcheng carefully placed it on the table beside him.

On the other hand, someone who had just finished heating the pot and was about to sprinkle salt raised the jar of salt expressionlessly.

Just as he held the jar firmly, his hand slipped, and flakes of white salt were sprinkled on the food Lu Xiangcheng had just prepared.

There was silence all around, and only the ‘crack’ sound of the jar hitting the bowl could be heard.

“Fuck!” The next second, the entire kitchen could hear Lu Xiangcheng’s collapsing scolding.

With an innocent face, Xu Hanyang slowly raised the dropped salt shaker and said his first words in the kitchen, “I’m sorry, my hands are slippery.”

“…” I believe in you!

【I found out! The president has a lot of bad intentions!】

[From this detail alone, it seems that the Crown Prince can’t handle the CEO, hahahaha]

[If I hadn’t witnessed the whole process, I would have believed the president’s nonsense]

[President: Lu Guiren, step down, you can’t win this palace]

The two of them battled wits and courage in the kitchen, each showing their magic powers.

Except for Jian Songchu, the other six people were a little restrained and looked at each other, especially when they were healthy. The three people who didn’t know what was going on looked at this scene a little dazedly, and threw question marks at the wife next to them one after another.

The atmosphere is not right.

As soon as Jian Songchu sat down, Lu Xiangcheng hurried to grab the seat next to Jian Songchu. Who knew that he was about to sit on the left of Jian Songchu, and Xu Hanyang would cut it off first.

“…” Lu Xiangcheng didn’t fight with him with a dark face, and went to grab the seat on the right. The next second, Xu Hanyang stood up suddenly, and ran away from him in a flash, and sat back to Jian Songchu. to the right.

In the end, everyone sat down, leaving the seat next to Jian Songchu vacant, leaving only two big men vying for jealousy.

“…” Is there something wrong with your brain?

Lu Xiangcheng gritted his teeth, and now he’s a good boy. He didn’t give Xu Hanyang a chance to grab it, and quickly sat down to Jian Songchu’s left.

As soon as he sat down, he did not forget to cast a provocative look at Xu Hanyang.

That’s it? I’ll sit!

How could Xu Hanyang easily let him stick to his baby? Seeing that the meal was about to start, he suddenly got up, lifted the stool and moved it between the two of them, making a slit with his thigh.

Although he couldn’t squeeze in, it abruptly blocked Lu Xiangcheng’s heart from approaching Jian Songchu.

“…” What the fuck?

[Help, good meeting with the president!]

[President (sneering): Don’t want to get close to my wife!]

[The jealous look of the CEO looks more like a dog, hahaha]

Jian Songchu glanced at the two who were about to fight, then turned around and exchanged a tacit glance with Xu Hanyang.


Jian Songchu raised his eyebrows and glanced aside, Xu Hanyang immediately understood.

The next second, Jian Songchu quickly moved his stool and sat directly to the far right.

Xu Hanyang took advantage of the situation to insert the needle and squeezed directly into the middle, successfully squeezing the outsider Lu Xiangcheng into the corner.

The whole process was extremely fast, so fast that Lu Xiangcheng didn’t even have time to react, and the person beside him became Xu Hanyang.

“…” I sighed.

In the first round, Xu Hanyang won.

[I have seen Madam hinted to the president]

[The two husbands have a total of 180 hearts and minds]

[Sure enough, the main palace is different, hahahaha]

[Madam: Married, don’t disturb]

How could Lu Xiangcheng give up, he immediately began to peel the lobster on the table, and he was about to deliver the peeled shrimp to Jian Songchu’s table.

[The reporter from the front will broadcast the frontline broadcast for everyone: the prince starts a new round of active attack]

Xu Hanyang narrowed his eyes slightly and did not speak.

The next second, his own bowl fell off his hands and fell to the ground, breaking into several pieces.

The smashing sound of the ground stunned everyone else in the audience to stop their movements tacitly, staring at the scene in front of them without breathing.

【Did you accidentally drop the bowl just now?】

【Why don’t I understand the operation of the president?】

Xu Hanyang immediately lowered his head to pick up the fragments on the ground. As soon as his hand touched it, the sharp fragments scratched his fingers, and the blood immediately stained Xu Hanyang’s fingertips a dazzling red.

【I slowly type one out?】

[Did I read it wrong just now? Why does it look like the CEO made it on purpose?]

[Add one upstairs, I also doubt it]

【Be confident and remove your doubts】

Xu Hanyang stared at his injured hand, slowly raised his head, cast an aggrieved look at Jian Songchu, and said pitifully, “I’m hurt.”

“…” I can see you clearly!

Seeing him pretending to be pitiful, Lu Xiangcheng immediately became furious. He was about to open his mouth to reveal it when Jian Songchu’s face sank.

Jian Songchu grabbed Xu Hanyang’s wrist and stood up suddenly, with a harsh tone, “Get up!”

Xu Hanyang blinked and stood up obediently.

Jian Songchu glanced at him coldly, stopped talking, grabbed someone roughly and walked towards the bathroom.

The other seven looked at each other in dismay, especially Lu Xiangcheng with a knowing blow, the whole face almost turned into a word embarrassed.

I haven’t seen each other for many years, but Xu Hanyang’s acting skills have gradually improved!

[There seems to be a special smell in the air, the fragrance of tea overflowing?]

[Green tea?[1]a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent Hahahahahaha, this attribute is absolutely amazing]

【I suddenly feel that the president is a little cute?】

[It’s so funny, the crown prince was completely stunned by the CEO’s cowardly actions]

Jian Songchu grabbed the person and threw him in front of the sink. He folded his hands with a cold expression on his face, and his tone was also very strong, “Wash your hands!”

Xu Hanyang knew his wife like the back of his hand, and almost intuitively realized that he was in a bad situation at the moment. He immediately calmed down and washed his hands obediently.

In an instant, the blood smeared in the water, turning a whole piece of red.

Seeing more and more blood gushing from the wound, Jian Songchu’s brows also became more and more wrinkled.

Jian Songchu gave an irritable “tsk”, grabbed the man’s hand, and grabbed the wound without waiting for Xu Hanyang to react.

This move not only stunned Xu Hanyang on the spot, but also drove the live broadcast room crazy.

【Fucking trough lying trough lying trough】

[Kiss, kiss, don’t care, round up and they’re going to bed]


【Lu Xiangcheng: The clown is actually me】

Xu Hanyang opened his lips slightly, his eyes focused, and his pupils were trembling slightly. For a moment, he could not feel any other emotion except the warm touch between his fingers.

After a long time, the blood slowly stopped.

Jian Songchu let go of the other party, then glared at the other party, “Don’t think I didn’t know you did it on purpose.”

Xu Hanyang kept silent and did not dare to speak.

Speaking, Jian Songchu was a little speechless, “What do you have to fight with him?”

【Madam: He can’t compete with you】

【Help me, madam is so gentle, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]

[Perfect match, woo woo woo, knocked me to death]

[Madam: Don’t ask, just ask is you are the main palace]

Xu Hanyang’s eyes lit up and he wanted to hold Jian Songchu’s hand, but it was rare that this time Jian Songchu didn’t call him away directly.

“I am jealous.”


“He’s very annoying.”


At this moment, Xu Hanyang is like a rogue child, constantly sticking to Jian Songchu’s body.

“Chuchu, you are so nice…”

Jian Songchu was not accustomed to his stinky problems, “Well, your size will affect my eating.”

Xu Hanyang looked innocent.

Jian Songchu shook off his hand and strode towards the door, “Okay, go to the room and get a Band-Aid to stick it on, it will bleed again later.”

After speaking, Jian Songchu turned around and met the man’s eyes full of sorrow, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise.

He cleared his throat and continued to walk forward pretending to be nonchalant. Seeing this, Xu Hanyang hurriedly followed.

Just as Xu Hanyang was about to open his mouth to show his dissatisfaction, Jian Songchu took something out of his pocket and stuffed it into his mouth.

Xu Hanyang was stunned for a moment, and the whole person stopped in place, until Jian Songchu smiled slightly and walked away slowly, then he realized that there was a piece of candy in his mouth.

The sweetness slowly melted in Xu Hanyang’s taste buds, as if the sweetness entered his heart.

Someone’s mood that was still full of haze just now swept away, just like a pug, he followed up again.

[The president is so stupid, hahahaha]

[This is too coaxing, Madam is awesome]

[President: Wife Posts]

【Madam: Just a candy can be coaxed, as expected of me】


1 a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent

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