EWOYH Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“It’s your wife. it’s yours now, play with it until you get tired of it.”




Is that what you say to a child who is only ten years old, mother-in-law?


He plays with his wife now, but when will he play with his parents?


Well, I knew that the Dukedom had turned a little.


If it had been a well-established place, the female protagonist would have been here now, not me.


I became Cherya Mayol, the character in the novel <The Villainess No Way of Money>


Cherya was the heroine’s only sister.

She said she shouldn’t expect a tearful sisterhood, because she had grabbed her by the neck even before she left.


Originally, Cherya’s role in <The Villainess No Way of Money> was simple.


She got kicked out of her house because of being jealous and harassing her sister, who has everything except personality.


However, as she possessed the heroine’s younger sister and experienced her situation firsthand, it seemed that her novel was misrepresented.


She wasn’t kicked out, she was sold.

Now she is only ten years old. Her parents sold their ten-year-old daughter to the Duke.


Whether you make it the bride of the younger heir or something else. And waiting outside the door to get pay.


To put it bluntly, it was a marriage business, and it was a bargain.


Yesterday morning, I woke up in Cherya’s body in the attic.


With a ceiling full of spider webs and a window the size of a palm, it was the anthill, no, Cherya’s bedroom.


There were several dresses in her closet that didn’t even fit her body.


The only things given to me as a Cherya were the shoes her sister wore and the food her sister left behind.


I thought it was a dream, so I grabbed my sister by the neck and confirmed it.


Actually, she was the first to have my sister hold my hair, but I was the only one who got scolded.


My older sister, who was born with divine powers from a poor count, was a miracle.

When my sister was born, she was declared as a saint by the pope to congratulate her on her birth.


Then, money and fame followed the Count and Countess who had been waiting for that day.


The Count couple, blinded by greed, had a second child.


But how could miracles be so common?

The second child, Cherya, had no such thing as divine powers.


The Countess was greatly disappointed and abandoned Cherya.


And at this point, it is necessary to re-examine the title of the novel I possessed <The Villainess No Way of Money>


The heroine is a saint, but why is the title “Villainess”?


Because humanity is garbage.


Cherya’s tearful past was vividly contained in my mind.


Cherya was the count’s ugly duckling, and was abused by her family.


Ugh, that pissed me off, I should have possessed her sooner!


It was very, very unfortunate that I could not play properly because I possessed the day before I was kicked out.


I’d rather have Cherya waving her fist at her sister or poisoning her tea.


The only bad things Cherya has done in the meantime are yelling at her parents to love her too, and pushing them to hate her older sister who always wears new dress.


Nevertheless, Cherya was branded as a problem child.


In The Villainess No Way of Money, the Countess decided that raising Cherya was a waste of money, and they decided to ‘handle’ her the day her sister went to the temple.


It was today.


What happened to her after that? I don’t know either.


Because the novels go back to her older sister’s first-person perspective and description of her peaceful life in a temple.


She hasn’t even been mentioned since Cherya, and she only appeared shortly before the novel went into serialization.


That too in bad condition.


Presumably, her husband and mother-in-law didn’t have a hallway.


One of her parents-in-law, the Duchess, clenched her chin with a look of boredom.

She said, “Please don’t do something foolish.”


“Yes, Duchess.”


At least my obedience didn’t seem to offend her.


The Duchess’s voice softened slightly.


“You don’t seem smart. I will see how long you will last.”


The conversation was over. The Duchess rose from her seat.


“Let’s just go. The Count asks you to pay the price right now, and the torch is outside.”


The Duchess did not say a word to her son.


The door of the mansion was closed as she rushed over even the maids serving me.


Before long I heard a door lock from outside.


Now there were only two people left in the mansion.


Me and my husband




The little boy felt my gaze and flinched. A fern-like hand, as if uneasy, stretched by the hem of his robe.


The scars from the burns remained thick on his hands.


I wasn’t mature either, but I didn’t see him as the heir.


However, he didn’t even look like Kibrin Nectarian, a mad psychopath villain who turned the world into a sea of ​​blood in <The Villainess No Way of Money>


Kibrin let out a hesitant voice.


“I’m S-Sorry.”


I tilted my head.


“To me… No. Are you talking to me?”


Just because we are the same age doesn’t mean we are the same.


“That- with me… getting married…”


He looked pathetic. He would have looked completely different to Duke eyes.


Would I have run away if I hadn’t known that he was not a villain ‘now’?


Kibrin was a very cute looking kid.


He had silver hair that looked like a handful of moonlight, and he had gold eyes, white skin resembling an asteroid.


But under his right eye, something like snake scales sprouted up.


The back hidden in his clothes must have been engraved with unknown black characters.


Just like Kibrin have in <The Villainess No Way of Money>


Therefore, in the novel, immediately after Kibrin was born, there was a great commotion in the Duke’s house.


The Duke gathered some talented people and examined the characters carved on Kibrin’s back.


As a result, it was revealed that the characters were elaborate magic tricks, and the scales on the face were the aftermath of the technique.


The type of drink was sealing.


But it was absurd. Who would have cast a spell on the child in the mother’s womb? people said.


That kid is a monster.


It was said that non-human things took on human wombs and were sealed by God before they came out into the world.


At the very least, they argued that Kibrin’s congenital stuttering was the basis for this.


The problem was that Kibrin’s parents were the ones who believed the rumors the most in the novel.


The Duchess imprisoned Kibrin in the secluded mansion. Since then, she has occasionally sent ‘toys’.


In order not for Kibrin to not get tired or bored, we selected various ages, genders, and roles.


So Kibrin was raised like a beast trapped in a snake’s den.


Of course it backfired.


Because Kibrin, who was neither a beast nor a monster, was filled with only revenge and hatred.


In The Villainess No Way of Money, Kibrin went crazy.


He purposely obtained a toothed knife and brutally killed the people in the Duke mansion.




A scumbag sister and a husband who is going to be a crazy killer.


Can’t you just dismiss this possessive as a failure…


I scratched my head.


The lack of luster of purple hair was an indication of the health of this body.


What would you do if you were the daughter-in-law of the Duke and the daughter of the countess?


Anyone can see it’s malnutrition!


Breathing in, I calmed Kibrin first.


“It’s okay. If the Duke didn’t brought me here, I would have gone to a worse place. Maybe I slept in a place without a roof.”


“N-No roof?”


Kibrin followed me and moved his head to the side. The rolling eyes were pretty cute.

Compared to the Counts who starved and tormented me, he still looks like an angel.


I smiled broadly at my young husband.


“Have a good time with people who are not blessed with each other’s parents.”


Kibrin blinked.


His bangs, which were long enough to poke his eyes, swayed as Kibrin shook his head.


Naturally, it looked incredibly uncomfortable.


Shall I cut his hair while trimming my hair?

As expected, it seemed that I had a lot of work to do in this mansion.


Ummm, well, we have time, so let’s try it step by step. Now I’m ten years old.


Besides, there were no burn marks on my hands, but apparently my condition was worse.


Maybe I’ll be the first to become crazy before Kibrin.


With the intention of examining the structure of the mansion first, I packed my luggage.


Fortunately, I was able to lift it by myself, thanks to having only a dress and a pair of pajamas, which were in good condition.


“Where is the bedroom?”




Kibrin ran back and forth down the hallway. Then, suddenly, he came back.


“I, I.”




“Can I help you…?”


It was a voice with a bit of pity. Even in Kibrin’s eyes, my side looked more sickly.


“Ah, this? Then please.”


Kibrin took the suitcase with both hands and held it in his arms.


There is nothing valuable, so you can just lift it.


“Huh, it’s light.”


“I didn’t have much to bring.”


“Nevertheless, I will carry it!”


Kibrin, who was walking bravely, stumbled for a moment. A bulky suitcase was blocking Kibrin’s view for nothing.


“Hey, can you see the front properly?”


“Look, see! I’m okay!”


Luckily the bedroom wasn’t on the top floor.

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I Am The Evil Wife of a Young Husband

I Am The Evil Wife of a Young Husband

TEWOAYH, 아기 남편의 흑막 아내입니다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
“This is your wife. She is yours. Play with her until you get bored.” Mother-in-law, is that really something you should be saying to your barely 10 years old child? *** ​ My young husband stutters. Has a face with scales on it. Hands with scars on it. I worked hard to look after my husband who looked like that. “Keep eating. You have to eat a lot so you can be taller than me.” “Do I have to be taller than Cheria?” “…” “Well.. I- I like that Cheria is taller than me…” Did I work too hard? Where did my soft and squishy husband who used to be so fluffy go? Instead he just became a slightly insane man. “Did they die? It’s become easier now.” “…What?” “People who look at human lives like they were bugs. That’s the type of person I think is tr*sh.” Is he watching what he does around me?


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