Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~ Chapter 10




The next morning, Arnold woke up before the maid came to wake him up. Then He rang the bell to call the maid and asked her to get ready. First, He drank a glass of water, then after taking a bath and changing clothes, He went to the study.

As soon as Arnold sat down in his study chair, He heard a knock on the door.

“Get in”

When He said that, the door opened with a thud.

“Excuse me”

Clément, the deacon, came in with a document.

“Good morning, Mr. Arnold. I have come to confirm your schedule for today.”

“After breakfast, I will look around the mansion as planned.I am thinking of looking around the grounds of the Duke in the afternoon.Can you prepare a carriage? Are there any documents that are necessary?”


“I’m sorry. I don’t have any documents that need to be cleaned up immediately today. I will organize and separate those with high urgency and those with low urgency.”


“Oh, I asked you.”

After that, I had breakfast with my mother.


(Isn’t it about the same as what I ate yesterday? I thought the head chef was on that side, but let’s wait and see.)



“How is mother going to spend today?”


“I see. First of all, I’ll take over the management of this detached house, and then in the afternoon, I’ll have tea time at the gazebo and read a book.”


Unlike yesterday’s dejected feeling, She spoke with a gentle feeling.


“Mother, I have one request. Right now, the money management of this mansion is practically managed by the vault guard, but if there is anything suspicious, could you overlook it and bring it to me?” “

Originally, the management of the mansion was the work of the mistress. Therefore, if something happens, it is the mistress who takes responsibility. In other words, this offer is tantamount to telling you to give up your job and make mistakes.


“Does that mean that I should admit the loss? Because I know what it means?”

It was a word that made me feel a certain kind of pressure, unlike yesterday’s demure look.


“I am very aware of this.”

The Duchess shows weakness to others. But the meaning is not as sweet as Arnold thinks. However, mothers are naturally given their own roles and rules in this battle for succession.


“And what will you do for me in return?”


“Bring Peace in the mansion”

When Arnold said so, silence fell in the dining room for a moment.


“Ha~, no way”

Arnold’s face stiffened when Mayrose said that with a sigh.


“I didn’t ask for that.”


“Then what do you want?!”


“That’s the worst thing you can do. It’s desperate to ask a negotiator what they want. It’s like saying, ‘I’ll give you anything. You can see my feet.'”


Her voice was calm, but Arnold’s head lowered as if he was being held back by invisible pressure.


“S-I’m sorry.”


“Well, that’s fine. It seems that you’ve taken care of a lot of things, and this is the first request from a child. Right now, I’ll forgive you for lending me one.” Mayrose said so while looking at the finished plate.

However, despite her seemingly compromised words, in fact, she only clearly stated that she would lend me one, and it was as if she had obtained the right to command anything. The Duchess of this Duke’s family could not have been an ordinary person.

 And, if it’s something like this, it’s basically the same as getting the best compensation without any damage because there is no penalty as a measure to encourage the growth of the successor.

It was Arnold’s mistake that he didn’t realize this because the head butler would always tell him if he wanted to confirm the role of a mother.

However, unlike yesterday, she quickly showed a resolute attitude as a Duchess because Mayrose had high hopes for Arnold, and if she judged that the child was not what she expected, she would exploit her own child as much as possible. It would have been truncated early.

That’s what it means to be a member of this Duke’s household.

“Thank you very much. I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.”


Arnold was ashamed that he had unknowingly created an idol that his mother was weak because she was a prostitute, and he did not hesitate to bow to others for his own growth.


And even though I knew that I should throw away my preconceived notions from that question, I hadn’t mastered it.


“The next duke shouldn’t bow his head so easily. And there’s no need to use honorifics when talking to me. is”

“… Oh, I see.”


Well done, Mayrose smiled as if to say.

After breakfast, Arnold hung out alone in the study until Clément brought a guide to the mansion.


(Nothing has changed from my old self… I can only see things subjectively. I need to look at things more objectively… If you think about it normally, you might as well be a duchess. There’s no way things can be stupid.In other words, that woman’s current appearance is also a disguise?… I thought it was simple, but I shouldn’t mess with it carelessly.Mother. I thought that Mother was an unconditional ally, but we have to talk about it once.)


Then there was a knock on the study door.

“Get in”

“excuse me”

Clemman and a maid entered.





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Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

Since I Reincarnated as the Third Son of a Duke, This Time I Can’t Make a Mistake ~My True Story Conquered by a Blank Fool~

公爵家の三男に転生したので今度こそ間違えない 〜黯然の愚者が征く己の正道譚〜
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: May 2, 2022 Native Language: Japanese
A story about a man who was deceived in his previous life and suffered a terrible loss, but after reincarnating, he pursues unyielding power.


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