WDYCM 48 pt.2

Under the unity and cooperation of two people, a pot of fried cabbage came out of the pot.   Ran Shu was very satisfied with the dish and quickly realized something was wrong: “Did we not stew the rice beforehand?”   “Hmm…” Sang Xian also just thought that his attention was all on Ran Shu’s […]

WDYCM 47 pt.1

Chapter 47 – Status: In Love   When Ran Shu adjusted his live broadcast equipment, Lu Yiran lit incense in the room.   Smoke curls up from the gap in the incense burner, exuding bursts of elegant fragrance as if stepping into the plum blossom forest, surrounded by tranquility.   Tan Yan came out after […]

WDYCM 46 pt.2

“In my university, I majored in architectural engineering.”   Tan Yan was shocked again: “Not from the acting department?”   He didn’t specialize in acting, but his acting skills is on a top notch.   “The performance was an accident. Originally, my family was an investor, but I was spotted by the producer. I played […]

Hello, Sunbae Notice

Hello there, readers. I have some bad news for you. Tamagotl, sadly, will be closing at the end of August. I won’t be able to upload my translations here anymore. I’m currently working hard to transfer my translations from this site to Foxaholic. If some chapters begin to vanish from here. You can find them […]


Chapter 45 – Status: In Love   Ran Shu was a little tired.   One is because he had to hate Sang Xian all day and night.   The second one is because he had lost his voice due to the live broadcast, and was ridiculed by fans that he screamed too much during the […]

DP 74

Chapter 74   Raymond cleared his throat.   He couldn’t tell whether she meant it or not.   ‘Well, is this why you’ve been generous with loans?’ But Raymond shook his head.   It doesn’t seem right.   It was a persimmon.   His senses were very sharp as he had been abused all his […]

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